When Fully Fused

Shari J. Ryan

When Fully Fused

When Fully Fused

  • Title: When Fully Fused
  • Author: Shari J. Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781620154632
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback

In the third and final book of the Schasm Series, author Shari Ryan takes you on a final journey of the mind Chloe and Alex together again maintain their composure and romance as they raise their four year old son, Sammy But fairytales are merely stories they read in the nursery at night, for lurking behind each thought is a world out of control like the chaos of a car cIn the third and final book of the Schasm Series, author Shari Ryan takes you on a final journey of the mind Chloe and Alex together again maintain their composure and romance as they raise their four year old son, Sammy But fairytales are merely stories they read in the nursery at night, for lurking behind each thought is a world out of control like the chaos of a car crash As life likes to do, everything Chloe firmly believes in twists in the opposite direction With three paths to choose from she can only choose Left Right Or Start Again All the questions have answers, and the forces of good and evil wage an epic battle solely within the mind, leaving behind the constraints of reality From time travel to drifts, When Fully Fused is a thrilling ride from start to finish, literally.

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And so it ends The last of the 3 books in the Schasm series. Its the kind of book that you can't wait for it to end because you want to find out what happens, and then it ends, and your mind is just swirling with all of the information you just gathered, and then your sad. Why are you sad? Because the series is over!! Noooo! What an amazing ending of this book, it really pulled all of the books together, and gave you the happy ending you were hoping for. Of course there were many twists and turn [...]

Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.When Fully Fused is a New Adult, Romance written by Shari J. Ryan. I was gifted a copy from Jennifer Gilbert at Booktrope in exchange for an honest review.5 Mind-Blowing, Fully Fused Stars!A Compelling, Thrilling and Wonderful Conclusion to A Beautiful, Haunting and Enchanting Story!The Review:Absolutely Brilliant!! Wow, what a wonderful journey this series has been and with an ending like that, I'm in complete awe! Just an amazing read!StoryChloe, [...]

Holy cow! This book is another phenomenal book in this series! Shari delivers superbly in this last and final installment. You will be amazed, floored, shocked and much more while reading this book.Alex and Chloe are still very much in love. They both love Sammy and enjoy being together. Yet, despite it all is all the running- constant running from everyone who are trying to get Chloe and that locket. Not only that but Chloe is starting to crumble in a sense. She wants to know why Alex won't tel [...]

When Fully Fused by Shari J Ryan 4 1/2 of 5 stars This is our third and final visit with Alex and Chloe. If you haven't read the first two books in the series, this book will make no sense to you. Please go read Schasm and Fissure first, I promise this journey is worth it. Alex and Chloe are together, raising their son Sammy. Alex has a job and Chloe stays home with Sammy, sounds simple right? Nothing is ever as it seems for these two, questions get answered and more questions get asked and in t [...]

I loved Schasm. It was a crazy mind f*ck and it had me so captivated. In When Fully Fused, I found myself confused with a lot of holes in the storyline but convinced myself that they were holes in Chloe's mind. With more questions than answers, I powered through and pieces started to fit together. The ending was a surprise and although not how or when I would have liked to see things transpire, it was very creative and imaginative. The series as a whole was good solid story telling. I thoroughly [...]

Review soon **5 Amazing Stars** Beautiful closure Cannot wait for all of you to read this final book!

*Full review to come* The best book in the series; it's an exciting and stunning ending to the epic romance of Alex and Chloe. <3

You know those memes going around on Facebook where there's a photo of a cute girl reading with her coffee and it says something like, that awkward moment when you keep turning the pages of a book to look for more of the story but there is nothing there. The epic conclusion to the Schasm series, When Fully Fused, is like that. And it's not even because the ending was not satisfying or anything like that, but really just because you feel like you have lived a lifetime beside these characters, and [...]

When Fully Fused is like a favorite song. You just want to listen to it over and over again. But in this case I would love to read this trilogy again. This third and final book brings the story to a whole new level and ties everything together with an epic ending that I did not see coming. I could not put my kindle down, Chloe and Alex's story had me so drawn in. It's romantical and suspenseful with a bit of mystery tied in. Chloe and Alex are living with their son Sammy in San Diego within thei [...]

4.5 stars for the individual book and 5 stars for the entire Schasm series!We have finally reached the end of our journey with Chloe, Alex and their son, Sam with the third and final installment of the Schasm series, When Fully Fused. If you recall from my previous reviews, or if you have read Schasm or Fissure Free for yourselves, you will know that Chloe and Alex have an ability to "drift", meaning they can leave the real world behind and live in their dream worldgether, where in the real worl [...]

When I read a series and I really enjoy it like this one, I get invested in the characters. I feel their pain, joy, confusion, fear and heartache. In this trilogy, I got to know and love Chloe and Alex. I followed their story and really watched it unfold and bloom. Their lives, their love and their worlds went on a collision course in the first book Schasm. They met and the truth slowly came to light. Then in the second book, Fissure Free, they began to move on. Even in their drift world, they w [...]

When Fully Fused is the third and final book in the the Schasm series by Shari J. Ryan. In this amazingly epic last dance we find Alex and Chloe still together and raising their son Sammy.All Chloe wants is a simple, ordinary life to raise her son in. But is that even possible with all of the unanswered questions and the men that are still after Chloe and the locket? It seems that everyone wants and needs that locket.But Chloe still doesn’t have a clue how to obtain the locket. And if and when [...]

Phew! What a trip this series was! I enjoyed it so much that I found myself not wanting to finish this book, knowing it was the last one in the series. I wasn't ready to part with Chloe and Alex, but I couldn't wait to find out what happened in the end and to hopefully learn what was real and what was not. Even now, weeks later, I find myself pondering the book and wondering about why certain things happened and why certain characters did certain things. I feel like I just need to do a character [...]

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.I fell in love with this series when I read the first book, Schasm. When Fully Fused is my favorite of the 3 books, probably because everything finally comes together, everything makes sense to both Chloe and the reader. Also, Shari J. Ryan has really grown as a writer.The main characters, Chloe and Alex, are the perfect couple whether they’re best friends, partners, or parents. Poor Chloe is often confused about what is happening aroun [...]

I couldn't wait to get my hands on the final book in the Schasm series and I certainly wasn't disappointed. When Fully Fused continues the saga of Chloe and Alex and their unique and sometimes scary gift of being able to live in a dreamworld (think Inception!!)The book dragged in a few places but not enough to keep me from finishing it. And WOW! The ending was something I never saw coming, not in a million years. I admit I'm sad that the adventures of Chloe and Alex are over.

My favorite book of the series! When Fully Fused had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Cloe and Alex's relationship developed and kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. I never expected this ending and absolutely loved every minute of it. Keep the books coming Shari!!

I was addicted as soon as I started reading, When Fully Fused kept me hooked to the very end. The end of Chloe and Alex's story is unexpected, dreamy, and wonderful. I love Shari J. Ryan's imagination and originality.

The way author Shari Ryan brought the Schasm series to a close, was amazing! I loved the story and was in awe at the end. This series would be great as a movie!

Chloe, Alex and their four-year-old son Sammy are being chased within their drift state by Franco and his thugs. They are all after Chloe's locket that she found in the Catacombs in Paris. Chloe would rather just give up the locket and live in peace in her drift state, but the locket contains something more powerful, something that could change their futures by resetting the past. Alex and Sammy seem to know more about the powers of the locket than Chloe does, and they keep hinting at a tragedy [...]

When Fully Fused was such an awesome finish to this series. I loved it! I had no idea how the story would end and was shocked to realize everything I thought I knew I didn’t. I love it when a book tricks me like that. There was nothing cookie cutter about this series and book 3 is no exception. My brain needed a nap when I was done. Love love loved it.I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I work for the publisher but this did not impact my review.

Shocked, amazed, what a wonderful way to end a series.

Loved this series! Really makes you think because between the two "drifts" that's difficult enough then she introduces something else and its tough not to get confused. I had to re-read certain paragraphs over many times just to keep focused. Overall, it had my emotions all over the place from anxious, happy, nervous and crying (especially with Sammy towards the end). The way Alex protected and loved Chloe and their son, Sammy was so sweet. And Sammy.what a doll! The other thing I liked was how [...]

Genius. This was my favorite of the 3 books, things starting coming together and getting clearerter it threw you for a loop yet again with more twists and turns! I love the reader acknowledgment at the end sharing how Shari came up with this story. It was absolutely perfect and better than I could have imagined!

Done and done. Loved all 3!!

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