Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated: How I Became a Champion

Anthony Robles

Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated: How I Became a Champion

Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated: How I Became a Champion

  • Title: Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated: How I Became a Champion
  • Author: Anthony Robles
  • ISBN: 9781592407774
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Hardcover

The powerful and inspiring story of an all American wrestler who defied the oddsAnthony Robles is a three time all American wrestler, the 2011 NCAA National Wrestling Champion, and a Nike sponsored athlete He was also born without his right leg Doctors could not explain to his mother, Judy, what led to the birth defect, but at the age of five, the one legged toddler scalThe powerful and inspiring story of an all American wrestler who defied the oddsAnthony Robles is a three time all American wrestler, the 2011 NCAA National Wrestling Champion, and a Nike sponsored athlete He was also born without his right leg Doctors could not explain to his mother, Judy, what led to the birth defect, but at the age of five, the one legged toddler scaled a fifty foot pole unassisted From that moment on, Judy knew without a doubt that her son would be unstoppable.When Anthony first began wrestling in high school, he was the smallest kid on the team and finished the year in last place Yet Anthony s family and coaches supported his decision to continue, and he completed his junior and senior years with a 96 0 record to become a two time Arizona State champion.In college, Anthony had to prove all over again that he could excel Despite hardships on and off the mat including the temptation to quit school and get a job to help his family when they lost their home to foreclosure Anthony focused his determination and became a champion once again.Since winning the national championship in March 2011, Anthony has become a nationally recognized role model to kids and adults alike But Unstoppable is not just an exciting sports memoir or an inspirational tale of living with a disability It is also the story of one man whose spirit and unyielding resolve remind us all that we have the power to conquer adversity in whatever form.

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The book Unstoppable was one of the better biographies I have read. Usually peoples biographies are boring, but Anthony Robles story is very interesting. If you like sports and competition you might like this book.

As a former wrestler myself I know how hard the sport is and how competitive it gets. I was able to relate to his training and recognized some of the moves he did. It’s a very good motivational story

I found Unstoppable to be a wonderfully inspiring read. I couldn't put it down.I couldn't stop reading. What a remarkable man and a remarkable life he has traveled so far. The love he has for his mother is endearing. Even though I am not a wrestling fan, I feel like I am now! Anothony Robles' writing makes this book informative, uplifting, and very moving. I have passed this book on to my 13 year old son as I think he will enjoy it as much as I did. I am giving it a strong 4 star review!My ratin [...]

Before I read this book I had watched Anthony Robles win the NCAA Wrestling Championships 3 or 4 years ago. It had been so amazing to see how well he could do with such a setback, but he never really looked at only having one leg as an impairment. He says in this book that he can do everything just like everyone else, and with some things he could do even better than others. I loved reading this. It has been on my bucketlist to meet him for a while now. Hopefully that happens someday. I recommen [...]

As a wrestler, it is very inspirational to hear a story about a 3 time all american and NCAA Champion that only wrestled with one leg.

In the auto-biography, Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated: How I Became a Champion by Anthony Robles explains how his birth complication did not defeat him in life and especially on the wrestling mat. Anthony, a world renowned wrestler from Arizona was born without his right leg. This birth defect caused Antony many troubles throughout his life. These troubles may include: getting along with girls, ways of transportation, finishing a task that only someone with two legs could accomplish, a [...]

This book was amazing. This was an autobiography so the setting was as perfect as you can get, because their is no way to change it or make it different. Also the setting is great, because he goes to school just like any normal kid would and lives a sort of normal life to begin with. Anthony Robles was born without his right leg. The doctors had no explanation for why he had no leg. Throughout Anthony's life, his mother Judy was very loving and a great role model. When he was born Judy decided t [...]

Unstoppable By Anthony RoblesUnstoppable is the story of one extraordinary human being, Anthony Robles. Anthony was born with only one leg but would never let that stop him. His mom always believed he was superman and that belief passed on to him and helped him be a successful athlete. people went from pitying him to calling it an unfair advantage. This is the story of the Superman who could not be stopped. Anthony Robles was born when his mother was only sixteen. Her parents and others were as [...]

Overall, I liked this autobiography by Anthony Robles. However, there were a few things that bothered me about it. For one, his writing voice is kind of cheesy at times, which I found to be off-putting. Secondly, it bothered me as a former wrestler how much he dismissed other peoples' complaints that having one leg gave him some advantages. For one thing, a shooter isn't going to be able to shoot on him because he isn't standing up to be shot on. For another, a thrower isn't going to be able thr [...]

I received this book as a First Reads promotion. I enjoyed reading about Anthony Robles and admire his personality. I especially liked how he focused on hard work, perseverance, and the support of loved ones as being the keys to his success. Although he did mention his missing leg when discussing how others sometimes treated him, adjustments he had to make to workouts, etc he didn't make that leg his main story. Most of the words and ideas he writes could just as easily have been written by some [...]

This is an incredible, inspiring sports memoir from the 2011 NCAA National Wrestling Champion and 3-time All-American wrestler Anthony Robles. When he was born to a teenage mother, he had only one leg, and she was counseled to give him up for adoption. But the beginning of his life was marked with a love that was tougher than any obstacle -- his mother's. Throughout his childhood, Anthony refused to be left behind with anything. When his prosthetic leg became more of a hindrance than his crutche [...]

In Anthony Robles's book, Unstoppable, it is about the life of Anthony Robles and the struggles he had to overcome to be the champion that he was, and still is today. When Anthony’s mother had him in La Mirada, CA she was only a teen, making matters worse Anthony was born feet first causing problems in his right leg making it to have to be amputated. This was not the only struggle when the birth father found out about Anthony he just left and did nothing to help with him. This was especially t [...]

This reminded me a lot of the LeBron James memoir/autobiography, "LeBron's Dream Team: How Five Friends Made History," that I read earlier this summer. "Unstoppable" was also a story about a disadvantaged (although in a much different, maybe more significant way) young man who worked exceedingly hard growing up to become a champion in his sport. And, like with LeBron's book, I'm not a fan of wrestling, so most of the narratives about specific wrestling matches bored me and went over my head. HOW [...]

I finished the book Unstoppable last school year. I thought it was a great book overall I wrestle and I can relate to a lot of things in this book. Besides the fact that be only has one leg. This book is very inspiring it tells his story about sports how he use to play football but he was not the best at it so he chose wrestling as his main sport. Throughout the book he talks about the challenges of having one leg and how he had to adapt to it. He also talks a lot about his family life witch I a [...]

It was a really inspiring book that motivated me to do more. He's done so much with his life, and he came up from nothing, got a scholarship all on his own. What shocked me is that he did everything everyone else did which amazed me, because i couldn't believe how a one-legged man could run a mile in 8 minutes, to me thats impressive. To me, he earned everything he received because he worked hard from it, and supporting his family when his dad left, and the reason why he got through it was motiv [...]

This book is a truly inspirational book. It will touch your heart as you read it i guarantee it. This book shows you how no matter what happens on life you can over come it. Anthony Robles was born without his right leg and he had to over come that for his whole life. As you read this book i feel like you could learn a lot by this book how to over come, Determination and dedication. If you read this book you will feel like wow if someone won the NCAA championship with one leg then i could do thi [...]

I have had this book on the shelf for some time. I remember watching Anthony win his National Title bout and was truly inspired. I made it a point to learn more about the young man and his book certainly gives you a glimpse. Obvious the message is there that this man has overcome being born without a limb, so why cant you tackle your goals set forth, which is repeated quite frequently. But what I picked up from the reading is that you must actually stick to those set those goals and never give u [...]

Anthony Robles story is one of courage, preservation, and sheer will. Born with only one leg, he faced a number of challenges as a kid. When he decided to wrestle, he was determined to get better and become a champion. And that finally happened in his Junior year. After years of work and dedication to the sport he loves, he was accepted to Arizona State, where he became a National Champion. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes sports, as it gives a look into some of the challenges ath [...]

Fastest I've ever read a book. Enthusiasm jumped out of the pages. Watched him become NCAA Champion last year I think. Incredible. Reading his journey was incredible.Incredibly inspiring and that excitement came through the read. Might even send a friend request because of the book. Dorky, yeah, I am okay with that. Incredible, incredible, incredible. Love hearing his struggles. I'm sure any high school wrestler can relate to cutting weight, hell week practices, and competing with teammates. All [...]

For a person who is loves underdog stories this was a great autobiography for me. Anthony Robles was born without a leg and was able to find success in one of the toughest sports out there which is wrestling. Being a wrestler makes it very easy for mento underhand how amazing it to see what he accomplished. The thing that makes this great that I got read this is that I met the author and saw his amazing journey in person to his battle to be a champion. I love his hard but success journey this is [...]

This auto biography was overall one of the best books I have read in a while. Anthony Robles was a kid who was born with a big disability he wasn't born with both legs only one. While he faces this disability the only thing that made him feel better was wrestling. There was not much wrong with this book other than that it seemed to jump around to different spots in his life. This story of Anthony Robles is something that all wrestlers should find inspiration in a make themselves better.

I thought it was an inspirational book and I especially like it being a wrestler. I thought he explained everything as good as it could have been done and the techniques were easy to understand. Loved reading about his journey from high school all the way to college. He is a very impressive wrestler and even more impressive as a man.

I loved this book, Anthony is an amazingly strong minded man. Anthony has a strong connection with his mom and I loved how she was always with him and told him to never stop trying and striving for perfection. I really liked how the story was written in the perspective of Anthony and how he got through life. I was truly inspired by Anthony's decisions and his loyalty to his college.

What a remarkable and accomplished young man. He learned to overcome the obstacles that were handed to him and surpassed all of his goals. He is truely a remarkable person. I recommend this book to all. A very inspiring story.

This book is fantastic!!!! It really shows true character and preservation. It also shows what determination and motivation can do. Anthony had a dream that he wanted to complete, and he did exactly that. He completed his dream of being a National Champion.

I saw Anthony Robles speak at an AVID conference I attended and ordered his book the next day. While not a literary masterpiece, the story is straightforward and powerful. I can think of a few wrestlers on my student caseload who will love this book.

Loved it! Words can't describe how much of an inspiration this book is. Yes there is a lot of wrestling terminology, but it doesn't take away from the story. Would recommend this book to any and everyone! MUST READ!!!!

This was such an inspiring book. I loved watching wrestling before, but this book gave me a whole new look on it. I was brought to tears by his determination, and by how many people were inspired by him.

But I give it more stars for page 46!!where my husband is mentioned. :)

INSPIRING.Touches the Soul of every Competitive Fiber.DREAM ONReach HIGHERyour Worth is Determined only by the VISION you choose to HAVE

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