The Protector

Dee Henderson

The Protector

The Protector

  • Title: The Protector
  • Author: Dee Henderson
  • ISBN: 9781414355184
  • Page: 428
  • Format: ebook

Jack O Malley is a fireman who is fearless when it comes to facing an inferno But when an arsonist begins targeting his district, his shift, his friends, Jack faces the ultimate challenge protecting the lady who saw the arsonist before she pays an even

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I liked this book very much! Jack was one of my favorite characters from the get-go of the series, and I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know him better and to understand some of his quirks. Cassie was also a very relatable character, someone I saw a lot of myself in actually. Unfortunately, I had a hard time understanding the plot because I took a week long break smack dab in the middle of the book. Not a great idea! LOL! But the story was great and I loved it! I can't wait to have this serie [...]

Wow! I loved this book! I am always hard-pressed to find clean-by-my-standards-of-clean suspense\mysteries, so I was very excited when my sister recommended this to me!The O'Malley family is a very unorthodox, but very sweet family! I love their close-knit and caring relationship. It actually reminded me a lot of my family. Jack was a phenomenal character, and my favorite of all the siblings, I think. I really enjoyed reading his story. The plot\mystery was well thought out and very suspenseful. [...]

While Jack and Cole were a smidge more controlling of Cassie than I liked, this book is still one of my favorites. There's just something about firefighters that I can't help but admire. The way they risk their own safety and lives in order to save others is reminiscent of Jesus's sacrifice to save me, and I think that is one reason why I've read this book three times now (as of 1/24/18). The O'Malleys are one of my favorite fictional families, and it's always a pleasure to read their stories. I [...]

This was probably my least favorite, although there's nothing wrong with the story. It's just, at this point in the series, I'm a little bit over "protectorman must save damselgirl from badguy threat." Just once, I'd like the girl to do the protecting. Which, okay, Cassie kind of did. Whatever.I was also a little worn out on the "Non-Christian _______ O'Malley meets Christian love interest; finds Jesus, too" storyline. How about meeting a non-christian and seeking Jesus together? How about findi [...]

Another great visit with the O'Malleys! Jack is primarily portrayed as a prankster, a funny man in the earlier books, but we get to see much more of who he is in The Protector. The relationship between he and Cassie was beautiful, and it was nice to see a romantic relationship develop around someone who wasn't your typical beauty.

I loved this one so much. Somehow, I forgot to mark it as read when I read it in December.

I really enjoyed this story a great deal. It's pleasant to see improvement in Henderson's writing style; there are still errors, and some places where the meaning is obscured, but not on every single page. What gets me every time is these incredible characters. I wish I could meet this family! And I loved all the precise details about what a firefighter does each day, how the shifts work, how the firemen interact with each otherI learned quite a lot of interesting details. I also loved that it t [...]

Really enjoyed this one. Jack just may be my favorite male O'Malley, though that's a tough one.The mystery plot was great, characters very well done, and I love the strong faith theme. There aren't as many Christian books nowadays with the strong salvation message in like these classics! Very glad I decided to go back and re-read. Thoroughly enjoying them.

This is the only book in the series that made me badger my kids with "whodunnit" comments. It has me reading more than I should at one sitting. Jack and Cassie's romance was more realistic, unique, and natural than any of the others in the series. A mini-plot with Rachel and her future love interest intruded on Jack and Cassie's story. Jack's character was more detailed and defined than Marcus' male character sketch in the Guardian, but Henderson still piggybacked off of the female's viewpoint e [...]

I loved the character of Jackroughout all the serieshis character made me laugh with his antics. His story showed the person under all the jokes. He fought God a lot too.Cassie shows him God throughout the storye part where she pleads with him not to go to Hellally touched me.Cassie being a burn victim herself knows the feeling of being burned struck a cord with me that she's a knows a little of what Hell will be like and how awful it would be.I can't explain it just got to me.Jack is just an en [...]

A great story; intense like the others. One thing I liked better in this one was how the romance wasn't as heavy and focused on. I was partly surprised at who was the arsonist, although I considered him at the beginning. You will love Cassie, who is partly deaf, and bares the scares from being trapped in a fire. And you will like Jack for his strength, but also for his good jokes and teasing.

Jack O'Malley, fireman, faces his greatest challenge when an arsonist targets his district, his shift, and his friends.The Omalley's are an inspirational group of seven.I've enjoyed the books in this series. My brother is a firefighter. The Protector reminded me of the stories my brother would tell me. Sprinkled with the Word of God, put this read on a higher level. Encouraging and inspirational.

I had some mixed feelings about this book compared to the others in the series. Comparing it to the earlier books, I didn't feel _The Protector_ had the same power as the other books. I didn't feel like I got as deep a look inside what made Jack tick as much as I did for his siblings in the earlier books. Then again, maybe that's reflecting Jack's own character as so distinctly different from Marcus, Kate, or Lisa. I was deeply moved by the danger and sacrifices that firefighters make, even brou [...]

This is actually my favorite in the series mostly because the plotting is a little more complex (firefighters seeking arsonist in a whodunnit fashion). Plus, Jack and Cassie are great, not at all annoying, characters that I can really get behind. The romance is a little redundant, but you come to expect that a little with these books from the get go since you kind of know the idea is that the OMalleys are all needing Jesus and Jennifer is kind of central to that, but I think there could have bee [...]

I was really enjoying the O'Malley series until I got to the protector. Fortunately, with this series, a reader can skip a book and still follow the series. This was not one of the of the better books in the series. So, if you find yourself struggling to complete this novel, skip it. You will not miss much in the story. Dee Henderson is on of my favorite authors. However, I think she got carried away with religion in this one. The novel was more about Jack accepting Jesus into his life. The reli [...]

I find all of Dee Henderson's books extremely well written with characters that you come to know, love, and connect with on some level. The story lines are also intriguing. The religious aspect of the books can distract from the overall story, but if you consider the characters' value of religion itself, it makes sense that it is mentioned so often.

This books was very good! I immediately knew who was the arsonist and I was right! I loved the romance in this book. Jack is one of my favorite O'Malleys just because of his personality. Highly recommend it!

This is the second time I've listened to this book. An outstanding series. I love all the O'Malleys, their story of how they became a family. The spiritual side of these books are marvelous and uplifting. I always look forward to books by Dee Henderson, both new and old.

This book was good just like her other books. A solid mystery. Good for teens.

Re-read 10/28/14

Jack's story is quite different from the previous three in that it's not crime scenes. He's a firefighter, not a cop, and he is passionate and good at what he does. He wasn't as funny in his own book, but I guess that's because he had to wrestle with his doubts and fears. I think it's neat how each member of the O'Malley family faces their doubts and questions about God - they all have very different aversions to Christianity - but they all have to struggle with it because of Jennifer's cancer. [...]

This has been my least favorite of the O'Malley series. I just never had any real connection with Cassie. The relationships were all a little confusing. Much of the book was spent on Cole & Rachel when it wasn't even their story yet. Jack had a somewhat "silly" personality that I had a hard time getting past. It was hard wrapping my head around why all these people knew each other beyond just a casual acquaintance. A story about a fire station could have had potential, but this one just fell [...]

I really liked Jack O’Malley! He did his job well. He was conscientious not only about the job but about the people working with him. He was a leader who was well respected. But being in that position creates enemies. His relationship with Cassie was honorable. I really liked her, also. I was hoping at the end after that last fire and her with a concussion, her hearing would miracously return! I didn’t figure out who was starting the fire. I jumped back and forthd I was wrong at the end! Isn [...]

Again this was an interesting book written to describe the life of a firefighter and his worst fear - a serial arsonist. What is the motive? Interesting to learn all the duties, education and work it takes to be able to fight fires and learn how they start. All of this and having a personal life outside of the work. Dealing with family sickness, issues and trying to engage in a personal relationship. Again love the closeness of these siblings who are not siblings by blood but by choice and reali [...]

I'm enjoying this series by Dee Henderson and am looking forward to book #5.Dee summarizes so nicely the crux of this book"Jack's story asks the profound question: who is Jesus? and the real meaning of Christmas was answered by Cassie. For Jack, Jesus seemed to be the serious myth that people believed in at Christmas and Santa Claus the childish one."

Another great read.I am so glad I came across this series of books. Each book has a major theme around finding Faith. This one was focus on overcoming accepting that Jesus loves us even when we have a hard time accepting what is happening what is happening in our lives.

I loved this one as a quick summer read. Just enough Christian to know it wasn't going to get graphic and the author didn't shove faith in where there was none - I so respect that. I would definitely read more and am passing it along to my sister!

Baie mooi verhaal.


Good humor and a good story!

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