Lost Girl

Adam Nevill

Lost Girl

Lost Girl

  • Title: Lost Girl
  • Author: Adam Nevill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition

How far will he go to save his daughter How far will he go to get revenge It s 2053 and climate change has left billions homeless and starving easy prey for the pandemics that sweep across the globe, scything through the refugee populations Easy prey, too, for the violent gangs and people smugglers who thrive in the crumbling world where King Death reigns supreme.ThHow far will he go to save his daughter How far will he go to get revenge It s 2053 and climate change has left billions homeless and starving easy prey for the pandemics that sweep across the globe, scything through the refugee populations Easy prey, too, for the violent gangs and people smugglers who thrive in the crumbling world where King Death reigns supreme.The father s world went to hell two years ago His four year old daughter was snatched from his garden when he should have been watching The moments before her disappearance play in a perpetual loop in his mind But the police aren t interested amidst floods, hurricanes and global chaos, who cares about one missing child Now it s all down to him to find her, him alone .

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#1 Book of 2015 in my Top Ten Reads. Mind-Blowing! 6 stars! Absolutely astonishing book. This review has taken me a while to write as honestly I am still reeling from this book. It's like NOTHING I have read this year, funny enough it was an Adam Nevill novel last year that I read that also blew me away, he truly is an exceptional author and more readers need to dip their toes into the waters of his writing.Adam writes to engage all your senses, his descriptions are simply incredible. From one p [...]

There's a lot going on in this book!Set around 2050 on an earth that is now a nightmarish worldscape of drought, fires, floods, war and rampant disease, a father searches for his abducted daughter. A father is all I can call the man, because he's never given a name. I've thought on why that was and I haven't yet come up with a suitable answer. Perhaps that's to foster a certain distance from him in the reader? Because distance, or perhaps more accurately, disconnection, seems to be a theme here. [...]

Adam Nevill is one if the finest writers of our generation, in the space of just seven novels he has grown, developed his craft, and pushed the boundaries of what many consider to be horror. His novels are never a comfortable read, they force the reader into dark corners of their own minds where the unease that they feel comes not just from the supernatural horrors that are inflicted on his characters, but from the dark depths of human depravity. They force us to look at ourselves and wonder "wh [...]

In a near future England, caught in the upheaval of the ongoing apocalyptic changes brought on by global warming.rising ocean levels, shifting weather patterns, the European populace in flux, famine, plagues, a collapsing infrastructure, and rampant crime.a little girl vanishes from her yard, and her father sets out to find her, at any cost.An interesting thriller, well written, with a few striking moments and images that linger in the reader's mind.t, in my opinion, fails to engage any empathy [...]

This was a decent thriller but I read Nevill because his horror novels scare the ever living shit out of me. This wasn't that. If you've read him and like him you may want to check this out. If you've never read him, I wouldn't recommend starting with this one. Go with Last Days or The Ritual.

An author not afraid to experiment This work of fiction is probably best described as “dystopian” as it refers to the world or sees the creation in the world of a degraded society that is generally headed to an irreversible oblivion. Indeed the writing is at times so stark and raw that the descriptive prose takes on an almost apocalyptic feel. “The father might have become a wanderer in ancient times, put ashore in a sweltering hive of pirates, slaves, cut-throats, urchins and pickpockets, [...]

More apocalyptic fiction, but this time from the mind of Adam Nevill. Against the backdrop of a swiftly escalating ecological disaster, comes the intimate story of a family being torn apart by a kidnapping.The main character, a father (who is never explicitly named), is utterly focused on a single task. He will stop at nothing to find his daughter. In many respects this novel is a study of his character. The further he travels, the longer he takes on his journey, the more the narrative strips aw [...]

Lost Girl is a searing novel by Adam Nevill about the all-too-close-to-reality possibilities that await us as the world becomes more crowded, more affected by climate change and less hospitable to humanity. However, it's not just a commentary on our present and fast accelerating condition. Instead, Nevill manages to weave fine touches of horror storytelling into his tale and link this terrible tale to his other works with subtle references as well. As always, masterfully written and astonishingl [...]

Having thoroughly enjoyed my two previous excursions into the dark mind of Adam Nevill, and with the promise of a near future setting and a foreboding premise, I was eager to devour this book. Adam sets the horrific story of a father searching for his abducted daughter in a world ravaged by ecological disaster. Unusually I think it is this setting that will give me the most nightmares. Intensively researched, this is a future that the author clearly believes possible, if not inevitable. Should y [...]

Well, here’s a grim, bleak dystopian yarn designed to rudely kick out all your joie de vivre.Not too far in the future, global warming has fully taken hold, the water levels have risen and there’s large scale diaspora; as well as famine, disease and the collapse of law and order. That’s all in the background though. Our protagonist is a father whose little girl was stolen from him and his wife two years earlier. He’s now basically gone full ‘Death Wish’ and is hunting down and tortur [...]

I'm grateful to the publisher for an e-copy of this book via NetGalley."Lost Girl" is the story of a missing child, and a father. As the world goes to hell, he focusses on his search for her. At any cost, whoever dies, whatever pain he has to suffer, he will find her.Two years ago, Penny disappeared. She was playing in the garden by herself: her father, who should have been watching her, was upstairs, flirting by email. Is that why he is so driven to trace her, get her back? Is it guilt? Is it a [...]

When I first discovered Adam Nevill’s newest novel Lost Girl—many months before the book was released—I didn’t expect to exchange comments with Adam on Facebook about climate catastrophe, but what better way to start an intelligent conversation on such a fascinating subject than with someone who’d obviously done a vast amount of research on the topic, and that was well proven in the book.The reality of exhaustible resources, water shortage and climate change causing future world strife [...]

2 Stars I started and stopped this bleak tale more than a dozen times. It is time to put it away for a while. I am a huge fan of Adam Nevill but could not stay focused on this depressing tale. I will come back and start over another time.

(cross posted from my blog)There is terror all around us, and Adam Nevill never lets us forget it. I was more than excited to receive an ARC of his newest book, Lost Girl, from the publisher but it was nothing like I expected it to be. If you’ve ever read any of Nevill’s other work, you’re going to be very surprised with this particular novel, because it’s very different than anything he’s ever written.While the father is in his house on the Internet, his daughter is taken from him. On [...]

My original The Lost Girl audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.It is the year 2053, climate change is wreaking havoc on the world: floods, droughts, starvation, disease, and mass migration north. The Father (we never learn his name) is living a semi-normal life in his upper middle class neighborhood in England with his wife and daughter when tragedy strikes. His four year-old daughter is abducted. The police are overwhelmed with hundreds of more serious crimes and [...]

It’s not the fictional aspects of Lost Girl which will keep you wide awake at night, enduring endless dark hours between sweat-soaked fever dreams. It’s the entirely possible predictions of what might happen in the next 40 years that should snap you out of complacent daydreams. Forest fires blazing out of control across whole continents. SARS killing by the million. Entire countries flooded. The end of the world as we know it? Oh yes.The author deserves massive credit for his masterful manip [...]

Synopsis:Set in the near future (2053) in a world ravished by climate change and civilization is on the brink of collapse, a father sets on a dark and dangerous journey to try to find his abducted daughter. The story is gripping, menacing, ghastly and tightly woven from the very beginning. Many aspects of the stories are very dark and at times hard to stomach, as it deals with human cruelty, destruction of the planet, suffering, but especially topics of kidnapping, child sex trafficking, but Ada [...]

Something different from Adam Nevill, a crime story set in the future, rather than his usual horror novels, although different, a nice read and well written.Love the subtle hints towards his previous novels, The Ritual and End of Days.A parents worst nightmare takes place in your very own back yard and blows your world apart What would you do if every door you knock is closed to you?

Another excellent book from a writer who seems to be getting better and better with every book and story he publishes. I'm currently gathering my thoughts to write my review, but I can tell you that as the father of a young kid, this book grabbed me by the guts and squeezed until I couldn't breath at times. I probably would have reacted to it differently if I weren't a father, but Lost Girl found the current of fears lurking under the cool surface of parenthood and rode them beautifully. I can't [...]

A scary premise, that of a four year old girl's abduction (which I'm certain will resonate with all readers who are themselves parents) and the desperate quest of her father, who is slowly descending into madness. An enormous amount of violence, which is never gratuitous: I know I would kill anyone to get my kid back. I did not care too much for the whole Afterdeath side of the story. What I loved about this book was the setting, in a near future world that's on the brink of total collapse. A pe [...]

utterly brilliant. There is no light in this book, only darkness.

This book deals with some pretty heavy issues. After I finished reading it I had to take some time out of my usual routine to actually sit and think about my life, think about all the people I hold dear to me and to figuer out what is really important in life. I haven't felt like this since I read The Road by McCarthy. This is some powerful stuff.

This is the first book I have read by Adam Nevill. I came upon his work by a rather circuitous route after reading the magazine Black Static and following links to the websites of Ray Cluley and Ted E Grau (another two authors I would strongly recommend checking out.)Nevill is described by the Guardian newspaper as Britain’s answer to Stephen King, so with an accolade like that I had to take a closer look. In terms of similarities, Nevill clearly shares with King a deep respect and love of wor [...]

And another book by Adam Nevill that will leave you breathless gasping for air from the first chapters until you reach the last one. Rare are those who can achieve that and excel in delivering it "impeccably" but Adam does it once again with Lost Girl; His books deserve to be considered epic because they are in one word EPIC.Like its precedents, Lost Girl is not an easy read! It challenges your mind to absorb what is laid before! It is a ride made in hell, it takes your hand and walks you to the [...]

I've not made any secret of the fact I am a huge Adam Nevill fan. So I couldn't wait to get my hands on Lost Girl. Which, I may add, I was lucky enough to attend the launch at Fantasy Con. I found Lost Girl an intense read that due to my business commitments, array of animals and three week holiday in between, the review sat written but not completed for over a month. This bears no relevance to the book, the lameness being all of my own. When you are a fan of an author I often worry that I may n [...]

his looks like the last in my ecological horror/ Climate change Dystopia-a-thon. Not a bad way to finish off. Adam Nevill is a British horror author who was first suggested to me by my local Bookseller Mysterious Galaxy and their horror expert Rob Crowther. He suggested the book House of Small Shadows which I read and reviewed here on the blog last year. I was not a big fan of that novel, despite acknowledging that it was a good and well written book that just didn't work for me in part because [...]

2053 год. Необратимые изменения климата поставили человечество на край его существования. Миллионы голодающих, миллиарды мигрантов, засуха, бури, бесконечные эпидемии Города — изнывающие от жары и бесчинствующих банд муравейники. С каждым днем ситуация только хуже, и ни ед [...]

This is my first novel by Adam Nevill after I was really impressed by his effort with a great horror story. And this one definitely doesn`t dissapoint. It has an interesting setting, an apocalyptic future where the humanity confronts itself with a lot of diseases, wars, viruses, famine, natural catastrophes and the list goes on and on.A father goes on a quest in the criminal part of the world to find out the truth about the kidnapping of his four years daughter.The biggest nightmare of a parent. [...]

Beautifully written book. I really don't think there is a single bad thing I can say about it. The concept of the story is horrifying for me to contemplate, as a parent. I particularly loved how Nevill took some time to examine the morality of this character's actions and how, instead of choosing what would be a common landing spot for the story, he goes for a few beats longer, examining the emotional toll on the characters. I liked how the protagonist is named simply, "Father" throughout. I tho [...]

More futuristic thriller than horror, Lost Girl by Adam Nevill is an image of how life could be in the not so distant future. Set in 2053, 'the father' who annoyingly never has a name is trying to find his young daughter who was abducted from their garden two years earlier.The world is everything that our media warns us about. Extreme weather, disease, lack of food and over population has destroyed everything that is taken for granted.I found it at times quite difficult to read. I didn't like th [...]

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