The Mutt and the Matchmaker

J.B. Lynn

The Mutt and the Matchmaker

The Mutt and the Matchmaker

  • Title: The Mutt and the Matchmaker
  • Author: J.B. Lynn
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition

When private investigator Tom Hanlon agrees to help out his elderly neighbor by taking her Maltese to the dog park, he has no idea he s about to meet semi psychic, wanna be matchmaker Armani Vasquez Or that the pushy woman will insist on setting him up with quirky dog walker Jane Bly his main suspect in a string of home burglaries and her high strung, foster mutt, CaWhen private investigator Tom Hanlon agrees to help out his elderly neighbor by taking her Maltese to the dog park, he has no idea he s about to meet semi psychic, wanna be matchmaker Armani Vasquez Or that the pushy woman will insist on setting him up with quirky dog walker Jane Bly his main suspect in a string of home burglaries and her high strung, foster mutt, Calamity Or that he ll fall head over heels for one of them Will Tom catch the thief, or will it be his heart that s stolen

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The Mutt and the Matchmaker This latest spin-off novella from author JB Lynn's neurotic hitwoman world is short, sweet, and fun. It's a bite-sized read showcasing psychic Armani Vasquez from Lynn's popular hitwoman series branching into the field of matchmaking, putting a PI and his prime suspect on a collision course for love via the local dog park.

The Mutt and the Matchmaker by JB LynnJane Bly wanted to find someone who would love her, the kind of love her parents had. When she calls her insurance company and the lady on the other end tells her she can find her the perfect manJane decides it’s worth a try. Armani Vasquez ends up to be quite the matchmaker indeed.Tom Hanlon isn’t hunting for a woman like the matchmaker thinks, he’s hunting for a thief. Someone in Aunt Ruby’s neighborhood has been busy robbing the neighbors. Who is [...]

I read this book as part of the anthology Must Love Pets: A Romance Box Set.This Matchmaker Mystery Novella is the first book in its series. It is a cute, rather quick read. It is a rather light story, nothing heavy and fast paced. Tom (a private investigator) and Jane (a professional pet sitter and Tom's prime suspect in a string of residential robberies) are brought together by the mysterious, enigmatic Armani (a psychic matchmaker). The story also features Tom's Aunt Ruby, his best friend, Br [...]

I really liked this story But then again I am rather partial to storied with animals involved It was a very cute story

Okay I will admit right away this book cover totally pulled me in I am a sucker for a cute doggie. So precious!! This was a fun quick read for me. I did realize it was a novella but apparently every one in the reviews said it is? just a thought in case you care I find novellas to be some of the authors best work that is just my finding so far yet to read a crappy novella from any author so far. KNOCK ON WOOD, please. just saying. Loved it. I will be checking out more from J.B. Lynn soon en [...]

Soft romance and a little mysteryAlthough I'm not a big romance fan I don't mind if there's a bit of mystery involved. This story had a Little bit of both. Jane is a pet sitter and Tom is a P. I. who suspects Jane might be the neighborhood thief. With a little help from a physic insurance adjuster and a few dogs the two just might get together. This is a quick easy read and I enjoyed it.

Cute short story. Jane is a professional dog walker and lets her insurance agent/psychic talk her into meeting a blind date. Tom isn't sure why he agreed to meet Jane, but thinks it will help his investigation into burglaries in the neighborhood. This of course ends up leading to a conflict, but it has a happy ending.

Such a sweet story and book!This book was wonderful. It was a sweet clean romance that had many side characters in it that could lead to other books (which would be amazing). I quite enjoyed how this author got from one point to the other with such love, misunderstandings and a belief that if you work hard at something you will prevail. Thank you JB Lynn

Romance and a poor helpless dog, what more do you need for your heartstringsTo be pulled into a great book? I can only hope to find a dog to bring me the love of life? Read this wonderful book and let me know if your heartstrings aren't pulled tight too.

Thought the story was a quick read. Very interesting and since I already liked any story with animals this captured me from the beginning. Plus I liked the interaction of the two main characters.

FUN! Fast read!At first you don't know what the matchmaker is up to and then there's the "rest of the story". Sweet book, you're cheering for a happy ending

This was a lite fun read. I enjoyed it a great deal. I enjoyed it enough to order more of the Matchmaker Mystery Series.

Dogs and yummy guysIf you love a good romance with characters who fight their doubts from the past.row in a few puppies, you will love this story.

The Mutt and the Matchmaker by JB Lynn is a must read for any of her Confessions of a Neurotic Hitwoman fans. The awesome Armani from the Hitwoman series is the Matchmaker in this series and as you can imagine, comes with a lot of humor. If you have not read the Hitwoman series, no worries, as it is not required to read The Mutt and the Matchmaker.In The Mutt and the Matchmaker, we meet Tom and Jane, the first couple that Armani sets up. When I started reading, I thought it was too nice of story [...]

First off this is a spin-off from the Hitwoman series. I was pretty excited when i figured this out. It doesn't take long for Armani Vasquez to show up in this story. Armani is Maggie's friend in the Hitwoman series also written by JB Lynn. Armani is psychic of course and she's matchmaking in this story. Jane Bly comes in contact with Armani when she gets in a fender bender and has to report it to her insurance agency. Tom meets Armani at the dog park and if you read the Hitwoman series you'll r [...]

In this delightful spin off of JB Lynn's amazing Confessions of the Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman series, we get to spend a bit more time with the captivatingly kooky Armani. She let's her inner Chiquita out in this fun romp by playing matchmaker to some wonderful new characters. In typical JB fashion, there's laughter, tears, romance and a bit of mystery. Best of all, this is a book that touches on a matter dear to my heart-- adopting dogs from shelters. JB Lynn brings a great little story, with a [...]

Jane Bly is a dog walker and her car is side swipped during the night. She calls the insurance company and the woman she talks to is a psychic and matchmaker Armani Vasquez. Tom Hanlon is helping out his Aunt Ruby to find out who is breaking into all the homes in the neighborhood. Armani meets Tom in the dog park when he helps his aunt's friend out by taking marshmallow a maltese that is all blinged out with pink bows and rhinestones. Armani decides that Tom and Jane are meant for each other and [...]

I really enjoyed this book. I found it very engaging and funny. I loved how the matchmaker really hit it on the head when she paired up these two. The emotions and interactions between all the characters were so well written they felt real to me, like I was Jane. I also really enjoyed how the dogs reacted to each of the characters and the roles they played. I would highly recommend this book to everyone and will definitely be reading more by J.B. Lynn!!"I received an eBook copy from the publishe [...]

Cute, sweet and totally fun. This book rocked. I loved how she wove Armani in and how she added some of the quirks that make Hitwoman so fun, but not too much, so that The Mutt and the Matchmaker is its own story. She found a way to make this novel stand separate from the Hitwoman books, but still gave it some of the life that makes those stories so popular. I can't wait to see how Armani finds a match for the heroine's neighbor will it be the hero's best friend? Or is his a separate story? I ca [...]

Author JB Lynn book “The Mutt and the Matchmaker” captured my heart with the dogs and my curiosity with the mystery of who was the neighborhood thief and if Tom Hanlon, the PI, would solve the mystery or not. I enjoyed reading this book and if you are one who loves dogs, mysteries, and romances so will you!"I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own."

I read the Mutt and the Matchmaker and Match Made in Mystery back to back. (It is not necessary to read in order.) Armani Vasquez is an unlikely matchmaker but her quirky character really works. These two books are the beginning of a delightful series which you are sure to enjoy! The writing is entertaining and there is just the right amount of mystery and romance to keep you intrigued until the end. I look forward to more additions to this series!

This was a short book.It was short because it was missing a few chapters. It was like reading a Readers Digest book. It went from Chapter 3 to Chapter 10. It was enjoyable. The story is about Armani the matchmaker getting Jane and Tom together by getting them to love the same dog. It is not an easy thing to do though.It is a quick book and fun.

A Fun, light, short story - will have you laughing at the "insightful" Armani and all her matchmaking moves! I loved Calamity and all the various dogs through out the story! As for the neighborhood burglaries, that bring them together - I kept jumping back and forty as to which suspect was guilty. If you're looking for a book that will make you happy you read it - this is the book for you!

I went through a phase of light-hearted, cozy mystery books while I was traveling As much as I love classic novels and nonfiction, when your life is in an upheaval, light fiction is a great escape. This was just okay.

A nice cozy mysteryI thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's a light, quick read and very entertaining. The cast of characters are quite amusing, especially the dogs. I highly recommend.

Well written, fun read! I got this book free. It is very well written and a easy read. As it was the first book by this author that I have read I will be looking forward to reading many more.

PsycheSometimes you just know, and other times you don't have a clue. Makes for a fun story while the characters try to make up their minds. Quick read a little lighthearted jaunt to happiness.

Fun new series! If your a fan of JB Lynn's Hitwoman series (like I am), then you'll love this! Maggie's quirky friend Armani is the matchmaker so you can imagine the craziness that can happen. I hope there will be some crossover and have Maggie & God show up!

The Mutt and the Matchmaker is a cute romance and a quick easy read, primarily from the POV of the female romantic interest, actually downplaying the matchmaker main character driving the series. She has many issues ripe to be more developed, but maybe that's coming in future episodes.

A good readThis was a cute little story - part love story, part mystery, and part doggy story. Some stories about cats or dogs can be a pain to read. Not this one. I wanted to give the dogs a hug.

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