A Brutal Trade

Faith Mortimer

A Brutal Trade

A Brutal Trade

  • Title: A Brutal Trade
  • Author: Faith Mortimer
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A BRUTAL TRADE A Diana Rivers Thriller by Faith MortimerEven on a small island the darkest secrets can t stay buried forever It began like any normal day in Cyprus except it wasn t the body of a woman brutally murdered and discovered in a shallow grave changes all that.It is only days later when amateur sleuth, Diana Rivers and old flame, Chief Superintendent Adam LovellA BRUTAL TRADE A Diana Rivers Thriller by Faith MortimerEven on a small island the darkest secrets can t stay buried forever It began like any normal day in Cyprus except it wasn t the body of a woman brutally murdered and discovered in a shallow grave changes all that.It is only days later when amateur sleuth, Diana Rivers and old flame, Chief Superintendent Adam Lovell discover a second female victim only this time the discovery is even chilling and shocks the island inhabitants.Joining forces with local policeman, Sergeant Yiannis Loukiades, the three embark on a journey which takes them on the fringes of humanity Disturbing secrets are unearthed They are on the hunt for killers who will stop at nothing in their hunt for one vital woman.As the bodies mount up, the detectives ask themselves one question What is the reason for the women s deaths and their horrific mutilations With the investigation quickly gathering momentum, Diana finds herself exposed to great danger in the sights of a lethal individual who ll put a stop to her meddling Each move could be deadly vicious in its outcome can the team bring a halt to this brutal trade

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Just wow! I've finished reading this book and am still recovering from the fast-paced breathtaking events taking place towards the end.I would like to thank the author, Faith Mortimer, for sending me an ARC of her latest book -​ the 7th Diana Rivers thriller - to read and review​. Diana lives with her husband Steve in Agios Mamas, a tiny mountain village in Cyprus. She's neither a police officer nor a private investigator, just a normal ex-pat who loves to stick her nose in when crimes need [...]

Looking at the list of books I’ve reviewed, I discovered I’ve read fifteen of Faith’s books. So, for starters, she’s one prolific author. Secondly, fifteen novels is testament to my fondness for them. My TBR would be incomplete without the next Mortimer Masterpiece!A Brutal Trade has us bumping into Diana Rivers again. She simply can’t help getting involved in crime-solving. One sniff of trouble and you can be sure she’s pulling out all her amateur-sleuthing skills to help the local [...]

I found a Brutal Trade a little hard to get into and a little slow paced from the books I usually pick up. I felt the author was leading me through the mystery so I was a step ahead of the police detectives in the book, waiting for them to make the connections and catch up with me as the book went along. I also found too many coincidences along the way. I can only suspend disbelief for so long before it’s just too much. All that being said though, I did like the basic plot and characters, and [...]

Time taken to read - 3 days (on and off)Pages - 207Publisher - Topsails Charter Blurb from Even on a small island the darkest secrets can’t stay buried forever…It began like any normal day in Cyprus…except it wasn’t…the body of a woman brutally murdered and discovered in a shallow grave changes all that.It is only days later when amateur sleuth, Diana Rivers and old flame, Chief Superintendent Adam Lovell discover a second female victim…only this time the discovery is even more chill [...]

This was my first Diana Rivers book, and it will not be my last. I enjoyed meeting an amateur sleuth, who is not afraid to be brave and place herself at risk during an investigation.A brutal murder shocks the residents of Cyprus, as Diana Rivers and her ex-fiancé, Chief Superintendent Adam Lovell, and local police officer, Sergeant Yiannis Loukiades, investigate the disturbing murders, and hunt down the merciless killers, until they finally discover the motivations behind the atrocious mutilati [...]

I was lucky enough to read my review copy of a Brutal Trade whilst on holiday in Cyprus, although I needn't have been there to picture it as the author draws on her in depth knowledge as an ex-pat resident of the mediterranean island to set the scene.It's not your typical beach read however, as its a gritty thriller following the efforts of the local police aided by author and amateur sleuth Diana Rivers, to unravel a series of gruesome murders and a mystery surrounding organ donations, medical [...]

WOW, I love all of the Diana Rivers series but Faith has really excelled herself with A Brutal Trade.Due to the nature of the story I found A Brutal Trade to be a dark and chilling read.For a small island, Cyprus certainly seems to get more than its fair share of crime taking place on it.Faith does a great job in describing the surrounding areas of which ever country Diana is currently in. She cleverly draws the readers in so much so that they will be gripped throughout the story. There are a fe [...]

Faith Mortimer is a brilliant author. I have read several of her books which have kept me on the edge of my share and which I never wanted to put down. This one however, did not keep me so enthralled. It was well written, a good story, but perhaps I was a little distracted by knowing that Faith was in Cyprus and therefore I kept wondering if things like the story line actually went on in true life!The story was two fold really, one a thrilling detective investigation with the assistance of the r [...]

This is my first Diana Rivers book, and I can't believe that I haven't discovered this series before now.Firstly it's set in the beautiful island of Cyprus, with lovely vivid descriptions of the stunning scenery. Secondly it tackles some serious crimes, in this case human trafficking. And thirdly, it's an excellent murder-mystery filled with believable but colourful characters.I whizzed through A Brutal Trade from beginning to end, desperate to know what would happen next. Even though I haven't [...]

I received an ARC through The Book Club in return for an honest review.I have never read any of Faith Mortimer's books before and was very pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed reading about Diana Rivers and her escapades in Cyprus. Though this is book 7 in a series about Diana Rivers it can be read as a standalone.This book tackled a very emotive subject of human trafficking and illegal human organ trade. The style of writing was like a breath of fresh air. A murder mystery with a sound plot, [...]

Wow--this novel will definitely have you reading non stop until the end. After having read The Surgeon's Blade I knew I had to read more in this series. And yes, you will eventually see more of this author's work on my blog! Thankfully they really can be read as stand alone. This novel delves into the slave trade and the acquiring and selling of human organs in a way you are not likely to forget.Diana Rivers. amateur sleuth, just can't stay away from this case--especially since it seems to be af [...]

This time, Diana and her husband have visitors from England in their house: Adam Lovell and Clare are back in Cyprus. Once again, Diana and Adam stumble across a mutilated body. As a reader, I automatically tried to solve this strange case. With A Brutal Trade, Faith Mortimer has created an immensely thrilling suspense story with local flair. The story comprises a broad variety of believable characters with sufficient depth, nicely woven situations and interesting interactions to solve the horri [...]

I have followed Faith Mortimer's book releases since I picked up the third Diana Rivers' mystery quite by accident and found it a very enjoyable read. I pre-ordered this when I saw it was due for release and was quite pleased to find it come up on my TBR list. As with the other Diana Rivers' books, it is fast paced and puts Diana in the middle of a mystery, this one a serious and dark involving human trafficking and other sinister plots. I enjoyed the read and found it to be as high quality as t [...]

Cyprus is an odd and unique place. A divided island at the crossroads of east and west, war and peace; it has many faces and countless hidden secrets. Set in the beautiful mountains of Cyprus and starring the fearless Diana Rivers, A Brutal Trade isn't just enjoyable escapism; Faith Mortimer has written a very different thriller to the cosy read I was expecting and, as a part-time resident of the idyllic sunshine holiday destination, it chilled me to the bone. It has the unmistakeable ring of di [...]

Finally after trying to get around to reading the very popular Diane Rivers series for ages, I received an ARC from Faith Mortimer and THE Book Club. Even though I have started with book number 7, I felt it worked very well as a standalone book and has just wetted my appetite to go back and start at the beginning of the seriesDiane Rivers is a very determined and likeable amateur sleuth who lives with her very patient husband Steve on the stunning island of Cyprus. The story touches on the very [...]

I received this book from TBC for an honest and open review.I didn't think it was possible but Faith Mortimer has surpassed herself in this, the 7th Diana Rivers thriller.This is a riveting book that gripped me from beginning to end.As with all her books Faith has obviously researched the subject thoroughly. I didn't realise that so much of the world's trafficking came through Cyprus!I enjoyed this book for so many different reasons. For a good story you need a killer plot, great characters and [...]

I was sent this book, the latest in the Diana Rivers series, directly from the author in exchange for an honest review. It took me less than a day to read. This is only the second book I have read in this series and on both occasions I have not been disappointed. The story gripped me from the beginning, it was extremely well written, edgy and full of surprises throughout. I have loved all of the books I've read so far by Faith Mortimer and will definitely be reading more of this series very soon [...]

Have to say a bit dissapointed. Not to say this was not a good story, it definitely was. But the writing and characters were not what I would expect from a 4+ rated . This was more like an Agatha Christie without the period gentrification and charm of a village cozy. I think it may have been going for hard boiled "sex trade" crime drama, but it also fell well short of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". All in all it failed on both fronts.

Faith has done it again. I have loved every book in this series, and this one was no exception. It is another mystery and suspense that grabbed me from the first pages and kept me reading until I finished it. The story definitely took me on a roller coaster ride following Diana as she gets pulled into another dangerous case. Faith is definitely one of the authors that I definitely leaves me wanting more.

Diana Rivers does it again! Set in the beautiful and mysterious island of Cyprus, Diana is investigating the death of a mutilated young woman. With the help of an old flame and a local policeman, they piece together disturbing events that are even more horrific than they first thought. A fast-paced thriller which will keep you turning the pages!

I've never read any books by this author but I did enjoy the book and setting of it - being on the island of Cyprus. To me, that always ups the ante in a book for me. I thought the writing was sharp and crisp. It was a dark book since it involved the sex trade of young girls and also the taking of organs for sale. I liked the main characters and would read more by this author.

Faith MortimerBook 7.A Brutal Trade.This is the 7th book in the Diana Rivers series. The book is set in Cyprus and had me hooked from chapter one. In my opinion this book is Faiths best to date. Diana gets involved in trying to solve some serious crimes including murder. As always Diana does not rest until this puzzle is solved.5+* 14 June 2015.

Young Asian women are being killed on the island paradise of Cyprus and when the good friend of her housemaid is found dead, Diana Rivers is caught up solving the case. Like a modern day Miss Marple can she get all the pieces of the puzzle to fit before it's too late

Another cracking read by faith . The book contained disturbing actions that do exist in the world and was written very well . I found it easy to follow and was very glad of the ending

wow. absolutely fantastic. have to get other books from faith now. loved it. this is a must read

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