Ghost in the Canteen

Jen Rasmussen

Ghost in the Canteen

Ghost in the Canteen

  • Title: Ghost in the Canteen
  • Author: Jen Rasmussen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Alternate cover edition for ISBN 1502547155.Ghost hunter Lydia Trinket is trapped in a netherworld with all the spirits she s sent there And it turns out that resting in peace isn t really a thing.

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This is a difficult review to write. How can I tell you how terrific Ghost in the Canteen is, without giving away anything of importance? Should be easy, but the trouble is, everything in this story is of importance. Nothing is a throw-away, and it all ties together so very nicely, I'm left floundering for something to say. (Alert the media! She has nothing to say!)Okay, I do have a few things to say. First, Jen Rasmussen's writing is first-rate. The story pulled me in immediately, and the chara [...]

This review will be hard for me to write because it's going to be pretty harsh, and no matter how much I disliked a book I try to be respectful of writers as creators. In this case the operative word is going to be "try," and to that end I'll say that it's quite possible that Ms. Rasmussen is a good writer in other contexts/platforms/genres. I understand that she writes a blog, so perhaps she is good at that.What she's not good at is writing paranormal fiction. I was astonished to realize, perha [...]

Review: GHOST IN THE CANTEEN by Jen Rasmussen[The Adventures of Lydia Trinket #1]I love this book. It is touching, heartfelt, inventive, cozy (yes, cozy--despite containing ghosts, apparitions, fiends, and a really vicious deceased mother-son pair). It's open-hearted, warm, loyal, and delightful; and I can't wait to read the next two in the series. May Lydia continue into eternity!Lydia Trinket is a banisher, of unwanted spirits, ghosts, nasty apparitions, continuing the work of her late brother [...]

I'm keeping it simple: This book was a freebie and I figured I had nothing to lose. LOVED IT! I felt engaged with the characters, I was drawn into the story, and I was left wanting more.Within the first chapter, I immediately downloaded the other two books, and I'm now reading the second book.I'm looking forward to the next books in this series!

12-29-15 Free for Kindle.

Lydia Trinket is a ghost hunter. She goes to homes and businesses that have ghosts and tries to make the ghost crossover thru reasonable discussion but when that doesn’t work she will banish them to her canteen. But the poltergeist she is trying to remove from a house instead traps her in her canteen, now she is inside she needs to learn how to navigate the netherworld and find a way out of the canteen.A different take on how ghost hunters work. A fast read.

Interesting premiseGhosts and evil spirits. Can you right then in their realm that to banished them to? Which realm will you choose in the end?

It's official. Murderous toddlers are the creepiest characters ever. It may take me a while to trust children again. *shivers*The heebie-jeebies are real.

Spooky, unique and filled with characters that felt real even in the supernatural setting.

Way too slow and no boundariesI dislike a book where there are no limits. Need a silver knife because your about to be eaten by a werewolf Bam it's in your hand. Need to fly to get somewhere. Ok, you can fly. No challenge, no boundaries, is what this book is about.

Another book down, I am on a roll! Just finished Ghost in the Canteen by Jen Rasmussen and what a ride that was! Real quick, let me get this out of the way; not only does this book deal with the supernatural and paranormal, it deals with broken/openly gay families, death, violence, a little bit of(possible? It's complicated) witchcraft, and ghosts. Lots and lots of ghosts. This book is firmly for adults. Alright, so, Lydia Trinket is a divorced housewife for her brother-in-law and his son after [...]

I don't usually read horror, which means that this book was just a tad too scary for me. But it still gets five stars for phenomenal world-building and excellent characters.I almost wish I hadn't read the blurb, though, because otherwise, when the first big twist occurred, I would have gasped in surprise. But even with the advance warning, the book kept me on the edge of my seat. Rasmussen doesn't present the light, fluffy magic you'll see in other books, but instead introduces you to a well-tho [...]

Full disclaimer: Jen Rasmussen is one of my two constant and fantastic critique partners. I read the first draft of Ghost in the Canteen and loved it even in its protean state.That said, I am also a reviewer for Chapter 16, the literary website of the Tennessee Humanities Council. I read a lot of books for them and for myself and write about them.I have read horror all my life, from H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, and Wilkie Collins to Charlaine Harris and Stephen King. Jen's novel and her hero [...]

This book surprised me completely. At first the writing style threw me off a bit. It would jump from thought to thought without much warning and sometimes none at all. Or scenes, or times. It was a bit jarring at first, but it was easily adjusted to. I really liked the honest way Lydia spoke or thought, I felt this was realistic as a character and at times incredibly funny. And I found myself wanting so much for her to have a 'happy ending' through this book. The world building was unique in a s [...]

I did not think I'd like this book; I added it as a "maybe" to my queue on Kindle Unlimited. I was pleasantly surprised and can't wait to read the next installment. The main character was smart and likable while retaining a very human vulnerability. Sounds easy but most writers have a hard time with that balance. I loved how it ended, because it wasn't the mushy ending I expected. I appreciate being surprised. Also, while there are a few things there that can be worked into future books in the s [...]

This book was a lot of fun to read. I thoroughly enjoyed the spunky narrator, who used humor and snark to get through tough situations. The supernatural events and beings were well-developed and made sense in the world Ms. Rasmussen created. Like Lydia, I found myself both despising and rooting for some of the Canteenites, depending on the circumstances. Great action throughout. I must say that the ending surprised me, in a good way. I quite liked that and can't wait for the next book of Lydia's [...]

Life's too short to waste finishing this bookI really wanted to like this story. I thought the concept was good.But from the very first chapter the writing was very disjointed. In one paragraph the main character would be talking to a client and then the very next paragraph she has switched to an entirely different scenario, talking to someone else in a different location. It was so bad that I actually thought the book didn't download correctly. I finally gave up at chapter 7.This ranks as one o [...]

CleverSo the story is great. I love the description of the plots. There seem to be some minor editing/proofing issues about a quarter of the way through the Kindle version, but nothing you can't move past and five back into the story.I did feel it was a little too much to continually bring up the infertility, but it was never out of context, so it could be my opinion. All in all, I enjoyed the read, and will look forward to reading the next book now that the explanation and backstory has been la [...]

I wasn't planning to get the second one in the series but the excerpt is honestly intriguing. I liked parts of this a lot but had trouble connecting with the nether-realm stuff. Tom was still an interesting character though. I'd also love to read a book about Nat and from his point of view before his death. Interesting to have a dead brother as a woman's sad backstory instead of the other way around.

I picked this up for free on and was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. It was hard to put down. This isn't your typical ghost story and that is part of what I liked about it. I don't really want to give any spoilers so I'll leave it at - I really enjoyed this book. If you like ghost stories or supernatural stories check out this book.

Unique to any book I have read before. The first half of the book was better than the last, but maybe that was because it got a little too gory for my taste. I didn't love the language either, which got progressively worse. Despite these two negatives, I was on the edge of my seat. It was scary, intense, and even funny and mildly romantic at times.

Really disappointed with this book, really disliked Lydia, found her incredibly stupid, who does that and doesn't question it or understands what she is doing. The only reason I wasn't rooting for the bad guys is that they were even worse. Was so far into it I had to finish but just felt messy, won't be bothering with 2 and 3.

IntriguingI chose these book because I needed something to read and boy was in glad. I loved the intrigue in finding out about the demon and getting rid of them. I started out not sure if I would enjoy as its completely out of what I normally go for, but I can't wait to read the next one in the series. A really fab read.

Held my interestI thought it was well written. Although I think it was supposed to be the first book of a series, it has a stand alone quality. There is not a "cliffhanger", where you have to buy the next book to find out what happened. Refreshing new slant on a usually tired subject. I'll buy the next one.

This entire series is so unique. A story about ghosts and other worlds that is clever, unpredictable, and believe it or not, hilariously funny! The main character is an average gal, with an extraordinary job and her ghost-fighting dog as her constant companion. I look forward to reading more from this author.

It took me about 6 chapters to decide if I was going to keep reading. The book starts in the middle of a situation and then it does eventually loop back around to fill in some details. I did end up sticking with it and enjoyed it. I've started the second book.

Very well written, but I just didn't care much about Lydia. I felt sorry for the so-called bad guys as they were basically driven to their badness except for Jeffery. I was not offended by the language, more or less found it hilarious as the book would have been a bit too serious without it.

Fun, well written stand alone novelA+ for a fun, well written stand alone "first in a series" adventure. Quick light reading with no annoying cliffhanger ending. Characters are developed well enough to make me add the second book to my "want to read wish list".

Wildly differentA great ghost story. Not real sure how to describe it , it had a little of everything humour, love, drama, good ghost nasty ghost and of course a hero or two. A great read I could not put down.

Just a fun, original story that didn't take itself too seriously. Good humor that kept me entertained. I would be interested in reading the other books in this series.

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