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  • Title: Bridesicle
  • Author: Will McIntosh
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Mira wakes up to find that she was killed in an accident, and that she's been temporarily revived as part of a dating service. Her only chance at permanent revival is convincing someone that she's in love with them. Suuuuper creepy premise, but the story is well aware of how disturbing it is. There are a lot of cool thought experiments in this story, from what it feels like to be both dead and not-dead at the same time and the concept of "hitchers"--accepting a person to live in your mind. I qui [...]

Having just read the full length novel I thought I'd hunt down the short story it was based upon. Although the basic premise is obviously the same there were a few added extras, one of which was the concept of 'hitchers'. Hitchers being the deceased taking up residence in another's mind. I thought that a fascinating idea but just like Mira I'm not sure having your Mum with you 24-7 would be great for any prospective, external relationship. Not sure why the idea was dropped from Love Minus Eighty [...]

A short, interesting read about a future where the attractive and young deceased become a potential dating pool for the wealthy as seen from the perspective of someone who is dead and senseless when she is not on an awkward date with a potential husband.

Mira died and she woke up in a cryogenic dating pool, -hence the title, bridesicle- 'thanks' to her insurance. The only way to get revived is to get chosen by a potential lover and get married. One problem, she is gay. Set in the future, the story introduced a concept of hitcher, where you can upload someone's mind into yours. Hugo Award for Best Short Story (2010), available online here

Kryomorsian - Portti 3/2010

Always check your insurance benefits. Mira died in the car crash, but her body was preserved. Now science can revive her, but it's very expensive, so she enters the "dating" pool. Suitors can come and speak with her and, if they decide they like her, they can marry and she will be revived. JustMira is a lesbian. But she also doesn't want to stay dead. Can she somehow entice a man to put down the money for a revival, or is it beyond her to go through such a farce?Despite being written in 2009, th [...]

Fascinating Hugo Award-winning short story with strong feminist undertones. (view spoiler)[The protagonist is female and queer, finding that her body has been preserved after death. She is 'revived' for one purpose alone: dating. All of such women must go on short speed dates with socially-inept men, with hundreds of years sometimes passing between each. Their only hope at a continuation of life and thought is to convince one of these men to marry them. (hide spoiler)] Though this short story is [...]

I read three of McIntosh's short stories that were later extended into novels (this, which inspired Love Minus Eighty and also probably Hitchers, Soft Apocalypse, and Defenders), and this was by far my favorite. (view spoiler)[McIntosh does a good job developing a character who exists almost as a disembodied mind, and only for short periods at a time with long gaps in between. (hide spoiler)] It felt like a complete story unto itself, and not just a preview for the larger world. Both the cryogen [...]

The characters are well-written but the premise is pretty dumb. At some point it's got to be cheaper to revive people than pay for them to be stored indefinitely, and there would have to be some really restrictive marriage laws to make the business work at all, which seems unlikely.

Cuento corto, ganador del Hugo 2010. Y la preparación perfecta para meterme de lleno en Love Minus Eighty, la ampliación del concepto a novela completa.

Wonderful writting! Onward to Love Minus Eighty for sure!! Great concept.

A short story but packing so much in it but with all coming right together. Barely any sentence in it that doesn't work right.

This was really weird but interesting.

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