East of West: The Apocalypse, Year One

Jonathan Hickman Nick Dragotta Frank Martin Rus Wooton

East of West: The Apocalypse, Year One

East of West: The Apocalypse, Year One

  • Title: East of West: The Apocalypse, Year One
  • Author: Jonathan Hickman Nick Dragotta Frank Martin Rus Wooton
  • ISBN: 9781632154309
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover

The over sized prestige collection of the First Year of the Apocalypse Collecting East of West 1 15

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I'm middle of the road on this one. First of all, there's a little bit of detachment between me and the characters with the exception of Death. I can relate a little to a man wanting to find his son. Everyone else just doesn't seem that human so it's a little hard for me to really be vested in it.I was also a little lost when it comes to the overall state of the country in this setting. In this Hardcover there is some bonus material that helps explain some of it (with some spoilers). I kind of w [...]

A beautiful book and fantastic artwork. So crisp and colourful with tidy outlines and bold colours. The story gets going at the end. As with most Hickman stories, I'm intrigued. I'd like to see where this goes.

Eclectic post modern ethic riven alternate history future. ;) I've really enjoyed Hickman's Marvel writing. Secret Warriors, Shield, New Avengers, and his Fantastic Four has all been well done. His plotting has depth many comic book writers struggle to create and maintain and his characterizations of Marvel heroes and villains has been pretty fair to the core of who the characters are. Here Hickman can spread his wings and write whatever and however he wants. He chooses a world on its way to Arm [...]

Depicting the four horsemen of the apocalypse as comic book villains is an awesome idea but it didn't pan out. I lost interest halfway through.

This book is like having sex the first time. It's fast, it's messy and in the throes of bodies smashed and thrust together you're bound to miss some things. But at the end you're left confused, perplexed, but unabashedly certain that whatever transpired in those brief explosive moments was worth holding onto, worth pursuing again and again and again.It teases you, tosses you bones while staring you in the eyes, smugly certain that even with these simple scraps you have been made a slave. It's th [...]

All I can say is that I enjoyed this a whole hell of a lot!! The story is a different take on the Four Horsemen and the Apocalypse and what the world would be like if they actually roamed the earth! The plot of the story starts off with a bang and continue full speed ahead. I don't think the plot ever really slowed down except maybe to give a little incite to characters backgrounds and how they got where they are currently!! Jonathan Hickman story is awesome but Nick Dragotta's art is spectacula [...]

Facilmente podría haberle puesto 5 estrellitas, ya que el universo que crea Hickman es excelente y se nota un desborde tremendo de imaginación. Este comic mezcla política, ciencia ficción, tiros de acá para allá, western y un sinfin de conspiraciones entre los personajes. El inconveniente es que durante los primers números, como lector, me sentí un poco confundido. Se nos ubica en este mundo tan particular sin demasiadas explicaciones, solo un par de líneas a modo de explicación y empi [...]

This was a reread. Discovered this beautiful omnibus edition hardcover at the library. An alternate version of the world where the Union lost the Civil War and three of the four horseman are trying to bring about the apocalypse. Death has been locked away for 10 years and is now looking for revenge and his son. The Chosen meanwhile are high up in each of the respective North American governments and are working covertly with the other 3 horsemen to end the world. Hickman's world-building skills [...]

Wow, just wow! My first proper read of Hickman's work and it's just fantastic. It took me a bit to figure out what was happening, but the narrative is really engaging. He clearly understands character development. The art is great, albeit not my favourite, but perfect for the story. I've already bought Year Two, looking forward to seeing the next story arc.

A terrific book. Great characters with engaging-thrilling story line. The art is the real showstopper hear though. It is so clean and so pretty. The coloring is beautiful. The action scenes are so well done, it feels like we are watching a movie. What else do you want? I can not be any more eager for the second volume. Bring it on!

This is an amazing graphic novel, full of imagination and great storytelling. They've created an alternate history for the United States where it is split into 7 nations. The Confederacy has a block, so does the Union, but there is also an Endless Tribe nation and Mao conquered San Francisco! It's a blend of sci-fi and Western mythos where Death, ironically, comes back to "life" to get revenge on those who wronged him. The artwork is fantastic and has to be seen on a physical page. I started rea [...]

“EAST OF WEST. Volume1 – THE PROMISE” by Jonathan HickmanPost-apocalyptic, pseudo-biblical, sci-fi, horror, oriental-western.Gory macabre tale about an apocryphal message prophesying the reincarnated Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the dynasties and political powers contriving to end the world!Completely original concept and story-line. Unique characters with DEATH portrayed as a pale white gunslinger on a mechanical-alien headless-canon horse.East of West #1: Out of the Wasteland“I' [...]

East of West is good for many reasons but its foremost strength is the story telling. Hickman does a masterful job of starting a story right in the middle of an epic. He then gradually grounds the reader by engaging them in brief, yet revelatory flashbacks. I don't think this approach always works, but it definitely does in East of West. The reader immediately wants to know whats going on in this world of altered American history fable. The characters have clear motivations, the political intrig [...]

Engaging enough to see me through to the end this TP was a bit mystifying due to the enormous sense of familiarity it gave me. While I have never (it seems) read anything by the author and do not own anything by the penciler or the artist, the TP in general seemed like something I was so familiar with that there were no surprises.America, alternative timeline,post apocalyptic, weird destructive religion, violence, incredibly powerful person/personification seeking loved one stolen from them. Lik [...]

I don't know what exactly to think about this book. The art is stunning throughout and the characters, machines, and world are beautifully designed. The writing on the other hand felt ham-fisted and dripping with cheese. The world this book imagines is its most impressive feat, but the characters and their arcs feel thin and undeveloped. I'd watch a movie set in this world and written by someone more capable.

One of the best books I've had the privileged of reading. A true work of art.Imagination at its finest!-it's one of those books you need to read yourself to understand because no one can give a review justice.It's a completely subjective book.It's definitely a classic, though!Book 2 awaits for me!

A terrific book with a fascinating alternate history. The art, too, is wonderful. The downsides: the protagonist is a bit hollow, and the dialogue can be wooden at times. Other than that, I highly recommend.

A total re-read. This is a re-print with supplementary material on a massive scale. Fun, and worth revisiting. Less arcane when grouped all together like this. Refer to my reviews on the individual volumes for specific content evaluations.

If you are me you’ll really like this. If you are not me, your fate lies in mystery.

over a hundred pages of okay stuff. it's like one long issue

Love the post apocalyptic setting and the characters.

Muy buen comic, con ideas diferentes, personajes memorables y un mundo muy original que dan muchas ganas de seguir explorando.Quiero hablar en primer lugar de esta edición que es una delicia. 15 episodios completos en buen papel satinado. como extra tenemos parte del especial "east of west: the world" (es la única pega que le veo, que en el especial original había una pequeña historia, intrascendente argumentalmente, que en este volumen no está) que nos explica al detalle las diferentes fac [...]

The mythology that Hickman had built is fascinating. I wanted to devour this book in as few sittings as possible, but the story is so dense I needed to slow down and read just a chapter or two at a time. It sucks me in and makes me think. What more could I ask for?

This book is haunting. The art work is beautiful, the story is compelling and mystifying, I was thoroughly impressed. A bit of a novice in the field of this genre, but I will be reading the rest of this provocative story. QuotesThe Great Wall is coming down. And my judgement will follow shortly. She is Xiaolian. And you should fear her as much as you fear him. For this is the woman who conquered Death.Then came a reckoning. Following that day, there were no more judges, there were no more juries [...]

I had read most of this before in single issues, but decided to wait on these nice hardcover collections. Definitely glad I did. I love this comic. I'm a sucker for alternate histories/futures of America, so combine that with the fun sci-fi/western action you get here and I'm in heaven. Hickman and Dragotta make a great team. East of West reads 1000x better in collection as opposed to buying single issues, so I would definitely recommend this format of reading the book.

6 stars for Nick Dragotta's art and design. Really stunning and clever. One big achievement was that he somehow does not make the blood and guts of violence feel gratuitous or too in-your-face. It's there, but it doesn't overwhelm. The story is epic and complex, and sometimes I felt I could not find my way through it. There are 15 single issues collected in this volume, and I didn't feel on steady ground until almost the end. Worth it, but I wish things had felt more cohesive. The characters are [...]

East of West has me thinking "WTF?", constantly. I suppose it's an alternate history sci-fi opus, with heavy dose of biblical supernatural, cowboy western, and political intrigue (e.g. Game of Thrones, Lazarus).I tend to require a really tight and cohesive overall plot to continue with a series, and Hickman's macro world-building wasn't really doing it for me. After reading the first issue, I was unlikely to continue, but Finn lent me this collection, and recommended it highly, so I kept giving [...]

I like the book it very interesting with four horsemen and other characters, but the four horsemen are the best part of the story some of the other characters are a bit boring, but the story start with revenge then it just turns into another story which jumps from different character in the chosen four horsemen religion, some of the jumping was a headache. I wanted to find out more about the endless nation and kingdom of New Orleans cause they seem so much better than the other fractions. The ma [...]

Science-fiction fantasy tale with Western overtonesQuite confusing at first, this takes place in a science-fiction, post-apocalyptic Earth with two groups of violent protagonists, one lot being three members of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the other of a cowboy (the Fourth Horseman) and native Americans-types. The Presidency of the United States is set up by some of these to further their own ends. With flashbacks, the main protagonists are looking for answers or, in Death’s case, his [...]

Nutshell: meteor hits America in 1908, splinters the country into 7 rival nations. Also, Death quits the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, goes on rampage. Excellent political maneuvering among equally demented heads of state; wild west vs sci fi vs blood magic & sorcery; revenge, revenge, & revenge; gorgeous artwork & coloring; it's got just about everything except a realistic character, and then you meet the Beast & his pet Balloon. This book is basically catnip for me.

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