Forbidden Blood

R.L. Kenderson

Forbidden Blood

Forbidden Blood

  • Title: Forbidden Blood
  • Author: R.L. Kenderson
  • ISBN: 9780990414414
  • Page: 237
  • Format: ebook

Next in line to lead the vampire species, Princess Naya Kensington has always abided by her royal responsibilities At the urging of her best friend, Naya breaks the rules and crosses the line when she goes to a human nightclub Following a chance encounter, Naya alters her life with a singular act forged from lust and blood.Vaughn Llewelyn has secrets and obligations of hNext in line to lead the vampire species, Princess Naya Kensington has always abided by her royal responsibilities At the urging of her best friend, Naya breaks the rules and crosses the line when she goes to a human nightclub Following a chance encounter, Naya alters her life with a singular act forged from lust and blood.Vaughn Llewelyn has secrets and obligations of his own, but he ignores them when he spots Naya across the nightclub He wants her in a way he s never felt before, and although he can t possibly have than one night with Naya, he knows no one else will do.One night of forbidden love creates a bond that will forever change both of their lives as well as their worlds.

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Well, color me surprised! I really liked this book! I have a love/hate relationship with Paranormal romance. I looooove some of them, but eye roll at many of them. I love suspending belief and I love when the rules of the world change so that a whole new world is created. I love the insta love that comes with mating bonds, I love the *idea* of drinking blood, I love the possessiveness that comes with shifter mating or vamp instict, and I love the hierarchies created within groups of paranormal c [...]

☆I was given an ARC by the authors in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!☆Anaya “Naya” Kensington is the Vampire Princess and the next in line for the throne. She has lived a very luxurious and privileged life but what she craves most is to have freedom and choice in her life.That is until, when an opportunity leads her to going a club on the “wrong side of the tracks” where she then meets mysterious Vaughn Llewelyn. Then that very dark and steamy night, his blood sings to her [...]

Initially Read: June 2014 (review written)Re-Read: November 2014I received an ARC from the AuthorI am extremely grateful to the authors for allowing me to read an ARC of their book as I thoroughly enjoyed it.I don't really understand how two people can write a book together. I find the idea baffling. Needless to say though, I liked this author's style of writing. I look forward to reading more books by them in the future.What is Vaughn? I liked that you aren't told right away what he actually is [...]

Vaughn is a cat-shifter and the next alpha of the Minnesota Pride. Naya is a vampire princess and future queen. They meet at a nightclub and feel attracted to each other. When Naya becomes pregnant, her parents drive to Vaughn's parent's house and confront them. Vaughn and Naya are shocked to see each other. They decide to slip away while their parents argue.Vaughn learns Naya must drink from him during her pregnancy. They decide to move in together. But is Vaughn agreeing because of the baby or [...]

Actual Rating: 4.25Full review and more also on my blog!I initially picked this up from Netgalley but then later saw it free for a day on and picked it up there too so I have it, though it was still free either way.I love vampires! I have since I first saw Buffy the vampire slayer. I saw vampires and paranormal romance I was like YES, GIVE IT TO MEEEE but i'm still new to the paranormal romance genre, even though I already knew i'm a sucker for vampires. And I am so glad I picked this up!Becaus [...]

My Star Rating for 'Forbidden Blood' is 4 1/2 out of 5 stars! :) My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘Forbidden Blood' by Authors R.L. Kenderson (via: Booksmoviesfandoms.wordpress): *May contain a few hints of Spoilers*Upon receiving an ARC early-copy of ‘Forbidden Blood’ by R.L. Kenderson, I was very intrigued to see how the story unfolded after having read the synopsis for it. I’ve read many vampire related novels before and was honestly hoping for a nice twist to ‘vamp [...]


My star rating is: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. :)Very interesting story, with some great twists.My rating is based on an enjoyable storyline, wonderful characters, tons of P.O.V.'s(point of views),and just a fantastic flow with everything.It's not your traditional and typical vampire story,which I truly enjoyed.I also like everything about the 'other' kind of'people' that lived in this story's world, besidesthe vampires and humans. ;)Looking forward to the next novels of thisentertaining series.Read M [...]

I loved this book and I love this series. Forbidden blood is so good it will give you a hot flush. It's like a modern day Romeo and Juliet. Vampire princess falls for shifter.

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I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review. I would rate this book a 4.25 if I could! I loved the story. There isn't one character that I didn't like. The story was so well thought and plannedI wasn't left with a question unanswered. The main characters had a great storylineVaughn and Naya were such an amazing couple. They had an effortless relationship and he was such a stand up, good guy. However, the secondary characters were my favorite. Kenzie and Sawyereeekkkk!! I kept wanting to [...]

A world where forbidden blood is tasted and a bond is formed. This book is woven together in a world full of shapeshifters and vampires, and plenty of steamy romance to keep readers fully engaged for hours at a time. If you love the paranormal romance genre I encourage you to give these books a go. This book was one of those books that you dread finishing because the book is too good to end, and you can't help but want more. Naya falls hard in love with someone who she thought was human, but fin [...]

I was given an ARC by the writers of the book in exchange for an honest review. Anaya, princess and next in line to be Queen of the Vampire society, has lead her life pleasing everyone else but herself. She always did what she was told instead of what she wanted to do. This is until she went to a new night club on the "wrong side of the tracks" where she meets Vaughn - a mysterious man she can't stay away from. They instantly have an attraction to each other neither has felt before. Will their o [...]

badbirdreads/review-forbidAt A GlanceBoth interesting and boring.The GoodLet’s bullet point it out!– I loved the supernatural creatures and how they felt different from the ones in other books I have read. They were somewhat normal people (also leaders to their people) who just happen to be vampires or shapeshifters. It was a nice change-up.– I liked all the characters. Some were funny, some kind, some aggressive, some straight up mean. No cookie-cutter characterization, each one had a dif [...]

Favorite Lines “Don’t challenge me, Kenzie. I always win.”“You don’t always have to be perfect, you know? You are entitled to have bad days just like everyone else”“Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to mess with a sleeping cat?”“She was considering swearing off men completely. Women were pretty. Maybe she would try being a lesbian.”“For being my mate, for giving me the most precious gifts, and for making me the happiest female in the world.”Oh yes a Princess for the Vampi [...]

Suffice to say I loved this book, and already cannot wait for the second in this series to come out. While I am an avid reader I have to say I am very cautious about trying out new authors. But when something is recommended to me a lot of times out of respect for the recommendation I will read the book. And this one is a gem. The characters pull you in and Vaughan, to be frank, is hot. Definate book boyfriend material. The couple are not as fraught with problems of being together I think, they a [...]

Wonderfully different - refreshingly so. I was thrilled with this book. Absolutely loved it! Vaughan and Naya were great together. I was very absorbed by their story. Only one issue for me, but not enough to make a stink over. My issue was the end of the chapters to the epilogue timing was 4 months apart. I was enjoying this too much to not know what happened in that time. However, the reason I said it wasn't enough to make a stink over is that I see we get Damien and Payton's story next and the [...]

This is a very intriguing and not your typical vampire read. I absolutely loved it! The story and characters were very well written. It had a wonderful flow throughout. The only downfalls I noticed was; I felt as if the relationship was a bit rushed and I was left with some unanswered questions in which, I'm hoping will be answered in future books. And of course the fact that now I have to wait for book 2!! Overall, there is enough details in the story that I feel satisfied enough to rate this b [...]

Before I start, let me tell you that the term "paranormal romance" totally turns me off. That being said, I absolutely loved this book!! Naya and Vaughn are such likable characters. The book was just an all around fun read! I would, and most likely will , read it again and I, most definitely, will be waiting anxiously for book 2 to come out!

Naya (Anaya) and Vaughn ridiculously meet (view spoiler)[and have unprotected sex(though there is an attempt to explain) (hide spoiler)], without their supernatural senses being alert enough or without each one being sharp enough to sense that the other is supernatural too. [Rolls eyes] Tell me about it. In any case, a cute case of insta-love/insta-mate happens, among other thingsBeing together means that species who have lived separate from each other must find away to accept a somewhat royal u [...]

Great StartA great first book in this vampire/shifter paranormal series. The characters were likable and easy to root for. I would have loved to see more of their relationship develop especially in the beginning. The minor characters were enjoyable to read and I'd love to see more of them in future installments. The plot was engaging but I would've loved to see more action and drama like the ending. Sometimes things were tidied up quickly rather than adding more risk and stakes for the character [...]

What a wonderful story! Naya and Vaughn are fantastic characters. I love the new and interesting play on vampires and shifters. I have always loved to view other people's adaptations on such classic creatures from lore. This was a great one. The storyline kept me ensnared from beginning to end. The romance side was amazing. The sex was incredibly hot and also added to this different idea on shifters and vampires. Both authors did a fantastic job! I can't wait to read the next book (which I'm goi [...]

I really liked this book. I like how Naya and Vaughn meet up together and feel a pull towards each other. I like how they go home together and I like how Naya gets pregnant. I like that Naya is able to work out a deal, to save her babies and also to get vampires and shifters to have a bond. I like how Vaughn doesn't let anything happen to Naya and how he is so protective of her.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. This was a wonderfully written vampire romance. I loved the characters and their story. Definitely a must read.

Anaya/ Naya is a vampire princess. She was in line to go into Pulse a very popular nightclub to meet her best friend Kenzie who is a human and was already inside. Pulse is one of the hottest spots for entertainment in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Naya was very tense as her parents were preparing an arranged marriage for her.Minneapolis and St. Paul are separated by the Mississippi River. Naya didn’t approve of the vampire rules especially the one where all vampires were supposed to live [...]

I like paranormal romance, so I've read a lot of it and sometimes it just gets a bit same-same. This book looked at the concept with, what I won't go as far as calling fresh eyes, but definitely a different lens.While a bit slow to start, the story was engaging and well told. It was nice to read a story where the hero is actually a nice person and doesn't have to stamp his alpha-ness by being a dick. The secondary characters were great as well, definitely not one dimensional and adding humour to [...]

*I voluntarily read a review copy of this book. All opinion stated are solely my own and no one else's*Forbidden Blood was absolutely brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The author had an interesting writing style in that she used various POVs. The story focuses on Naya and Vaughn but it also focuses on other couples within the story. This book was gripping, intense yet hot as hell. I liked the mystery in regards to what Vaughn actually was. Naya and Vaughn's connection was strong since the m [...]

Forbidden Blood by r l kenderson. Next in line to lead the vampire species, Princess Naya Kensington has always abided by her royal responsibilities. At the urging of her best friend, Naya breaks the rules and crosses the line when she goes to a human nightclub. Following a chance encounter, Naya alters her life with a singular act forged from lust and blood.Vaughn Llewelyn has secrets and obligations of his own, but he ignores them when he spots Naya across the nightclub. He wants her in a way [...]

My first time reading these authors Naya is the princess of the vampires. Her parents the King and Queen expect her to mate with a vampire they have chosen. Vaughn is a feline shifter and next in line to be Alpha. He meets Naya at a club and she decides to live it up and have a one night stand. After seeing each other a couple of times and texting and talking everyday, Naya breaks it off so she can do her duty by mating the man her family has set her up with. She realizes she has fallen for Vaug [...]

Kindly Provided With An ARC Via Netgalley In Exchange For An Honest Review5 "Your My Forbidden Fruit and I MUST Have You" Stars From Me.This was Naya and Vaughn's story. Anaya (Naya) is a Vampire Princess who's life is dictated at every turn. Everything changes when she meets Vaughn.he becomes the one person she cannot live without but she can never have (or so these two star crossed individuals think) !!!!.I adore a good Vampire read and this book fulfilled my every requirement and actually tur [...]

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