In from the Cold

Cat Grant

In from the Cold

In from the Cold

  • Title: In from the Cold
  • Author: Cat Grant
  • ISBN: 9780989694971
  • Page: 267
  • Format: ebook

For all the Courtland fans clamoring for the next generation Cold and sick, Seth Thompson must fight through a snowstorm to get home Seth s unconventional upbringing taught him to always reach out to strangers in need, and Iranian engineering student Bilal al Mansoori is no exception Being trapped together leads to an unexpected mutual attraction and a feverishly hot nigFor all the Courtland fans clamoring for the next generation Cold and sick, Seth Thompson must fight through a snowstorm to get home Seth s unconventional upbringing taught him to always reach out to strangers in need, and Iranian engineering student Bilal al Mansoori is no exception Being trapped together leads to an unexpected mutual attraction and a feverishly hot night under the covers.But Bilal needs than simply a rescue from the weather he s trapped under lifetime of cultural pressures His strict Muslim father and fellow Iranian students have no clue about his inner torment His attraction to Seth isn t a welcome discovery instead he s trapped between the existence he s always known and the prospect of living and loving openly for the first time in his life Note This story stands alone no need to have read the prior Courtland books.

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This is a quiet, subdued novella about two college boys who meet in the middle of a storm at a health clinic (both have a terrible case of the flu) and are forced into spending a couple days together. One MC, Bilal, is a traditional Muslim from Iran studying in America. The other, Seth, is a liberal arts major with a nontraditional family. I don't like religion in my books: Christian, Muslim, Orthodox Jewish, doesn't matter. I consider religion an (oftentimes exclusive) club; if the club doesn't [...]

Wow, this book really tried to do a lot in just 90-something pages, huh?In From The Cold is a novella in the Cortland Chronicles series (which begins with By Chance), but you don't need any knowledge of the Cortland characters to get into this story. Seth is sick really sick. And while at the campus health clinic, he runs into equally sick Bilal while getting treatment. After seeing the doctor, Seth finds Bilal stranded as a snowstorm picks up and chivalrously invites him back to his place to we [...]

Thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for the review copy of this book. Though I have read books by Cat Grant before, and generally have enjoyed them, I had not read any of the Courtland series. Thankfully, this novella doesn't actually require reading the other books beforehand. I had no trouble following along. But, after reading In From the Cold, I have decided to give the whole series a try, so I call that a win. Well for everything except my ever growing TBR listIn From the Cold is about t [...]

I received a copy of this book via ' Don't Buy My Love program in exchange for an honest review.Seth is a college senior at Cornell, an art major, and a probable gay man. I say "probable" because he's never had a relationship and had sexual encounters with both men and women which were not particularly satisfactory. Seth is ill and in the health clinic at college when he meets Bilal--an Iranian student who is also sick. They exchange a few words--commiserating over their illness--before Seth gro [...]

As a huge blizzard makes it's way toward Ithaca, Seth Thompson heads to Cornell's campus clinic to see a doctor about the serious flu that he's picked up. At the clinic he encounters Bilal al-Mansoori apparently suffering from the same thing furiously working away on his laptop while waiting for treatment. On the way home from the clinic Seth encounters Bilal again, apparently a bit disoriented, as the storm grows worse. Seth invites the man inside and as the two men weather the storm, they shar [...]

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.Seth and Bilal meet at the health center they've gone to seeking treatment for their cold. Seth is being friendly toward Bilal, who warily returns pleasantries. After getting his meds and groceries Seth heads home only to run into a very sick Bilal sitting on a bus bench. Seeing that Bilal is very sick and hasn't correctly made it home, Seth invites him home and shares his meds with him.I pretty sure this is the first story I've read by Cat G [...]

College, especially those final two years, can be nothing but work, work, work. So coming down with the flu right before midterms during fall semester can really shut you down. That's how Seth and Bilal meet, at the campus clinic, both of them barking their lungs out and running fevers. When Seth finds Bilal, a little later, slumped at a bus stop, having plodded along a mile past his dorm, and it's starting to snow, Seth invites him to his apartment to rest for a bit. A bit turns into two days, [...]

Seth is sick and trying to get checked out at the campus clinic when he meets Bilal, who is also sick and miserable. They go their separate ways once they've been seen by the doctors only to find themselves together again in the middle of a snowstorm.Little did Seth know how much his life would change when he invited Bilal to weather the storm at his apartment.A bisexual comfortable with his sexuality, Seth has never had to face the kind of conflicting emotions Bilal seemed to be struggling with [...]

This was a brave book to write. A Muslim man coming out of the closet. I was clutching the ereader at times! I didn't realize that it a continuation of a saga story. It features the second generation -the previous characters' son. I didn't feel that I missed anything, and these heroes were well developed.

4 star review by DanHow do I start? I know….I’ll start with a direct quote from Cat Grant from the author’s Afterword. “I know what you’re all thinking right now. ‘But, but…we’ve been waiting for a new Courtland story for ages, and this is it? Twenty-three thousand words? That’s all we get?’”My reaction was a little different than her prediction. I burst out with “WHAT, that’s it!!!” and a few other non-repeatable mumbles and grumbles. The feline that lets us live wit [...]

After witnessing the tumultuous and oftentimes epic journey to HEA between Eric, Nick, and Ally in previous Courtland Chronicles books it's now time for the next generation to take center stage. Nick's son Seth is making his way on his own as he doesn't want others to know he comes from money or of his unconventional upbringing. He's not ashamed of it he just doesn't want others to view him differently. He's also very comfortable with his sexuality that has him enjoying both sexes but recently d [...]

***I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review ***This is probably a bit less than 4 stars, but I rounded up.I'm glad I didn't know that this was part of the Courtland Chronicles series when I picked it up. There was an element to those books that I couldn't get past and I never completed the series. This book, however, I was able to get into and enjoy, and then it was over. More of a tease than anything else. This book touches on a lot of things, but never really [...]

Seth Thompson lives an open and accepted lifestyle, completely opposite from the life Bilal is forced to lead. Seth was raised by a very unconventional family that is comprised by two dads and one mom, as a threesome. So to say Seth and his family are open minded would likely be an understatement. In contrast, Bilal was born and raised as a practicing Muslim. His family would disown him and his country would see him dead if they knew his secret. None the less, Seth reaches out and offers assista [...]

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.When an act of kindness brings two men together, can attraction grow into something more? Although practically strangers, Seth Courtland offers fellow student Bilal a warm place to stay as they both recuperate from illness. As a winter storm rages outside, an intimacy and connection grows between Seth and Bilal. But in the the broad light of day, and out in the real world, can they can they forge something meaningful? Bilal, fa [...]

Okay, so I have to start off with telling you how hard I laughed - and then coughed to death - when I started reading a book with a main character diagnosed with bronchitise day after I was diagnosed with bronchitis. And I can tell you that the author clearly has her facts correct because the medication Seth is given is the same medication that I am on. Moving on. This story was so close to five stars but for one thing: the ending is so abrupt. I flipped to the next page to find it was the end a [...]

Bilal and Seth see each other in the waiting room at the campus health facility. It’s really cold outside and they’re both very sick. They find each other again walking home, and Seth invites Bilal to his house, just to get out of the snowstorm. To avoid the long walk home that would be near to impossible due to his fever, Bilal accepts the invitation.This is a short story, so, by necessity, the plot moves along quickly. Even with that, I was a surprised at how abruptly Bilal and Seth went f [...]

I received a copy of this book via ' Don't Buy My Love program in exchange for an honest review.The way these two guys meet is defintely unforgettable & memorable . . . sick as dogs with flu in an ER and then stuck in an apartment without power for the night in a New York snowstorm!!! This was a very sweet coming out story for Bilal. The scenes in NYC of how a Middle Easterner is treated were eye opening, as were the facts of how gays are treated in his home country. Wow. . . won't say more [...]

Yes a new book from Cat Grant and one from the Courtland books. This story had me from from the first line right to the last and even then I was screaming noooo I want more what's next. I love the dynamic between Seth and Bilal and how they come from two different worlds very different cultures yet they find each other. Cat truly wrote this from the heart and it shows through each and every words you will read. I don't want to give anything away by saying more. This is a MUST read you will get e [...]

There were parts I liked and parts didn't. I like how it showed that no matter there nationality not everyone is evil. I would like to read a story about Seths parents it would be interesting. What I didn't like is that it didn't have descriptive sex or them having full blown sex. The author leads you to thinking they are going to do it and then the story stops.Also wish the story was more about the storm. Other than that likeable characters decent story.

It was nice to read about a Muslim homosexual in the closet. This book kept reminding me of Reza from Shah's of Sunset and what his life must have been like in Iran. I'm curious to learn more about Seth's family and I see that I got that book while it was free too. YAY!!'Maybe I missed it but I wondered if Bilal's mother was white or full Iranian. How did she have such an open mind to raise such great kids but be with a man so narrow minded? I wanted more back story on that subject.

I was given this book free by the author for an unbiased review.Seth meets Bilal, an Iranian, at the clinic when they are both sick. On the way home, Seth finds Bilal sitting on a bench, disorientated and takes him back to his home.The story is one of Bilal trying to come to terms with his homosexuality and whether he wants a relationship with Seth.I enjoyed this book but it finished at 89% just as I was getting into it and would really have liked it to be longer.

A wonderful taste of what's to come! I'm a fan of the Courtland Chronicles and having a story focused on Seth is awesome. I really can't wait to see where the next book in the series goes. More of Seth and Bilal will be welcome. I love their budding friendship and intimacy. This was a great start for the continuation of these books. Excited!

I couldn't bring myself to read the Courtland books after reading the first. But luckily this isn't necessary to read that short story. I expected something else. More steamy and less angsty. The themes were intriguing but they're too heavy to be handled in such a short book. The worst thing was the lack of chemistry between the MCs. It felt more like friends than lovers for me.

This was a great story of being OK with who you are and working through what is expected of you. Seth and Bilal were a great couple and I could feel the tension that Bilal had regarding his heritage and family expectations. I will definitely read more by this author.

A wonderful story I can't wait to read the next in this series.

As much as I liked the story and the idea behind this book, there's so much that it was lacking, and I was left with many unanswered questions which I don't like.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.-This was a wonderful example of a simple premise done right. Seth and Bilal met at the campus clinic waiting area as they waited to see a doctor about their horrible flu. They meet again and conversed briefly a little later at the pharmacy to fill out their drug prescription. And once more as Seth made his way home only to see Bilal lost and sitting on a bench having overshot his own housing area. Worried, Seth takes Bilal hom [...]

I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed quite a few Cat Grant books. When I saw this recent release I just had to grab it. I LOVE college guy gay romances. They are a favorite of mine. Seth and Bilal are both students at Cornell and they are fighting the flu that seems to be plaguing students at the worst possible time, right before midterms. Bilal is all study and no play. His Muslin upbringing and the expectations of his father has him living a dull life. He also doesn’t have the time or funds to [...]

[DBML Event: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review]This novella is part of the "Courtland Chronicles" but it could be very well read alone (as I did).It was a pleasant but very short story.And that's probably the cause of my biggest issue with this novella: while the author tried to introduce many very complex themes (Bilal's heritage, Seth's non-traditional upbringing, religious and cultural hang-ups, ect.) there simply wasn't enough time to explore them all.For how sho [...]

I can't even begin to imagine what Bilal must have felt like being a Muslim and having feelings for Seth. He would literally have to change so much of his life and beliefs to be with Seth and truly be happy. I hope in the next book they are still together and very happy. This was a nice sweet and loving short story.

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