Maxim Gorky Mazlum Beyhan



  • Title: Çocukluğum
  • Author: Maxim Gorky Mazlum Beyhan
  • ISBN: 9786053321910
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback

Gorki nin ocuklu um, Ekme imi Kazan rken ve Benim niversitelerim den olu an lemesi, Rus dilinde yaz lm en g zel otobiyografilerden biridir ocuklu um da babas n k k ya ta yitirdikten sonra ta nd dedesinin evinde ge irdi i y llar anlat r Miras kavgalar , do umlar, l mler, k k Aleksey in tan k oldu u ve bizzat maruz kald ak l almaz iddet, bu evde g ndeGorki nin ocuklu um, Ekme imi Kazan rken ve Benim niversitelerim den olu an lemesi, Rus dilinde yaz lm en g zel otobiyografilerden biridir ocuklu um da babas n k k ya ta yitirdikten sonra ta nd dedesinin evinde ge irdi i y llar anlat r Miras kavgalar , do umlar, l mler, k k Aleksey in tan k oldu u ve bizzat maruz kald ak l almaz iddet, bu evde g ndelik hayat n ak i inde s radan olaylard r Herkesin herkese d man oldu u bu aile, 19 y zy l Rusya s nda h k m s ren ac mas z ve hoyrat hayat n bir k k evreni dir asl nda Neyse ki idealizmi ve tertemiz kalbiyle adeta bir halk filozofu olan ninesi hep Aleksey in yan ndad r Bir de her biri hayat nda iz b rakan ok say da capcanl karakter vard r Onlar sayesinde hayat zor oldu u kadar gizemli ve renklidir de Hem Gorki nin kendi lkelerinde bir yabanc gibi ya ayan, ger ekteyse o toplumun en iyileri olan insanlardan ilkiyle tan mas da yine ocuklu una rastlar

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In recalling my childhood I like to picture myself as a beehive to which various simple obscure people brought the honey of their knowledge and thoughts on life, generously enriching my character with their own experience. Often this honey was dirty and bitter, but every scrap of knowledge was honey all the same.I sat at a table near the door of my English class when I was around thirteen. Hard by the door to its left was a slightly battered steel cupboard which held a library of books. The idea [...]

My Childhood, Autobiography Part I, 1913–1914, Maxim Gorky My Childhood, Autobiography Part I (Russian: Детство, translit. Detstvo) is an autobiographical work by Maxim Gorky, published in Russian in 1913–14, and in English in 1920. It was republished by Pocket Penguins in 2016.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ماه اکتبر سال 1975 میلادیعنوان: دوران کودکی؛ نویسنده: ماکسیم گورکی؛ مترجم: کریم کشاورز؛ تهران، سپ [...]

"Çocukluğumda bir kovan gibi görürdüm kendimi: Basit, sıradan insanlar, hayat üzerine bilgilerinin, düşüncelerinin balını arılar gibi kovanıma taşır, sunabildikleri ne varsa ruhumu zenginleştirmek üzere getirip cömertçe sunardı. Bal her zaman temiz olmazdı, hatta çoğu kez acı olurdu. Ama her bilgi, yine de baldı!" (s.149). Çocukluğum, Maksim Gorki'nin otobiyografisini oluşturan üç kitaptan ilki. Biyografi ve otobiyografi çok severek okuduğum bir tür değildir no [...]

What a wonderful book! I liked everything of it: the story, which is the autobiographical account of Gorky's childhood, but also the writing style. The language is so simple but powerful and there are wonderful descriptions of everything: the landscapes, the emotions of the people, Russian life and habits of that period and, above all, Gorky's considerations about his childhood.It's impossible to hate even only one of the characters though sometimes they seem harsh and rude. I liked a lot how Go [...]

The most horrific violence, terrible poverty and degradation is described here, most frighteningly of all, in the indifferent voice of a child. It is terrifying to see how quickly the horror of this reality becomes an accepted, to the point of being almost ignored, part of Alexei's life. Only on two occasions does the voice of the adult Maxim Gorky give us an indication of the true effect of such experiences on a young child."I couldn't believe any longer that all this was in earnest and that te [...]

كنتُ أجهل أن هذه سيرة ذاتية للمؤلف، عندما أنهيتها علمت فصُدِمت.---حياة مزرية عاشها هذا الطفل الصغير، خلت حياته من الرحمة من العلم من كل مايتمتع به الطفل، ولكن ذكاءه كان متوقدا دائما، وجهة نظره المختلفة لكل ماحوله ومن حوله، اعتزازه برأيه، نقده للأشخاص الذين عاش بينهم، أظهرت ل [...]

NO SPOILERS!!!Magnificent writing!:I loved listening to those kind words and watching the red and gold fire flickering in the stove and milky white clouds of steam rising over the vats, leaving a dove coloured crust; like hoar frost, on the sloping rafters of the roof , where jagged chinks let through blue patches of sky. The wind died down, the sun came out, and the whole yard seemed sprinkled with ground glass. The screeching of sleighs came from the street, light blue smoke curled up from chi [...]

Roman tadında bir otobiyografi,daha doğrusu ilk bölümü;üç bölümden oluşuyor çünkü,bu daha ilk bölümü.Mazlum Beyhan'ın akıcı tercümesi de rahat ilerlemeyi sağlıyor.Çocuklukta geçirdiği olaylar demek ne kadar içine işlemiş ki Aleksey'in,büyüyünce çok net bir şekilde yazıya dökmüş her ayrıntıyı.Anlatmış da anlatmış.O daha çok küçük yaşta iken ölen babasıyla başlamış anlatmaya,votka içen enfiye çeken iyi kalpli ninesini,onu döven ama yetiştir [...]

حصلت على نسختي الورقية من هذا الكتاب قبل 3 سنوات تقريبا عندما أهداني إياها أحد الأصدقاء و قال لي ( ستندهش من مهارة هذا الكاتب على تصوير كل شي بمنتهي الدقة ) . 3 سنوات و أنا أحاول قراءة هذا الكتاب ، قبل أن تشغلني الحياة عن إتمامه و في كل مرة كنت أجد صعوبة في أن تبدأ قراءته من المنتص [...]

للأسف لطالما كان البؤس مصدر يلهم الكُتاب لكتابة الروائع الأدبية ولكنها حقيقة أعتقد أن الجميع يعترف بها يتحدث مكسيم غوركي عن طفولته البائسة بين طيات هذا الكتاب بأسلوب قصصي جميلكان موت والده وهو صغير سبب ترك والدته له مع جديه ليعيش أصعب سنوات حياته في فقر وبؤس الريف الروسي [...]

I read this book in Russian--and a fairly simple Russian it was, as I recall. From Maxim Gorky's Trilogy, (Moskva, 1975), Детство (this book) began it, followed by "Among the People," and "My University." One sentence I admire, even aspire to: at his father's grave he did not cry. "Я плакал редко и толко от обиды, ни от боли" (17) I cry very rarely, and only from insults or outrages, never from suffering or pain. Moreover, his father would laugh at his tea [...]

2,75 sao.Thật ra lúc đầu mình định cho hai sao, rồi đến cuối truyện thì muốn cho 3 sao nhưng mình không nghĩ mình có thể đọc lại cuốn này lần nữa nên thôi 2, 75 vậy.Vì là hồi kí nên tất cả mọi thứ đều chậm rãi, bình thản, và có phần hơi vô cảm(hoặc chỉ mình cảm thấy thế), chẳng có nút thắt nút mở gì cả(mình không đòi hỏi nhưng nó chán quá thể đángg).Tả cảnh rất hay, trữ tình [...]

Maybe the five stars I awarded this book are because I am so grateful to it. Let me explain. In my late teens, I deliberately turned my back on "cultural" pursuits, thinking that they would be very boring. Strange, seeing that I was training to be a junior school teacher at the time. I remember the child psychology lecturer recommending certain novels, such as "The Member of the Wedding", "A Death in the Family", "The Lord of the Flies" and this, because they were able to enter so completely int [...]

If you're looking for a plot of any kind, don't read this book.With that said, this book celebrates the beauty of nature and at the same time indifferently reveals the often senseless cruelty of humans. Gorky--a celebrated Russian writer--writes autobiographically of his childhood with his Grandfather, Grandmother, and Mother. His mother is an absent figure for most of Gorky's childhood, be it physically or emotionally. His Grandfather is a practical man, stubborn, and violently abusive. Grandmo [...]

An extraordinarily poignant account of the author's childhood. Gorky tells his story as if one was his friend who he can divulge his experiences of loss, lament, rage, isolation, mischief Notwithstanding the cruelty of the beatings inflicted on him, the poverty and squalor of the industrial towns known to him as home, and the overall bestial existence of all he knew, Gorky did not end up wearing an iron-collar that prevented him from looking back. Instead, he climbed high enough to view the trai [...]

First read this book when I was a secondary student, then I lost it. I repurchased it recently. This book taught me a lot about independence and affection. One of the books that change my life besides Nobody's Boy

কী নিস্পৃহ, অথচ মর্মস্পর্শী ভঙ্গিতে বলে যাওয়া হয়েছে জীবনের গল্পগুলো!

Rus Edebiyat'ının Gogol'dan sonra en sevdiğim yazarı Gorki.Rus devrimci hareketine adadığı Ana adlı romanıyla tanıştım onunla ama kendi çocukluğunu okumak,gerçek olduklarını bilmek

Babasını çok erken yaşta kaybeden Gorki, annesiyle beraber büyükbabasının evine taşınıyor. Büyükbaba, sevgisiz, -nadiren iyilik emareleri gösterse de- genelde zorba bir insan. “Çocuk nasıl yetiştirilmemeli” konusunda adeta ders veriyor. Dayak atmanın bir yaşam biçimi halini aldığı bu ailenin, sürekli para kavgasına tutuşan, işe yaramaz iki erkek evlat ve kendi çocuğuna pek sevgi göstermeyen, yolunu kaybetmiş bir kız evlat üyesi var. Neyse ki, şefkatli ve fed [...]

A memoir of childhood in a dysfunctional nineteenth-century Russian family. I like the way Gorky shows his experiences; they look like a melting between lived and remembered, worked on with the analysis of both. The sensory detail is well-chosen. There's not too much interruption from Gorky's older, writing self, which I think is good because that tends to emphasise the Russian Soul (TM) side of the enterprise. The story starts with the death of Gorky's father, when he and his mother come to liv [...]

আমার পড়া সেরা বইগুলোর একটা !দশম শ্রেণীতে থাকতে পুষ্পময়ী বসু'র অনুবাদে পড়েছিলাম। যদিও পড়তে খুব কষ্ট হয়েচ্ছিল।তখন আমার কাছে এটি ছিল 'ভারী' বইগুলোর একটা।তবুও জোড় করেই পড়েছি।পড়া শেষ করার পর বুঝ [...]

I had bought Maxim Gorky's 'My Childhood' back in July 2006. For more than a decade, it was on my bookshelf, patiently waiting for its turn. Since I seem to have more patience with books these days, I picked up this classic, despite never having read any of Gorky's works. His most famous work, of course, is 'The Mother.' His own mother features prominently in this autobiographical account of his childhood.I could scarce believe the kind of childhood that Gorky had! Wild uncles and a tempestous g [...]

Gorki'nin Ana'sından sonra çok yavandı. İçerik olarak da, üslup olarak da. 'Sen Gorki'nin Çocukluğum'unu okumadın mı, büyük kayıp', dünyanın en az kurulmuş cümlelerinden biri olabilir.Otobiyografilerin zayıf yönü bu, kurgu eksikliği bir süre içinde 'sonra şu olurdu, dedem kızardı, annem üzülürdü, ninem üzülme der masal anlatırdı' kolaylığına dönüyor. Satırlar birbirine böyle bağlanmaya başlayınca da benim bütün okuma hevesim kaçıyor.Beri yandan yaz [...]

يا قرائي الأعزاء، إن هذا ليس شيئاً من الماضي البعيد! أنتم مولعون بالحوادث المرعبة، وتستلذون قراءة روايات الرعب، ولا تنفرون من أن تدغدغ أحاسيسكم النزوات المعذبة. ولكنني عرفت أهوالاً حقيقة، أهوال الحياة اليومية، وأعرف أن من حقي أن أدغدغ مشاعركم وأثير فيها الخوف، بأن أروي علي [...]

Çok üzücüydü :(Adına sevgi denen duyguların canlı, insanın yüreğini titreten gökkuşağı benim yüreğimde solmuştu, her şeye karşı duyduğum kin kömür gazı ateşi gibi koyu mavi titrek bir ışık veriyordu ve kalbimde de yoğun bir hoşnutsuzluk duygusu, bu gri, cansız saçmalıkta bir başıma olduğum hissi için için yanıyordu.

The first in a trilogy that is a classic of Russian literature of the 19th century, Childhood is the autobiographical account of Maxim Gorkii's early life. "When his father died of cholera in 1871, three-year-old Aleksey Peshkov went with his mother to live in the home of his maternal grandfather, Vasily Vasilevich Kashirin, a successful artisan and owner of a dye shop in Nizhny Novgorod." Eventually, the child Aleksey would adopt the pen name of Maxim Gorkii(Gorky) as an adult and contribute to [...]

Maksim Gorki'den okuduğum ilk kitap olan Çocukluğum, yazarın kendi hikayesini anlatan otobiyografik bir eser. Gorki'nin hayat hikayesini dramatize ederek anlattığı üç kitabından ilki olan eserde (diğerleri: Ekmeğimi Kazanırken, Benim Üniversitelerim), ana tema olarak çocukluk yıllarından ve o yıllardaki genel Rus yaşantısından bahsedilmiş. Hikaye anlatım olarak çok yalın ve akıcı. Yazarın üslubu klasik Rus edebiyatına kıyasla gayet kolay anlaşılabilir diyebilirim [...]

I had to read this autobiographical novel for school when I was no older than 12. I remember at that time the depressive, violent writing made me physically sick. I had just read about the fate of the young man nicknamed Gypsy, and couldn't fall asleep all night, instead uncontrollably shaking and sobbing. Never in my life had I such a strong reaction to any book. I think I wasn't of proper age to really appreciate the literary merits of Gorky's writing. Lately, however, I've been sort of curiou [...]

Beautifully written but how saddening. A sort of social realism mixed with the great 19th Century novel. It does not have a story as such, it is more a series of recollections. Gorky does not get much of a mention in the Western Canon but he should. The only writing that I can think of that comes close to the wonder and horror of childhood described so beautifully in this book would be the beginning of 'Great Expectations'. There is none of the mawkish sentiment however that one gets with Dicken [...]

الرواية المبكية التي لم ولن أملّ يوماً من قراءتهاإنها المرة الثالثة أو الرابعة التي أقرأ أو أعيد قراءة هذه الروايةما عدت أذكر عدد وتواريخ جميع تلك القراءات مذ أهداني خالي هذه الرواية الرائعةأذكر أنني كنت حينها. في المدرسة الابتدائية أذكر هذا فقطكيف للبؤس والفقر أن يسحق الط [...]

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