The Collected Checkered Demon

S. Clay Wilson

The Collected Checkered Demon

The Collected Checkered Demon

  • Title: The Collected Checkered Demon
  • Author: S. Clay Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780867193848
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback

The last of the Zap artists to be anthologized, Wilson has always been the most extreme His wild stories of pirates, bikers, and deviants, centering around the character of the Checkered Demon, have kept their humor and philosophical bent while keeping their author far from mainstream comics publishing.

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S. Clay Wilson is the kind of artist that will either cause you to look disgusted and turn your back forever, either make you want more and more. Whatever the outcome may be, Wilson's art is a strong kick to the visual gut that can't get forgotten - picture Baudelaire + angry biker + sexual maniac + slapstick enthusiast, and you might get a relatively reliable impression of what Wilson's psyche has been able to spill over his sheets. Carefree, brimming with black or vulgar humour, sexuality and [...]

It saddens me to report that S. Clay Wilson is currently in a coma following a terrible beating he took outside of a San Francisco bar. From what I hear it doesn't look good for him. :(That being said, I'd go far enough to say that The Checkered Demon is as cool and wild a comic strip icon as Popeye or Dick Tracy. He always gets even with the bad guys no matter how dirty he fights! The detailing of Wilson's images is impressive. There's always something to tickle your eyeball in each frame. He a [...]

Well, this is some nasty stuff, really—graphic violence, violent sex, rampant misogyny; I can't believe people complain about Crumb! Not bad—certainly nicely rendered, if often over-busy—but Wilson has a pretty lackadaisical approach to narrative.

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