Bones in the Nest

Helen Cadbury

Bones in the Nest

Bones in the Nest

  • Title: Bones in the Nest
  • Author: Helen Cadbury
  • ISBN: 9780749017590
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback

The second book in the Sean Denton series A young woman is trying to rebuild her life after prison, but someone is out there who won t let her forget what she s done Racial tension is bubbling up on the Chasebridge Estate and Sean is drawn back into a web of family and neighbours he d rather avoid When a body is found in the stairwell of a block of flats, Sean is rightThe second book in the Sean Denton series A young woman is trying to rebuild her life after prison, but someone is out there who won t let her forget what she s done Racial tension is bubbling up on the Chasebridge Estate and Sean is drawn back into a web of family and neighbours he d rather avoid When a body is found in the stairwell of a block of flats, Sean is right at the heart of the case.

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It is wonderful to find a captivating character in a debut novel. Helen Cadbury brought us Sean Denton, a young PCSO with a huge future ahead of him. It is lovely to see him back, in this second novel in the series.Set two years after To Catch A Rabbit, Sean Denton is now a uniformed police officer. He is now a Constable and is learning the ropes in his home town of Doncaster. His character is developing nicely, as we see him gaining confidence in his new role.The story takes us to the council e [...]

Review by ireadnovels.wordpressBones In The Nest by Helen Cadbury is a must buy must read. The Bones In The Nest is my first book that I have read by Helen Cadbury. Helen's first book To Catch A Rabbit, was winner of the inaugural Northern Crime Competition. I can promise readers that Helen Cadbury is a name not to forget as I am certain that we will seeing a lot more of Helen Cadbury's stunning crime books in the future. I was hooked into this story as a young girl Chloe was has been released f [...]

Time taken to read - 3 days on and offPages - 351Publisher - Allison and BusbyBlurb from The second book in the Sean Denton series. A young woman is trying to rebuild her life after prison, but someone is out there who won't let her forget what she's done. Racial tension is bubbling up on the Chasebridge Estate and Sean is drawn back into a web of family and neighbours he'd rather avoid. When a body is found in the stairwell of a block of flats, Sean is right at the heart of the case.My ReviewFi [...]

The 2nd in the series and hopefully not the last. I've been patiently waiting for the next instalment of Sean Denton after reading To Catch a Rabbit often wondering whether he would have moved up in the world of policing and I was not disappointed. A great storyline ending in what hopefully means a third, I must be patient once again!

Following our introduction to Doncaster's youngest PCSO Sean Denton in Helen Cadbury's debut novel To Catch A Rabbit we rejoin Sean as a fully fledged PC two years down the line. After proving his acumen for a step up to the position of fully fledged PC with his nous and determination in To Catch A Rabbit, Sean Denton has battled his dyslexia issues and taken the plunge. Getting used to the daily grind of the night shift with his patrol partner Gavin Wentworth he knows the territory well with hi [...]

I received an ARC of Bones In The Nest in exchange for an open and honest review.This is the second book in the Sean Denton Series. In this book, Sean has joined the police force & has qualified as a police constable. (In 'To Catch A Rabbit' Sean Denton was a PCSO- Police Community Support Officer). PC Denton becomes involved in two incidents. The first incident is the release of the Chasebridge Killer and the second incident is the murder & mutilation of a young Asian boy, who is found [...]

It is so refreshing to have a young, naïve lead character, bursting with potential, than the typical embittered, jaded, maverick older cop. You just want to whisper in Sean Denton's ear "You don't know how good you are. yet". Sean becomes the hub of two separate crime investigations which focus on connections to people and crimes that happened in the tower blocks where he grew up. I normally prefer audio books, which I can read faster, so don't need to care so much whether the story keeps my at [...]

Wonderful wonderful book. I really enjoyed this. Sean Denton is now a PC and gets involved with a case even more exciting than the first book. I could not put it down. As someone with dyslexia it is great to have a hero with the same issue. I could totally results to his issues as he struggles with processing and making sense of what he sees but then is able to make great connections as only a dyslexic person can. Sensitively and subtly done. Great to see some old friends and new characters too. [...]

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. A very gripping read! Very well written, with enough detail in the writing to set the scene, yet still managing to keep the fast pace which a crime thriller fan craves. The characters in the story were diverse and well developed, and the right amount to keep track of. The plot was believable and I enjoyed the many twists throughout! This is the second book in a series but I read it as a standalone and it made perfect sense. However now I would [...]

Two years after the first novel, Sean Denton is now a fully fledged police officer working out of Doncaster's central station. This time his investigation takes him into the drug wars of the town and has him involved with far right extremists. As a second narrative, we see how a young woman called Chloe is dealing with being out of prison and coping with getting her life back together in York. Soon we see how the storyline connects until we get to a surprising conclusion. This was really good an [...]

Booktrail the locations in the novel Bones in the Nest

5 stars from meYES! I am so glad I went on to read book two after reading To Catch A Rabbit by Helen Cadbury and only awarding it 3 stars.Bones In The Nest is a much more accomplished read. Sean Denton is a far more rounded and developed character and now that he is a PC he is much more convincing in his actions.In fact there are so many clear, distinct and engaging characters in this book that it is hard to just pick out a few key favourites. Sean is obvious one, Khan too was a great character [...]

This is Helen's second book containing the character Sean Denton. I read the first which I really enjoyed and thought that this one was even better. The main character Sean has progressed in his career from a PCSO to a police constable however he ends up helping the detectives on this case. What I love about her books is that she uses realistic modern crimes in her stories. You also can't help feeling for all her characters either. I'm sad to see that this will probably be the last book of the s [...]

The Chasebridge Killer is out; racial tension is rising and the mutilated body of a young Muslim man is found in the stairwell of a tower block in Doncaster. As he gets drawn into the case, Sean Denton’s family life and his police job become dangerously entwined. Meanwhile a young woman is trying to piece her life back together, but someone is out there; someone who will never let her forget what she’s done.Just not as engaging or as fast paced as the first book,however still a good read.

I really liked the complexity and compassion of this crime novel, with the two compelling POVs - slightly idealistic Sean Denton and the hapless Chloe, recently released from prison and trying to make her way in the world. Well written, entertaining, but above all subtle character development.

Good read. Sean Denton is still pretty naive but he's very likable because he cares about people and his work. Super story. Guess or hope there will be more of Chloe.

Great read, must get the next one as soon as possible.

Another enjoyable read

A very pleasing follow up to her series opener, To Catch A Rabbit.I read To Catch A Rabbit just about this time last year, and, strangely, I didn't post a review.So I think my comments apply to both books.A great many positives - a very likeable main protagonist in Sean Denton, whose character develops throughout the two books. Plenty of richness in the fairly large cast of supporting characters. When it comes to supporting characters I don't want to know everything about them; in general, I pre [...]

I loved the first in this series (it was one of my top 2015 reads) and this one actually exceeded my already high expectations. I got the audible companion to this kindle read and the narrator was also excellent.I just love Sean Denton he's down to earth, thoroughly believable and has you rooting for him at every turn. The plot is so well crafted and is almost a snapshot of the current day with racial tension and neo-nazi's playing a predominant role in the story line which weaves together wond [...]

Shamazing!!! Another 6 star book.I won a copy of this book from the author through an online competition. As it is the second in the Sean Denton Series I bought the first 'To Catch A Rabbit' and read that before I started this. I loved the first so much I was excited but a little apprehensive that this wouldn't live up to it. The books can be read as stand alone stories, however I feel I got so much out of reading them in order I would recommend other readers do the same.This story begins a cou [...]

Bones In The Nest is Ms Cadbury's follow up to the excellent To Catch A Rabbit which both feature the very likeable Sean Denton. Sean is now a PC, pounding the beat in his Panda and learning the ropes in Doncaster. When a young Asian man is murdered on the Chaseburgh estate he is seconded to CID for his local knowledge and trustability. Ms Cadbury intersperses the tale of the investigation with chapters on Chloe Toms, recently released after 10 years in prison for manslaughter and trying to come [...]

Thank you to the publisher who sent me an ARC of 'Bones In The Nest' in exchange for an honest review.This was my first Helen Cadbury novel, but it definitely won't be my last. A thrilling and fast paced crime story with a very believable and likeable main character in Sean Denton. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing and a few surprises along the way. The story moves along quickly and once started is very hard to put down.This is the second book in the Sean Denton series, b [...]

A gripping read with great characters. 'Bones in the Nest' starts as two separate story lines, one following PC Sean Denton as he investigates the murder of a young Muslim man on a tough Doncaster estate, and the other focusing on a young woman named Chloe, recently released from prison and trying to leave her dark past behind her, and start a new life in York. As Sean becomes more involved with the murder and with rising racial divides on the estate, Chloe realises someone from her past isn't g [...]

This is second book in Sean Denton series. I read book one and enjoyed it Sean has now joined the Police force having qualified as a constable. Sean is involved in two cases the release of the Chasebridge killer and the murder and mutilation of a young boy. It is evident that there are links between the two but solving them could be tricky. The book is set around Doncaster and York. I have no knowledge of any of these places so cannot say how accurate the descriptions are. Sean is an interesting [...]

Great drama. Realistic. Complex & strong themes. Great characters. Love interest. Lots to like.

I have really enjoyed reading these first two books in the Sean Denton series. Very refreshing locations and well written stories that flow well with unexpected twists and turns . I feel that I am already getting to know the main characters who are quite different to the usual whodunit crime fighters. Thought the narrator did a great job bringing the different characters to life.I am a big fan of series of books with the same characters having previously been through Ruth Rendell, Colin Dexter, [...]

I found this book as part of the Read Regional festival which promotes books by 10 Northern authors, and it's a great find! PC Sean Denton is a fascinating character - a young recruit to the police, trying to make things better while struggling with self confidence and trying to solve a murder case on th Doncaster estate where he grew up (and where his dad still lives). Highly recommendedFull review here:edbucks16.wordpress/2016/

Now a PC, Sean becomes involved in investigating the murder of a young Asian man - on the same estate where he lived as a boy, and where his dad still lives. Meanwhile in York a young woman is desperately trying to make a new startbut her past keeps haunting her.I liked Helen Cadbury's first Sean Denton novel a lot, but I thought this was even better. It felt much more assured, and I really like Sean as an atypical detective - he's getting savvier but is still naive enough to get in way over his [...]

I read to catch a rabbit and found it ok but not great so was unsure whether to read this or not. I am so pleased I did. It was a great story, very fast moving, lots of good characters and some nice twists and turns along the way. Sean Denton, is still living with his nan but now is a PC rather than a "plastic piggy" as he was referred to in the earlier book. He is launched straight into a murder investigation which happens in the tower block he grew up in.

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