Butler's Lives of the Saints

Michael Walsh

Butler's Lives of the Saints

Butler's Lives of the Saints

  • Title: Butler's Lives of the Saints
  • Author: Michael Walsh
  • ISBN: 9780060692551
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover

Lives of the Saints provides vignettes of men and women recognized officially as saints of the Roman Catholic Church, accompanied by prayers and arranged according to feast days.

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Very Catholic but good history.

Butler's "Lives of the Saints" is without doubt the most highly rated collection of the stories of the Saints in the English language. Written in the early 19th Century by Alban Butler, and English convert to Catholicism, this twelve volume collection was a collection of the stories of the lives of all the Saints that existed at that time. The collection is organized by date, so that the reader can read the lives of all of the saints whose feast days fall upon that particular day. This makes thi [...]

this volume of 4 books are the most treasured in my library after the Holy Biblei have been reading/studying/admiring these writings everyday since 1983.k out todays minor entry of Saint theodotawhat a faithful/strong womana true friend to Jesus.jor feast of the Archangels/St. Michael as the leaderlet us remember to pray the St. Michael prayer everyday, written by Pope St. Leo XIII after the horrifying vision after Holy Mass (Mysterium)rticularly interesting is that time period in England under [...]

What an amazing Journey in my reading of “Lives of the Saints” by Alban Butler; treasures I will hold in my heart for many years to come teaching me so much about the paved path before me.I was taken by one story; the story of Alban; a man who came to know Christ by the praises of a fugitive; a story that made the words of 2 Samuel 22:50 come to life proving yet again the power of Gods word!I love what Alban said after a flogging "I worship and adore the true and living God, who created all [...]

Father Butler's Lives of the Saints is an amazing book of devotion, arranged to follow the Catholic Church's calendar of feast days, and so is relevant every day of the year. I enjoyed reading and learning about the daily saints, Doctors, and martyrs of the Church in concise, well-written, prose.I highly recommend using Lives of the Saints as part of a daily regimen to deepen one's faith by way of being introduced to inspiring examples of faith.The book, first published in the nineteenth century [...]

Lives of the Saints is a collection of biographies of Saints. There are multi volume editions, though I read a single volume "concise" edition. Even with that It took me about 10 years to finish. At first I would only read the saint of that particular day, evently I wanted to get through it and worked my way steadily from one end to the other. It is always inspiring to read the lives of saints, to hear of ordinary men with extraordinary love for God that draws them into amazing acts of heroism. [...]

Okay, this is not actually the copy I am reading. My friend Paula gave me her mother's copy of "Lives of Saints" which is big, thick and really gruesome. Here's my favorite quote: "The record of the Passion of St. Perpetua, St. Feliciitas, and their Companions is one the the great treasures of martyr literature."The book is on the coffee table, and I read one or two histories at a sitting. I am noticing many virgin martyrs, which counts many of us out. The same does not seem to apply to men, whi [...]

Butler's Lives of the Patron Saints (Burgundy) [Hardcover]Michael Walsh Published 1985amazon/Butlers-Lives-P St. Catherine of Alexandria the patron saint of philosophers philosophy or learning and students particularly women Students or Christian apologists, librarians and libraries and young womenAccording to American Catholic(c. 310) in the book it is unknownThomas aquinas, Dr. of the church (AD 1274) patron St. of scholars students academics, colleges and universities apologist, philosophers [...]

So, my one-year plan to read this book succeeded. I didn't end up reading exactly a-saint-a-day, but I read them all. Many of the stories were inspiring and most were interesting. Some were frustrating -- vigorously condemning heresy is not my favorite reason to elevate someone to sainthood -- and some were great (I'm a huge fan of little Benedict the bridge builder). Lots of common trends -- refusing to be a bishop (but later accepting) seems to be a sure step on the path to sainthood, as does [...]

"10 January (15 January) St. Paul ,The First Hermit, A.D. 342"- Image is Velasquez 1635 St. Paul with St. Anthony because I could not bother with the Bodleian Library's on-line search capability. I recommend this book to Paul.

Atually read a much older, leather bound edition.

Butler's Lives of the Saints is the more respected, "academic" history of the lives of saints. Good times here.

InterestingI found this book to be interesting but not being catholic I was amazed at the number of saints even in one month.

Inscribed "Christmas 1992 for the home! Rene". Creased spine. Unmarked inside. Cover differs from linked photo.

No doubt the most poorly written and abysmally edited tome I've EVER readever it was an edifying read

I read this for the Confirmation class I'm taking at my church. It was really informative and I enjoyed it.

A beautiful testimony of love (John 14:15). We are indeed surrounded by these recognized faith role-models (Hebrews 12:1): The saints in heaven.

short historical stories about the saints, and gives their patronage and the day they are remembered

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