Professional Integrity

Michael J. Sullivan Tim Gerard Reynolds

Professional Integrity

Professional Integrity

  • Title: Professional Integrity
  • Author: Michael J. Sullivan Tim Gerard Reynolds
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Audible Audio

One of the genre s favorite pairs returns in a classic fantasy short for both Riyria veterans and first time readers.Several years have passed since the war weary mercenary Hadrian and cynical ex assassin Royce joined forces to start their thieves for hire organization better known as Riyria Things have gone well enough for the team as they do jobs for various nobles thOne of the genre s favorite pairs returns in a classic fantasy short for both Riyria veterans and first time readers.Several years have passed since the war weary mercenary Hadrian and cynical ex assassin Royce joined forces to start their thieves for hire organization better known as Riyria Things have gone well enough for the team as they do jobs for various nobles throughout Elan Usually that means stealing something, but when a young heiress asks them to steal her well, that s a first for the pair All is not as it seems, but Royce is determined to get the bottom of what s actually going on After all, he has his professional integrity at stake.Originally released in the Blackguards anthology published by Ragnarok Publications, this is a standalone short story of 10,800 words No prior knowledge of The Riyria Revelations or The Riyria Chronicles is required to enjoy it to its fullest, making this a perfect introduction for new readers or a chance for existing fans to spend a little time with old friends.

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Executive Summary: Another fun Riyria short story.Audio book: Tim Gerarld Reynolds has spoiled me. I've owned the book this story was originally released in for a few months and didn't read it, but once an audio version was made available, I jumped all over it.There is no other way for me to experience Riyria at this point than when narrated by Mr. Reynolds. He really brings the characters to life for me.Full ReviewFor someone whose claimed they can't write short fiction, Mr. Sullivan once again [...]

I love the Riyria books by Michael J. Sullivan. I enjoyed this novella as well as the other stories and novels in this world, but I suppose you can say that the rating here is lower than the others because the bar has been set pretty high. That said, this was pretty darn good. I enjoyed the banter of Royce and Hadrian, and it was great to see them handling another heist that didn't go as planned.

Well as usual, this isn't a review (as it's my own book) but as I've done with my other books, I'll instead do a bit of a "behind the scenes" kind o thing.This short story was my contribution to the BLACKGUARDS: Tales of Assassins, Mercenaries, and Rogues anthology. This is a compilation put out by Ragnarok Publishing and contains tales of rogues, assassins, and mercenaries set in the worlds of authors such as myself, David Dalglish's Dezrel, Mark Lawrence's The Broken Empire, Lian Hearn's Tales [...]

Best of the Riyeria short story. Audio as usual terrific with Tim Gerard Reynolds.

A young lady asked Hadrian and Royce to kidnap her in order for the love of her life to notice and jump into her rescue. Only nothing is as it seems to be.Not as delightful as other Riyria adventures, but still a fun read.It can be read at anytime, it's not related to the main books other than the characters.

This was a fun little story. The perfect thing to listen to before going back to work. Hadrian and Royce were hilarious, as always. And this time around they play the part of Werewolf huntersof some sort. :)

This story is a little bit of a predictable one, but it's also a really funny one. I definitely enjoyed returning to the characters of Hadrian and Royce once more and they amused me to no end with their jibes, wit and funny adventures. This story is probably one of the more ludicrous of Sullivan's works, but it still managed to keep me listening (I had the audiobook version) and keep me entertained. I definitely would recommend this if you've read and enjoyed his other work :) 4*s

For free on audible! Great narrator!Not sure who these people are, but they should definitely take their show on the road. Longer and darker story than the Jester, with a bit more meat to it.

Let me begin by saying I do not know Michael Sullivan. I think I commented on someone's review of his book once, but that's about all the personal contact I have had with this guy.Yet, I have downloaded two of his stories free on Audible (this one is currently free - go get it!). They were both immensely enjoyable. The author's character, Royce (and vicariously the author himself), has such a sharp wit and gift for dry comedic timing, sarcastic but not base, smart as all hell, that I could not h [...]

My Rating: 3.8/5This is a good story. It is a fast read ( It's only 43 pages). You know, It's just fun reading these. The dialogues are good. You don't go around poking through the story finding literature quality. The story is just for fun and I liked it very much. Thank you

Not bad if you're already a fan. Not that good either.Free on Audible - excellent!3 stars.

A free audible (short story) book following a massively successful Kickstarter for Sullivan's 3rd book of the Riyria Chronicles, Death of Dulgath - Christmas came early! I was so happy to get more Hadrian and Royce, and they did not disappoint. Both true to form - Hadrian ever the noble and idealistic chap, and Royce shrewd and cynical. Interesting story with a mystery slant and a twist at the end. No prior knowledge of Riyria is required but it's much more fun if you do.

This was a great little story following Royce and Hadrian on another adventure. These two are so great together, it even shows in these short stories as they banter back and forth. One of the best friendships I've ever read. Hadrian comparing Royce to a cat was one of my favorite things. It works so well. I also love how curious Royce is and how once he has a question he has to follow it back and find out the truth. He doesn't like being used and he has to be sure he doesn't let anyone get over [...]

Great little lunch time read. Originally printed as part of the BLACKGUARDS: Tales of Assassins, Mercenaries, and Rogues anthology, now available as a FREE standalone. This story gives readers a good dose of Riyria that they have been missing since finishing Sullivan's other Riyria books, and if you've never read a Riyria book this is a great place to start. It shows how Royce and Hadrian work together and banter without giving away anything of the plots of his other works.

Another short read following Royce and Hadrian on a job. I liked this one even more. Really, the only thing I can actually complain about is that it wasn't longer. Seems like an injustice to me. Ah, well. Still a great, entertaining read. AND IT IS FREE!!!!

Professional Integrity (Riyria #2.6) by Michael J. Sullivan is an awesome book that had twists and turns all over the place. Our heroes were hired the a young lass to kidnap her so one of the guys would rescue her and she would be notice by this handsome guy. The heroes were not interested, even with the large amount of money she offered until she said that her dad locked her in a metal box on the nights the guy comes over. Now, intrigued, they took the case just to see what was going on. It was [...]

Not quite a five, but better than The Jester - so, more like a 4.5. This was a lot of fun.

It was free with my Audible membership, it was delightful because a great author and speaker gave it life. Less than two hours of superbly rendered fantasy.

As a fan of Riyria, and an avid listener of Michael's works (including The Jester and The Viscount and the Witch), I snapped up Professional Integrity as soon as I had seen it up on Audible.Quick summary: wasn't my favorite tale of Royce and Hadrian by any stretch - felt a little forced; however, the twist and the ever-strengthening chemistry between the beloved pair of rogues was excellent. Michael is a brilliant character author and is one of the main reasons, outside of worldbuilding, I've ta [...]

I listened to this short story during breaks in between classes today. And it was great! It's a story to pass time though, not one which engages the faculties completely.It was very humorous; The main characters Hadrian and Royce were sooooo hilarious! The narrator did such a good job of bringing life and comic into the dialogue.

This was an enjoyable short story - I listened to the audio version. I love Mr. Reynolds as a reader, and the story was very entertaining.

Fun, as expected. This was my first listen to the team and I enjoyed it a lot.

Quick read that is very entertaining. It has all the components of a full length Royce and Hadrian novel packed into one nice little scene.

Not as good as some of the others in the series, but good on its own. I think this is made much better by the narrator, who is pretty good at this series.

Listened to the audiobook. Great narrator and this was so funny.

A cute short story in the Riyria world. I love that MJS and Audible keep doing these freebies. I liked this story more than I did The Jester, but that might be because I'm more familiar with the characters and the world this time around. Or maybe it's that a character's name is Kristin. :)Royce and Hadrian are called upon by Kristin and paid quite well to kidnap her. Once a month, her father invites two friends over and locks Kristin in a box while they drink. Despite possibly better judgment, t [...]

Not a huge fan of short stories, especially ones with characters I really love. Mostly because they are too well ort. I want more, need more!This was entertaining and it was nice to be back with two of my favorite characters in fantasy. Definitely makes me want to get that new Chronicles book all the sooner!

Honestly, at this point I'd probably rate a story about Hadrian and Royce doing their grocery shopping five stars--because they'd make it an adventure, there'd be a twist in the tale, and their special brand of humour and companionship would ultimately win the day.

I have often said, that I like those little novellas and short stories many authors are prone to write and sell for little money in ebook form. They are very good to get an impression of an author's style and story telling capabilities and to see if one would like to read more from said author. This one, I got for free on Audible and since I've been thinking about trying the Riyria novels for some time now, I jumped at the chance. Technically this is not an introduction or something to the world [...]

3.5*I thought that this short story was well done & you don't need to be familiar with the series to enjoy it.

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