Falling from Grace

Jane Godwin

Falling from Grace

Falling from Grace

  • Title: Falling from Grace
  • Author: Jane Godwin
  • ISBN: 9780823421053
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover

It was all meant to be just a game, but now Grace is missing and may not even be alive During an elaborate game of hide and seek on the beach, twelve year old sisters Annie and Grace are caught in the rising tide, and Grace seems to have been swept away In the midst of this, fourteen year old Kip is also in the wrong place at the wrong time Finding Grace s abandoned bacIt was all meant to be just a game, but now Grace is missing and may not even be alive During an elaborate game of hide and seek on the beach, twelve year old sisters Annie and Grace are caught in the rising tide, and Grace seems to have been swept away In the midst of this, fourteen year old Kip is also in the wrong place at the wrong time Finding Grace s abandoned backpack sets off a chain of events that lands Kip under police surveillance As the search for Grace intensifies, suspicions grow But can Kip piece everything together and clear his name before it s too late for Grace Told in Kip s and Annie s alternating voices, this spellbinding mystery looks at the choices young people make and their consequences.

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Motivated purely by being involved in my son's first-year-of-high-school-English-work and not the sort of book I would pick up, I was pleasantly surprised. The central characters were strong and the plot moved along at a nice brisk Nepean Point tidal pace; it was a page-turner. I wanted to know what happened and, while I could see where it was going, I still wanted to hang in there to see how the characters reacted and how they ended up. I cared about them.The shifting of narrative focus between [...]

A Year 8 English staple.

In all honesty this book was terrible, I had to read it for year 8 English, and I ended up skipping parts, it was that boring. But what I find funny, is that after studying this book for a term I didn't even need to know the information in the five chapters I hardly read. I think this shows how unimportant and unnecessary half of the text was. Now the characters. Other than Kip and a little on Ted, where's the backstory? If you want to right a book where you can connect to the characters, they n [...]

Weird and creepy all at the same time. And creepy in a bad way, not a good one. Like the funny neighbor that talks to your chest and twirls a handlebar mustache and not like a Japanese horror movie.

An interesting mid-grade mystery set in a local (to me) seaside area. The characters felt authentic and I enjoyed the familiar setting. The only downside (slightly) is that I correctly predicted where the missing girl, Grace, would be found. Maybe that's because I knew the area. I imagine that the surprise twist that would have come from not knowing this info would have been more satisfying.Looking at other reviews of this book, the audience seems to be divided. Many like me enjoyed the plot and [...]

From what I remember the book didn't interest me at all, I had to read it for school, and I would not read it again. It's not my kind of book.

This novel's narration is special in three person's view. And it reminds me of my life and thought I had when I was young.That were many little thoughts and worries we have in that age. It might help teachers and parents get knowledge of their children.

‘Falling from Grace’ Jane Godwin is an engrossing book, with page-turning urgency. The main protagonists are only 12-14 years old: Annie & Grace (12) and Kip (14). The two girls are sisters born 11 months apart, who for one month of the year, are the same age. Though Grace is older, she is very determined, to her peril. Kip is a young boy, negotiating the shoals of adolescence. Chance links all three to a dangerous surf beach on their separate holidays around Port Nepean, in Victoria. Th [...]

I would give this book 0 out of 5 stars if I could, that is how bad this book is. This book is the worst book I have even read. The book has no point and it's pretty much about a girl who fall off a cliff and ***SPOILER ALERT ***she nearly died but she lives. There is no character development or any interesting about the book. Some of the characters in this book are super creep and I don't understand what is going through the author's mind when she is writing it because the creepy characters don [...]

Q. What didnt you like about this book? Why?A. A few things that I didnt like about this book were that I didnt know what half of the things that they were talking about were! Like I no NOTHING about guitars so when he was talking about this guys mid condition whatever guitar I'm sitting here thinking "What in the world is that?!". Something else that was very unenjoyable was that the book got REALLY boring at some points. The author lost me during most of the book. It was dull and boring and ju [...]

Falling from grace was a great book. I understood everything that it had to say. Falling from grace was a book about a two girls who are playing hide and go seek in the forest and the two girls get lost. They were carrying a backpack that had everything that they needed like a cellphone and some food. While they were lost they found a penguin and they put it in the backpack and they lost the backpack down the river. So then they tried to find there way home. Then this boy comes and finds the bac [...]

Falling From Grace" by Jane Godwin in an amazing mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat right from the start. Sisters Grace and Annie are trying to help a dying penguin on the beach at Point Nepean in Australia. Grace and Annie are 11 months apart and for one month out of the year they are the same age so at the time they are both 12. On the other side of the beach 14 year old Kip is dealing with his own issues, his thoughts, his feelings on being a teenager. Grace disappears and si [...]

i had to read this book fro year 8 English (aka last term) even though i do English 3 years a head of me, as a class we read this together. the book to me was dull, and a little boring, but that's compared to what i usually read. i definitely see the purpose of studying this book in schools, though i love doing 4 essays about the same boring book ( sarcasm). i don't think i would ever read it again though, not for pleasure at least. i don't know if the author was aiming for an educational book w [...]

A fast paced story that will have any YA/MG reader hooked. I came across this story as a tutor (curriculum assigned) and was pleasantly surprised. Lots of turns and unseen weaves and dogdes. Easy grammar for those not too inclined to pick up a book. But and there's always a but . I'll try to avoid a spoiler so SPOILER ALERT . and I'll continue down below . The author had a the choice of labelling the possible bad guy (Ted) as either that or a good. Stranger danger and the neglecting of the sam [...]

Read this for year7 English. My favourite character is Kip. I did like the cute 'about-to-be' relationship I with Kip and Grace. Ship Krace!Anyway, I didn't like the ending oh they had all this suspense and all this investigation and in the end they just found her. That's it no big stumble in finding her, they just found her.i expected something bigger with all that investigating taking up the whole book but on the plus side, the way Jane set the plot up was quite good and i am always a fan of f [...]

I read this to support my son, for whom it is a prescribed, Y7 English text. I found it unsettling to say the least and read to the end with a sense of deep dread. I believe it is this same creepy feeling, and the fact that he "has to " read it, which guarantee that he has no desire to find out what happens in the end. Clearly I read this with a very different mindset to all those adults who rave about its perfect plotting and characterisation. I have waited months to review it, and still feel " [...]

This book was quiet a decent read it's high school entry level of reading so it's nothing to brain hurting. Even though the conclusion is pretty obvious as your reading the books there are enough plot lines left open to make it still intriguing and real. The majority of the story is told by Kip and Annie who are both looking for missing Grace for different reasons. The story is set in Point Nepean in Victoria, Australia. The book is a quick read but can feel like it's like substance at time. All [...]

Falling form Grace is really good at the beinging because you want to know if they get out of the storm in time or not.She fell off of a clif and landed in the water. Grace is finally found by a boy named, Kip. Kip found her just in time because she almost died from beging cold, wet, and having to food or water to eat or drink. Grace almost had hypothermia. I was surprised that they found Grace because I thought Grace would by dead but she wasn't. Grace's family was so happy because they found h [...]

My school librarian friend asked me to read this - she is considering recommending it as the new Year 8 text. I liked it before I started, because it meant they might be getting rid of Holes by Louis Sachar.But this book surprised me - it unsettled me. It is a little bit creepy, and a bit of a warning about the dangers of being in the wrong place in the wrong time. It was hard to put down.And - I love that is was set locally - Point Nepean on the Mornington Peninsula.A great read - I hope it mak [...]

This is quite a little page turner. More mystery than drama, it is a story which revolves around a missing girl who disappears after she slips down a sandy cliff. Two characters tell the story in dual narration: Grace (the lost girl's sister) and Kip (the boy who was apparently the last person to see her). As the search builds, so do the stories of several characters, all who seem to be grappling with issues of their own.

I gave this book a 4 star review because it was a good mystery book. I though the book was a good book. I like myster/detective books alot. So that's why I read this book. I think that this book was kind of different from other mystery books, but yet it was still kind of the same. The girl was found in a cave after a storm and she fell off a mountain. Thats kind of different but still the same.

Absoloutly LOVE this book! Once you get into it you don't want to stop reading! I usally love really girly books and such, but this is a real adventure book! But it's also quite sad. Idon't quite know how to explain it, it's not like the typical adventure book like journey to the centre of the earth. It's really well and truely on of the best books I've ever read! I read for school as one of the books we ares studying and i found it one of the BEST books ever!

I have read it for this year and it is absolutely outstanding. All the characters had one thing in common. They were all lost. Physically and emotionally.I loved the way how Annie felt without her sister, lonely and empty. I also loved the way kip just feels like everything is bad for him.This story is rated 5 stars. This book is a must have.

I also had to read this book for year 8 English and I hated it and so did almost everyone in my class. It was one of the shittest books that I have ever read, the characters were extremely irritating and stupid. Simple plot, Grace survives, and nothing actually interesting happens. Ted also destroys graces vagina.

This book is about 5 people who happen to be out at night during a terrible storm. Annie and her twin sister, Grace, are hiking when Grace slips and falls. They don't know where she is. Kip walks around and talks to people, and he learns more about what happened. This book was ok, but I don't really recommend it because the plot wasn't that interesting.

We had to read this for our year 7 English project, and I really did NOT enjoy. And it got super weird with Kip about his 'feelings' and everything It was awkward to read that part out in class. I would not reccomend to read this. It's medium length, but just enough to feel like it drags on forever.

Grace goes missing during a storm after a hiding game with her sister, Annie. As the police become involved and the search finds nothing, a young boy and a mysterious former musician become suspects. Interesting characters, and a nicely tied up ending, but a few too-big coincidences to be realistic.

I read this book 2 years ago, I thought it was an ok book. Personally it wasn't a really memorable novel. However it was amazing that I actually got to meet the author and have her sign my copy of 'Falling From Grace'.

I thought it was a great Australian book. Though odd, it had interesting characters and the plot kept me reading. Many students in the class liked this. One of the few books that got positive response from students at my school as a book for study.

A beautifully written, beautifully crafted mystery that keeps the reader turning the pages. I particularly loved the character of Kip, and the way Jane captured his existential adolescent angst so common to teens.

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