Ay'a Yolculuk

Jules Verne Bertan Onaran

Ay'a Yolculuk

Ay'a Yolculuk

  • Title: Ay'a Yolculuk
  • Author: Jules Verne Bertan Onaran
  • ISBN: 9786053327127
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback

nsan n Ay zerinde ilk y r y nden yakla k y z y l nce, 1865 te yay mlanan bu roman, insanl Ay yolculu una dair bilimsel d g c ve hiciv y n nden hayli zengin bir kehanet gibidir Balti Silah Kul b n n se kin yeleri, Amerikan Sava n n sona ermesiyle bo lu a d nce, kul b n ba kan bir uzay silah icat ederek, Ay a bir yolculuk ger ekle tirme nerisini or nsan n Ay zerinde ilk y r y nden yakla k y z y l nce, 1865 te yay mlanan bu roman, insanl Ay yolculu una dair bilimsel d g c ve hiciv y n nden hayli zengin bir kehanet gibidir Balti Silah Kul b n n se kin yeleri, Amerikan Sava n n sona ermesiyle bo lu a d nce, kul b n ba kan bir uzay silah icat ederek, Ay a bir yolculuk ger ekle tirme nerisini ortaya atar Yeni bir roman t r n n, bilimsel roman n yarat c s olarak g r len Jules Verne, a da bilimkurgunun da temellerini atm t r Bug n bizler i in hi bir a rt c yan kalmam bir ok bilimsel geli me, hen z ufukta yokken onun yap tlar nda ayr nt lar yla anlat lm t r Verne, fantastik ser venlerinde uzay yolculu unun yan s ra bilim ilerledik e hayat m za kat lan denizalt lar , televizyonu ve oksijen t p n de ng rm t r.

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★★★✬☆ 3.5 StarsAlright, Kids. Let's start by catching some reel from Back To the Future III:Clara Clayton: Emmett, do you think we'll ever be able to travel to the moon like we travel across the country on trains?Doc: Definitely, although not for another eighty-four years and not on trains. We'll have space vehicles, capsules to sail off in rockets, devices that create giant explosions, explosions that are so powerful that theyClara Clayton: [finishes Doc's sentence] "They break the pu [...]

When we talk about Jules Verne, we often use the term visionary. It is of course totally true, but this aspect of Verne's work must not make us forget that he was above all a formidable storyteller. WithFrom the Earth to the Moon , we have a glimpse of these two facets of the author.First popularizer, Verne book many technical and scientific information by starting the era of knowledge, then extrapolating this knowledge to speculate, the author demonstrated a great erudition in a very focused ea [...]

From the Earth to the Moon was written almost 100 years before man finally stepped foot on the moon, a mixture of early sci-fi and adventure book that has truly imaginative elements alongside Jules Verne's very scientific mind.In an America that is rather frightfully similar to its current state, gun enthusiasts find themselves at the end of the civil war without anything to shoot. The Baltimore Gun Club and its president, Impey Barbicane, decide that an altogether different approach to ballisti [...]

Una novela liviana, fácil de entender, rápida y entretenida. Me gustó mucho lo detallado que es Verne para dar las explicaciones del proyectil (Distancia, peso, materiales, etc). Todo con base y argumento. Con esto, me dieron ganas de aprender más sobre física y cosas acerca de proyectiles que no sé absolutamente nada. Después de haber leído esto, seré un poco más científico para mis cosas.Libro totalmente recomendable, amigable y liviano. Me gustó.

De la Terre à la Lune = From the Earth to the Moon (Extraordinary Voyages #4), Jules Verne عنوانها: مسافرت به ماه؛ از زمین تا کره ماه؛ سفر به کره ماه؛ سفر به ماه؛ گردش به دور کره ماه؛ مسافرت از زمین به کره ماه؛ مسافرت به کره ماه؛ دور ماه، نویسنده: ژول ورن؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: یکی از روزهای سال 1970 میلادی؛ موضوع: داستانه [...]

As for the Yankees, they had no other ambition than to take possession of this new continent of the sky, and to plant upon the summit of its highest elevation the star- spangled banner of the United States of America. Yup, this is still my favourite quote. Simply because I cannot get over Verne daring to imagine that iconic tv image from 1969 in 1865. There were a lot fun points that Verne picked up in this novel and made fun of, but sadly a lot of the satire in this novel is at the expense of t [...]

Whoa, thank goodness I didn't read the back cover of the book, or else several fun surprises would be spoiled.Holy Verne, it's been so long since my last fix of his work. Two years perhaps. From the Earth to the Moon is light but still well written. This book was published in 1865, more than a hundred years (!) prior to the first successful moon landing by the men of Apollo 11. I'm not able to prove all the scientific calculation and details described so eloquently here, but they're sure as hell [...]

Reto 12 libros - 12 meses del grupoSangre de tintaAbril - Un libro de mas de cien añosJulio Verne siempre ha sido uno de mis autores favoritos, sus aventuras siempre son entretenidas y, cuando se introduce en el ámbito de la ciencia ficción (tematica que prácticamente creó) siempre se nota lo adelantado que estaba a su tiempo. Acá tenemos uno de sus títulos mas vistosos, donde se plantea como seria un viaje hacia la luna, pero en un tiempo donde no existían los teléfonos, o los automóv [...]

I'm not a fan of Jules Verne's writing, hence it was a bit difficult for me to complete this book. I'm just glad that somehow I did. Though there was a fair bit of skimming involved (like pages at times.) There are a lot of good things I can say about this book like the entire concept of the Gun Club and the mission to send a projectile to Moon, some really sharp sarcastic observations that made me giggle every time I recalled them later on, a decent story overall and the feel-good factor. But t [...]

"From the Earth to the Moon" is an 1865 novel by Jules Verne. I got thinking as I read this, I wonder if Jules Verne was a stay at home type of person like I am, or if he was always on the go from one place to another. Thinking of his books, the characters certainly didn't seem to stay at home much. In one of them he has his characters walk or hike or whatever to the center of the earth, in another they sail? all over the ocean in a submarine, one man goes around the world in eighty days, or tri [...]

وقتی راهنمایی بودم خوندمش، چهار ستاره واسه لذت اون موقع ها

For whatever reason I thought Verne would be a cumbersome read. However, he writes quite beautifully, and this novel is certainly a page turner. The story mainly consists of rather technical descriptions of the journey and the construction of the apparatus used. As a result, I would expect this book to be rather polarizing. Being as I like that sort of thing, this is just very high quality science fiction.

The review from afar – No. 25Re-revised forward to these overseas reviews:Since emulating a yo-yo, I continue to rely on the old-style Kindle 3G for any non-technical reading. I tip my hat to the fine folks at Project Gutenberg: virtually every title I have or will be reading in the near future comes from them.From the Earth to the Moon is one of the more famous stories by Jules Verne. In it he postulates how the technology of his time could place an object (eventually a manned object) on the [...]

I love a bit of Jules Verne, I love the fact that he wrote so long ago, but his novels still shock and surprise me despite the fact that I'm surrounded by technology he couldn't have dreamed of. What he wrote about, would have been considered implausable at the time, but now that we can look back, he was very accurate in what he imagined.From the Earth to the Moon is a fabulous example of this for many reasons. It tells the story of the Baltimore Gun Club and a few of it's members, who having re [...]

Julio Verne nunca dejará de sorprenderme. La imaginación de este hombre es infinita.Viajar a la Luna por medio de un proyectil parece imposible pero Verne lo hace verosímil. La lectura va cogiendo forma desde el principio y aunque tiene muchos cálculos no se hace pesado.El final es inesperado aunque creo que apropiado, de otra manera sería difícil continuar.Recomendable.4,25/5

Once the Civil War has ended the members of the Baltimore Gun Club are without a purpose; they had been busy improving weaponry during the war. Their president, Impey Barbicane, has a compelling idea, however. They will build a giant cannon and send a projectile to the moon!The fourth of the Extraordinary Voyages series, this was first published in 1865. That was 104 years before the USA actually did send a man to the moon, and it’s interesting to read the “science” and compare Verne’s s [...]

قبل رحلة (نيل أرمسترونج) إلى القمر بأكثر من مائة عام ، كتب جول فيرن روايته هذي معتمدا في بنائها على مسألة علمية دقيقة : هي فكرة (إنعدام الوزن) الفكرة التي أتى بها من وحي خياله العلمي :) ، ليتناولها العلماء بجدية فيما بعد وتصبح واحدة من أهم أسس علوم السفر إلى الفضاء وإحدى الدلالا [...]

I tend to like Verne's books, but I had a hard time with this one. As always, I love to read how much this man knew, his theories and what it was believed at the time. But I found this book boring, the characters weren't compelling and I had to push myself to finish it.Me suelen gustar los libros de Verne, pero me resultó difícil leer este. Como siempre, me encanta leer cuanto sabía este hombre, sus teorías y lo que se creía en esa época. Pero encontré este libro aburrido, los personajes [...]

I felt half tempted to start up a drinking game while I was reading this work of speculative fiction. Aware of the current state of spaceflight, I was fascinated by this fictional account of a time before the rocket had even been conceived of, much less been invented. Throughout the reading, I unconsciously tallied what Jules Verne got right and what he got wrong.The premise of the book is that a club whose artillery hobby has been rendered irrelevant by the end of the Civil War seeks a new appl [...]

EVVIVA I SOGNI!Ecco un altro libro che mi porta indietro nel tempo, a quando giovinetto lanciavo i miei primi razzi artigianali in alto nel cielo (beh non proprio in alto in alto) con propellente indebitamente sottratto nel ripostiglio dei detersivi della mia genitrice o delle vernici del suo coniuge. Avevo predisposto una piazzola accuratamente ripulita dalle erbe di campagna onde limitare il rischio di incendi, ma disgraziatamente troppo vicina a un grandissimo, vetusto albero di ciliegio che [...]

Simple, but strange Newton's third law; if object A exerts a force on another object B, object B also exerts the same magnitude of force on object A. Perhaps this law is how rockets work. Jules Verne, before rocket was invented, seems to know this law probably but think a bit differently. The idea was making a gigantic cannon and shooting it to travel the moon. Maybe this idea looks absurd nowadays, but even as a modern person, I think this idea was remarkable. The book is mostly about the "prep [...]

عجبتني أكتر من رواية جورج ويلز ، أي نعم المقارنة ما بينهم غير مجدية لأن الرواية دي محورها رحلة الوصول لسطح القمر (علي الرغم من أنهم ماوصلوش القمر أصلا ، دول عدوا من جنبه بس!) بس الكيفية نفسها عجبتني أكتر ، أما رواية ويلز بتحكي أكتر عن حياة المخلوقات القمرية فوق القمر مش عن الرح [...]

Bueno estaba dudosa se ponerle las 4 estrellas pero al final debo admitir que se lo merece. ¡Ese final me hizo llorar

I thought that this was a phenomenal book. I thought that the concept was spectacular because Verne takes a very unknown setting: the moon, and creates a journey that will open up new things the world. The plot line was a bit distorted because there was a late climax in Part I when the Columbiad is launched. There is an extremely graduate fall of the falling action, as there is a unexpected "spike," as it would look like on the plot line at the end of Part II, when the Columbiad lands. Although [...]

What makes From the Earth to the Moon so enjoyable is it's sheer earnestness. Entire chapters are filled with debates about figures and equations. Verne loves to write about all the details of his little thought experiment. This is very clearly his fantasy, and had he the money, I could imagine him attempting something like this. However, it ends abruptly. The entire thing is about the construction of the great cannon that will fire the explorers to the moon. After launching them, there's one ch [...]

Fantastic, fictitious, scientific and educational. I was surprised by the narrative style the author chose to adopt for a story of such a genre, but it certainly added to its appeal.Based on the synopsis I expected a bit more of an adventure story and less of a scientific endeavour explaining the foundation of how to travel into outer space. However, considering my scientific background and interest in astronomy, I was greatly intrigued by the mystery and fascination of the moon the author infus [...]

SPOILERS AHEADLet me tell you shortly why this is one of the worst „classics“ I have ever encountered: It reads like the 19th century equivalent of playing a boring management/tycoon-video game on the computer. Because, and I’m not kidding, this whole book is only about PLANNING a travel from the earth to the moon! Thus, there isn’t any conflict at all, since it always goes like this: „Oh, so what exactly do we know about the moon?“ Chapter 5, there you go, boring facts about the moo [...]

A group of former Civil War artillerymen, artillery manufacturers and war profiteers trying to cope with life during peacetime, decide to shoot an artillery shell to the moon in the name of The United States.Delightfully imaginative and amusing satire on American largesse and narcissism seems as relevant today as it may have been in 1865. This story deals more with the preparations of The Gun Club to make the shot and the psuedoscience behind their preparations than the actual act, but the tone [...]

It's difficult to try and rate or review a book that is so old and far removed from today's context, but I'll try to say a few words. This book was a fun adventure with a playful spirit infused in the writing. If you read it out of context, with a critical eye as to plausibility, you may be sorely disappointed. The feeling of the book is not overly serious. Verne doesn't seem to take himself too seriously, as he pokes fun at American ingenuity and makes the main explorers members of a Gun Club. [...]

I was expecting action. What I got was a plot wrapped around the science of the day. This isn't a bad thing. It was just unexpected. When I read more about this series - that the actual point and intent was to outline modern science, then that made complete sense. There were definitely still a handful of larger than life characters, big personalities in a way that somewhat reminded me of the legends of Theodore Roosevelt. There was no character development, but it was a story in a sense of a gre [...]

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