To Catch A Warrior

C.L. Scholey

To Catch A Warrior

To Catch A Warrior

  • Title: To Catch A Warrior
  • Author: C.L. Scholey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Titus, leader of the southern Zargonnii, has made it his mission to find a single female he was placed in charge of months earlier a female he lost while trying to save her a female he cannot find His determination leads him to the extreme The only place left to look is a planet within a sun A planet full of ice and snow and emptiness, except for one little female, ZaTitus, leader of the southern Zargonnii, has made it his mission to find a single female he was placed in charge of months earlier a female he lost while trying to save her a female he cannot find His determination leads him to the extreme The only place left to look is a planet within a sun A planet full of ice and snow and emptiness, except for one little female, Zabbie Zabbie is hard and tough, a little warrior who has thwarted death too many times to count Resigned to dying of exposure to either ice or fire, she can t make heads or tails of the strange alien who lands within her hell One thing she knows for certain, whether or not Titus is real, she s keeping the emotional male in turmoil, and will go to any length to catch a warrior.

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Not my favorite of the series. I was confused by Zabbie's (was a weird name) mental abilities, not to mention the strange planet within the sun and the whole Tonan thing near the end made no sense to me at all.Titus was OK but his fixation with the missing Bertha was a bit too much.

Another great read in this series. I loved Titus and I really hope we get to read Bertha's story!

Great story again. I love the way Titus try to protect Zabbie, and how the story goes Now i want to read what happened to Bertha !!!

3.5 stars

I liked Titus and his mate. I bit all over the place until she figured out what to do but in the end was a fun read and so much better then the previous one. I am sorry the connection with the other series - the Catians didn't expand a bit more.Now I am curious what's next.

Can't WAIT FOR THE NEXT ADDITION TO THIS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS SERIES!!!Hopefully Bertha's story gets added as well as Cy's each has a different backstory that will be the giving a completely new situations that will lead to love and understanding the things that happened in their own lives. C.lHOLEY continues to bring wonderful characters with her amazing writing style,I ABSOLUTELY have enjoyed reading everything she has written much!!_I'm recommending that you DON'T MISS OUT ON ANY OF THIS SERIE [...]

Loved it!!!Very time I think I figured out what was going on , a new twist lol Can't wait to see if Bertha tells her story and what the babies do when the grow up and what trouble Cy runs into

More like a 2.5. I just can't warm to the Zargonii warriors.I've tried, really I have. :-)

Finally, a book about Titus! So, Titus had been looking everywhere for Bertha, but couldn't find the mouthy human anywhere. This dying sun is his last hope of finding the female. And find a female he did, just not the one he's been looking for. Zabbie isweird is the only word I can think of to describe her. She's been under the influence of the Gorgano for far too long and it's taken a toll on her mental health. And it shows. Some of the things she could do were mind blogging.Overall, despite my [...]

This series is really funny and the heroes are odd loking and with amazing personalities. The series is like chips, you just keep going once you start. If you want quick, fast paced, and sometimes cute alien romance jump in!

A bit weird for this series.Was not my fave

This is book 5 in the Unearthly series, so by now we all know Titus, the Zargonnii commander. He's a good warrior, a bit gruff but fair and he takes his responsibilities seriously.Through no fault of his own, Titus "lost" the human female named Bertha while escaping the ship that they were on. Titus feels that he failed Bertha and has been searching for her escape pod."All I can think about is that poor little shrew out there alone, somewhere." He has one place left to search, a crazy world that [...]

Une fois de plus, l’intrigue est intimement liée à celle des tomes précédents, nous lançant dans des aventures à travers l’espace, mais avec des bases solides. On retrouve un Titus obsédé par l’idée de retrouver et sauver Bertha. Cependant, ce n’est pas elle qu’il trouve, mais la courageuse Zabbie.Titus est toujours égal à lui-même : sûr de lui, autoritaire, responsable et loyal. Il a beau ne pas supporter Bertha, il est incapable de l’abandonner et tient à la sauver. S [...]

To Catch a Warrior is the fifth book in the Unearthly World Series. This is probably my favorite out of this series. To be able to see just how powerful a persons mind can be in these stories is astounding! Zabbie has been alone for so long now she's now talking to fruit! She's convinced she's either going to freeze to death or die by the fires that are consuming the planet she's landed on. When she see what she's sure is a walking, grunting snowman she's sure she's lost her mind.Titus, leader o [...]

Titus is a great hero and I was eager to see him get his mate. In general, I enjoyed this story as much as all the others in regards to the growing relationship between the H and h, but the complexities of the world building have been taking over the romance. Zabbie's powers made for a nice twist on alpha male warrior and delicate human female who needs constant protection, but it got very confusing. I have to give the author credit for amazing creativity, but too often I found myself skimming t [...]

Creative and very amusing!To Catch a Warrior is such a thrill. Zabbie is strong yet oh so amusing and Titus complimented her from the beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed the intrigue and lore of this series, the imaginative world Connie has spun has always left me craving more. I enjoy mentally sight-seeing strange and beautiful worlds with all her creations. I particularly love how much a fighter this leading lady was, how Zabbie fought with ease and grace was so admirable. I also really enjoyed th [...]

3.5 starsI was going to give a 3 star rating but the end shows these stories taking an intriguing turn. This story is good but at times it felt rushed and as if we were trying to get as much in as possible in a short amount of space.Zabbie is, understandably, a little crazy. With time she gets things a bit more straightened out. Titus finds himself in the middle of a twister but one he lovesnda. He loves having a mate but finds it hard to keep up with her train to crazy town.

Fantastic book from C.L. Scholey. This book is a continuation of the unearthly world series and while I loved the others I think this one tops them all. The main characters are fantastic and I would love to see a spin off series about the next generation.If you enjoyed previous books in this series you'll love this one.XoxoxoxoxoX Alia

An awesome storyThis was a very good book. This one and number one were the best. I am terribly curious to know which warrior will fall in love next. Awesome job Ms Scholey! I was hooked from the start.

I liked this one, but I hated the worlds she created. If this were a fantasy universe where magic worked, maybe then I could stomach them. These two worlds completely defied the laws of any possible physics. I really enjoyed the characters and the plot aside from that.

I enjoyed this but it wasn't what I was expecting from Titus' story. It didn't have the wild feel that I usually like in this series. Zabbie was kinda cool with her "issues". I liked the idea of what was going on with her but it felt a little soft.

I really love this series and it's spin off. The books always make me chuckle and the stories are great. You can see the world's and characters the author writes about. She is an amazing writer. Can't wait for the next book.

This Series is a favorite of mine, can't wait for the next installment the story arc of the 2 series (New World and Unearthly World Series)is coming to a very exiting place leading towards the end of the Gorgano. What a joyful ride it'd been!

C l Scholey books are so good. Love this series, really want to find out whats happens to Cy. I hope he gets his comeuppance in the next book. He needs a special mate.

Loved Zabbie's story and especially the way Titus is with her. Looking forward to read more developments as hey occur in the overarcing storyline.

I was on a binge at the time so my reading choices were highly regrettable.

I love this series!

Not as good as Blu, but I loved it any way

Never thought I'd say this (though I have a few times in the past), but I actually skipped most of the sex scenes in this one. Was pretty tired of it. ^^" Setting and story alright, though.

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