Go Your Own Way

Zane Riley

Go Your Own Way

Go Your Own Way

  • Title: Go Your Own Way
  • Author: Zane Riley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Will Osborne couldn t wait to put the roller coaster ride of his public education behind him Having suffered bullying and harassment since grade school, he planned a senior year that would be simple and quiet before going away to college and starting fresh But when a reform school transfer student struts into his first class, Will realizes that the thrill ride has only jWill Osborne couldn t wait to put the roller coaster ride of his public education behind him Having suffered bullying and harassment since grade school, he planned a senior year that would be simple and quiet before going away to college and starting fresh But when a reform school transfer student struts into his first class, Will realizes that the thrill ride has only just begun.Lennox McAvoy is an avalanche He s crude, flirtatious, and the most insufferable, beautiful person Will s ever met From his ankle monitor to his dull smile, Lennox appears irredeemable But when Will s father falls seriously ill, Will discovers that there is to Lennox than meets the eye.

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I seem to be in the minority here, but I really struggled through this one. First of all, you should know that this book is all about the drama and the angst. And it gets REALLY angsty. If you aren't prepared for an exhausting read, then look away. I can deal with some heavy drama and angst, but this pushed my limits. However, that wasn't my issue with the story. My main issue with this story is something we need to talk about as M/M readers, and that is the overly sexually aggressive MC. Lennox [...]

I get it. This is a character-driven story. Will and Lennox are hot and cold personified. These characters are beautiful and the push-and-pull relationship between these MCs was perfect. With Lennox's situation and the almost impenetrable wall he had built for himself, I was already prepared for this.And then you add Will and his principles (aka commitment and fidelity and good ol' romance) and his infuriating but undeniable attraction to Lennox and what have you got? Yep, more of this.It's fine [...]

☆ 4.5 'Simply Brilliant' Stars ☆I just love it when I read a book from a debut author and it’s really something to get excited about… and this is one of those books! Zane Riley effortlessly captured my heart with his characters andthe writing… it’s stunning. But not in a lyrical, flowery way. The words just flowed so smoothly over the page, enticing me in, so much so, that reading this felt like time just stopped; with heart-breaking moments of poignancy that just made me pause for t [...]

4.5 stars!For a debut novel, this was fantastic! I loved reading it from the beginning to the end, and the author earned himself a new fan girl: me :)!This is a character driven novel that beautifully shows us the journey of two young men, bad boy Lennox McAvoy and the innocent Will Osborne. It was a pleasure to go along with these two fantastic characters through their first true love experience while they take their first baby steps towards romance. This book is written from both characters’ [...]

I have to give Riley a standing O for making a character who was unlikable in so many ways a character I rooted for and fell for. Will and Lennox were perfect foils and matches for each other, which was unexpected when we first meet Will. He also doesn't tone down their ages, which often inform the ways they think through decisions and react to each other and the world. I love when I read this in YA/NA fiction (which is what I think of this as).Sometimes Lennox was downright cruel, and it was ha [...]

4.5 stars review @STRW scatteredthoughtsandroguewordsGo Your Own Way is the new adult debut novel by the talented Zane Riley and another winner from the (new to me) Interlude Press. The book was nothing like I was expecting and really different from the usual NA (new adult) stories I read in the past. In three words, I loved it! I’m so happy when I discover new authors and I can’t believe this is Zane’s only book I have available right now.Will and Lennox are two characters that will be in [...]

**copy provided by author/publisher via Pride Promotions in exchange for an honest review**Rude, Crude, Obnoxious, Inappropriate These are just a few of the words I'd use to describe Lennox, without using any bad words. I'd also describe him as Love Starved, Hurt, Sad, Scared, Abused, Neglected. I look at the bottom set of words and I want to sympathize with Lennox, but it's hard to sympathize with someone you would just much rather shake or slap. Every time you'd start to feel a little sorry fo [...]

Go Your Own Way by Zane Riley was a delight to read. It tells the story of High School students Will Osbourne, an openly gay student trying to get through his senior year unscathed. That is until he meets Lennox McAvoy, a loud, crude and rude transfer student who takes an instant liking to Will. But will Will uncover the truth behind the rough exterior?It is refreshing to read a story that covers the points of view belonging to both of the main characters. It is very amusing and true to how teen [...]

A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsI was shocked to learn this was the author’s debut novel. It was well written and held such realism that one felt as if they were transported back to the halls of their high school. The good, the bad, and the ugly of being a high school student are there for everyone to see. Eastern High School in Leon could be any small town school in America where the students create their own pecking order. Yet, like most small towns, there are those connections between one ano [...]

*4.25 stars* Lennox is crude and abrasive and hard to like at all, let alone love. Will is nothing like him, yet I found him a little difficult to warm up to as well. The beauty of this book is how the author pulls us in and makes us start to root for these boys. Lennox has reasons for being the way he is; he's been through crap no one his age should ever have to go through. Will eventually starts to see glimpses beyond all the barriers that Lennox hides behind. "That earned him a laugh, and Wil [...]

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*What a marvelous debut work by Zane Riley. I read this when all three books were out, but even before the blurb got my attention and the books were on my buy and tbr list for a long time. Best time for actually exploring it was the release of the last book in the series and I can say I'm glad I picked this series and this book up.The blurb is giving a good feeling what the book is about but it leaves open how heavil [...]

Ugh. I wanted to like this book so much. The idea was good, great even. I love the idea of a bad boy and a good boy getting together, but this just wasn't told right.The problem, for me, was that the middle portion lasted too long. Will was a judgmental asshole to Lennox, so other than being the only other gay individual in the school, I don't see what he was so obsessed with. Lennox was also an asshole to Will, so again, I don't see the connection. If they had had some deep meaningful moments t [...]

This needs a sequel, the ending didn't tie up all the loose ends.

(considering interlude press' policy towards not hiding the origin of many of their books, this review will freely talk about go your own way's beginning as a glee fanfiction)this was a treat.i was already a big fan of the fanfiction that became this book, but what riley did here, what he did to the story, the setting, the characters—it was so much better than i could have ever expected. it took me a few days to be able to write a review, even through i write them normally right after i finish [...]

Lennox is so accustomed to people assuming the worst of him that he has started to live up to the reputation. Dumped at a horrid motel by a grandfather who doesn’t want the bother of a troubled gay teen, he must make his way through life on his own for his final year of school. Will is the beloved child of his father and stepmother, and he’s on track to attend the college of his choice. Being the only gay kid at his school comes with its own set of problems, but none of those are as difficul [...]

There have been only a few stories from debut authors that manage to grab a hold of me the way Go You Way had. Be it the character-driven story, the simple yet precise writing or the original way the author went about bringing a classic concept to the page--I don't know precisely what did it all I know is that I was drawn into this story from start to finish. Will is a high school senior ready to be done with it all. He has a great family that supports him but the constant bullying and harrassme [...]

I LOVE ya m/m stories and was excited to find this one. Here's the set-up: Eighteen-year-old Lennox is a troublemaker. After a stint in juvie and then being kicked out of boarding school, his conservative grandfather dumps him in a small town to finish high school and his probation. Lennox' situation is dire - he has little money, horrid and unsafe living conditions and a huge attitude. His first day of high school is memorable -- he almost gets expelled and he meets Will. Will for his part is l [...]

My experience of really good Young Adult M/M Romances is limited and to be honest I reached a point during Go Your Own Way at which I thought I could easily put my kindle down and forget about Will and Lennox's story. Yet the thing is that this book is a grower and at 'The End' I had tears in my eyes and deeply loved these two young men.Lennox is a complex character; left in a motel room by his grandfather with a small allowance, a trunk full of belongings and his ankle monitor. Lennox has an ab [...]

I debated on 4 or 5 stars for this one. It was very well written, with a few issues that hit my hot buttons. First of all, Lennox's behavior is pretty over the top. I kept thinking about how I would react if someone treated my 18-yo daughter that way, said the things he said and the liberties he took with personal space, and I was incredibly uncomfortable. The bigger the asshole, the harder they fall, I guess. I really shouldn't feel any better because it was a m/m couple instead of a het couple [...]

I know, I know I'm in the minority here but so much (too much) angst and I usually like the angst ridden stories.This was picked for me for a challenge - it's young adult so it was never previously even on my radar.I didn't like either character really - so yeah, it just didn't work for me.

Fascinating. The characters, the setting, the story. All fascinating. I can't wait for book 2.

That was interesting reading material.

just flew through GO YOUR OWN WAY, and boy, are my arms tired.JK, you guys, my arms aren’t tired at all. I could easily fly through another book about these characters. This is the first book in a series (…of two?of more? I don’t know yet!), and when I got to the last page, I was unhappy to read “The End” and then an announcement that the story would continue in the next book. THAT book, which I have been calling GO YOUR OWN WAY 2 in my head but is really called WITH OR WITHOUT YOU, wi [...]

Clashing personalities, sexual tension, heated exchanges…the pages of this debut novel by Zane Riley are crammed to bursting with them. Love/hate romances are always fun to read, as are opposites attract stories, and when the heroes hail from such vastly different backgrounds as Will and Lennox, it only adds to the entertainment value. Toss into the mix all the usual elements of high-school life, not to mention some steamy makeout sessions in the music room, and it’s little wonder this book [...]

3.5*There are some tropes in here and the plot and relationship between Will and Lennox seemed rocky at first, but as the story went on, I felt like everything found its pace and it was a really fun read.I did read this years ago as the Glee fanfic it first was, but I feel like it really works as a separate story and it was really addicting. However, I didn't really like where it ended, especially because I know where the story goes, but since there is a sequel, I kind of understand that.I reall [...]

Original review on Molly LollyFour and a half stars!There is so much emotion in this book. I love how it just pours out of the pages and makes me feel right along with the characters. Plus the sexual tension was amazing! It really got my heart pounding. Lennox breaks my heart with how he’s treated. Sure he’s got an attitude problem, a criminal record, and more emotional baggage than a USAirways lost and found, but everyone he meets brushes him off without a second glance. They see the surfac [...]

Before the book was made available, I was one of the few chosen to get and advanced reader copy of this book and, honestly, it was fantastic. The story is familiar enough to catch your attention, an age-old story that we all know and love to read time and again, but the characters Zane Riley writes are what truly holds you. The writing is engaging, the characters are flawed in ways that make you want to wrap them up in a fluffy blanket and never let go, and the end of the story leaves you wantin [...]

4.5 StarsHoly shit. For a debut novel this really rocked my socks! Some bits of it reminded me of the good parts of Glee - overly nosy but self-interested friends, a great stepmom, this awesome dad that has a heart-attack, nerdy gay kid who has limited memories of his dead mother but who has grand dreams of moving to New Yorkd also happens to have a basement bedroom.But!!! This book has the drama & tension, the emotional depth from flawed charactersl of what was so blatantly missing from the [...]

It takes a high level of skill to walk the fine line between writing a troubled, rough, and pushy character without tipping them over the line into too aggressive for a hero. There were moments where I worried Lennox would push too far, tip that line and make him an unlikeable interest, but every time there was a human element, the flaw that broke through the exterior and revealed the truth behind his actions making me fall in love with him rather than be angry at him (okay there were parts I wa [...]

FiveStarsZane Riley’s first book contains beguiling characters, complex relationships and a healthy dose of teen angst. It is one of the best young/new adult books I’ve read in quite a while.Lennox is that mythical fantasy creature - the tortured bad boy with a heart of gold. He is a perfect match for the preppy Will. Both boys are beautiful and clever. Their banter is witty and their chemistry is hot.I love the complexity of Go Your Own Way. Zane Riley manages to weave several subplots acro [...]

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