Tigu ja vaal

Julia Donaldson Axel Scheffler Leelo Märjamaa

Tigu ja vaal

Tigu ja vaal

  • Title: Tigu ja vaal
  • Author: Julia Donaldson Axel Scheffler Leelo Märjamaa
  • ISBN: 9789949952991
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Hardcover

Lugu, kus k rselg vaal V ikese teoga s braks kord saab See siin on kivi, must nagu s si, Ja tilluke tigu, kes paigal ei p si See tilluke tigu kivi peal roomas, Merd silmitses ta ja kaugusi hoomas Ta laevu vahtis, k rget kaid On meri s gav ja maailm lai Ohkas pisikene loom R nnata mul kange soov Lugu tillukesest teost, ilmatusuurest vaalast ja nende reisist mberLugu, kus k rselg vaal V ikese teoga s braks kord saab See siin on kivi, must nagu s si, Ja tilluke tigu, kes paigal ei p si See tilluke tigu kivi peal roomas, Merd silmitses ta ja kaugusi hoomas Ta laevu vahtis, k rget kaid On meri s gav ja maailm lai Ohkas pisikene loom R nnata mul kange soov Lugu tillukesest teost, ilmatusuurest vaalast ja nende reisist mber maailma.

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"The sea is deep and the world is wide!How I long to sail!",Said the tiny snail.This is a story about a snail with an itchy foot and a humpback whale who helped the little snail to travel around the world.From the creators of the Gruffalo, a wonderful inspirational book with beautiful environmental messages.

I don't usually rate children's books here on , but this one is insanely good. The poetry is playful, but also has a certain driving quality that makes it rare among children's books. "These are the waves that arched and crashed, / That foamed and frolicked and sprayed and splashed / The tiny snail / On the tail of the whale." Wow! I just love the sheer sophistication of the language here, how it's for children but it isn't dumbed down: "These are the caves / Beneath the waves / Where colorful f [...]

More fun and another lovely story from the respective writing and illustrating pens of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler!

Another one that my son just giggled all the way through.

The Snail and the Whale is a heart-warming story about how friendship can come about in the most remarkable way. A snail stuck on his rock yearns for adventure and to see more of the World. The whale who is passing by offers the snail a chance of adventure and together they set sail seeing: towering icebergs; far off land; huge waves; the enormous sky and so on. The snail is awestruck by all the things he sees and feels his place in the World is very small. That is until the whale gets beached a [...]

The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson is a fantastically written story which outlines the random travels of an unlikely duo. Through Axel Scheffler's use of colourful illustrations, the catchy rhyming and alliterations throughout the story, we get to see all of the places that the pair encountered on their travels, including the "towering iceberg", "far-away lands" and " golden sands". When the whale loses his way and they both wash up on a beach, there is instant panic as the big whale and [...]

I liked many things about this engaging story about a little snail who longs to see the world, and the kindly whale who agrees to give her a ride on its tail. At first, the story is one of awe and discovery and friendship. But, seeing so many amazing things in the big, wide world, the snail feels so very small Then, it becomes an environmental cautionary tale as the whale is upset by speed boaters and ends up beached. The little snail has a chance to do something BIG and save her friend. And, wi [...]

The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is a wonderful rhyming story about a sea snail that is eager to travel the world. The rest of the flock are not so enthusiastic about the idea but one day the snail meets up with a whale that invites her to join him as they travel the world. Together they go on an amazing journey, past icebergs and volcanoes, sharks and penguins, the little snail feels so small in the vastness of the world. However when disasters strikes and the whale [...]

While I agree that The Gruffalo is undeniably a fantastic children's book, The Snail and the Whale is by far my favourite of Donaldson's. I found my nursery class on SEB absolutely adored this book and I ended up reading it to at least 2 of them in the book corner every day!An unlikely friendship occurs between a tiny snail and an enormous humpback whale, together they go on all sorts of adventures on their round the world cruise, they see icebergs and volcanoes, sharks and penguins. But disaste [...]

Yet another picture book about how the smallest of us can save the day, and how we shouldn't discount the efforts of those who we may think are too small.

This book was given to me by my SBT1 class to say thank you- so I love it very much. Written fully in rhyme the beautiful picture book tells the story of a tiny snail who travels around the world on the tail of a whale. I really like how repetition is used throughout the book, meaning children could potentially learn and perform sections of it easily. The illustrations are detailed and there is lots to look at and analyse which could be interesting to do with a class.

An unlikely friendship spawns a big adventure for a small invertebrate.

I loved this book and the illustrations. It's a very cute story of a snail and a whale who do good things for each other. Our Grands will love it too!

The creators of 'The Gruffalo' have come up with another winner in 'The Snail and the Whale' for it is a delightful little story with exquisite illustrations.The snail, with an itchy foot, lived on a black rock close to a harbour and was always wishing that travel was on the agenda. But much as ships sailed in and out regularly, our friend the snail was island-bound. 'How I long to sail,' she was often saying.She then decided that she should take action and so she left a silvery trail on the sid [...]

In this delightful story, a tiny sea snail with wanderlust hitches a ride around the world with a huge humpback whale. Their journey takes them across the globe, where they see all sorts of landscapes and creatures. Overwhelmed by the vastness and beauty of the world, the snail declares, “I feel so small!” When the artificial noise of speedboats causes the whale to lose his way and beach, it is the resourceful little snail who seeks help from local schoolchildren by writing an SOS message on [...]

"The Snail and the Whale" by Julia Donaldson tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a snail and a whale. The snail wishes to travel, seeing all of the exciting things around the world. One night, the snail meets a whale and the whale offers to let the snail sail around the world with him on his tail. Travelling around the world together they see many exciting things (including volcanoes and icebergs). The snail begins to notice how small he is in comparisson to all of the things that [...]

This is such a cute book! I really enjoyed reading it to my daughter.A story about a snail who wanted to sail the sea but because she was so small, she couldn't. The snail left a trail to ask for a lift. A whale came out one night and offered a lift. They went through a mighty adventure. Through icebergs, mountains, golden sounds, through crashing waves and far off land. They swan through sharks, experienced thunderstorms, lightening and blue skies. Unfortunately, the whale lost his way and beca [...]

The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson is a wonderful picture book which I feel would be suitable for use in EYFS and key stage 1. The story follows a snail who takes a ride around the world on the back of a humpback whale. He sees mountains, golden sands and even goes under the sea. However, the whale gets confused by people on speedboats and accidentally beaches himself. The snail helps the whale by leaving a trail on the blackboard in the school saying 'save the whale'. The children and o [...]

The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. This book is about a small snail with big plans to travel the world. However, the snail has no one who wants to travel with him. The snail then meets a whale who invites him to sail on his tail. Together they visit volcanoes, icebergs and the jungle. The snail starts to feel small in comparison to the world around him. Yet when his friend the whale becomes beached on a bay he is the one who comes to the rescue to save him. The snail [...]

This is an adventure of a snail and a whale. The snail longs to travel and see the big wide world where luck has it, he is able to hitch a ride on a humpback whale. They travel together and explore until suddenly the whale get stuck on the beach; surprisingly the tiny snail comes to the rescue.I like the way how a simple story can portray such a powerful message, no matter how small or insignificant a person may think they are, a little bit of effort and determination, and anything is possible. [...]

Julia Donaldson describes an unlikely friendship between a snail and a whale. The snail lives on a rock but wishes to see more of the world. The kind whale offers the snail a lift on his tail so he can travel the world with him. They set out on an adventure together seeing many different things in the world, such as penguins, volcanoes and icebergs. The snail begins to reflect during his journey and notices how small he is to the rest of the world. Yet it is he that saves the huge whale in the e [...]

I loved this book! I thought it was clever and cute, educational and entertaining. I checked it out for our ocean day in preschool and the kids loved it too. It's a great story about not being too big or too small to do great things and be a good friend. I plan to own this one. Funny side bit: I was reading it to my kids at bedtime and they were seeming to really enjoy it. My oldest daughter was so excited to see little characters do big things, and then we got to the last page. I end the story [...]

The Snail and the Whale is a beautifully illustrated book, with tongue twisting rhyme and strong themes. The snail wants to explore the world and does so by making an unlikely alliance with a humpback whale. After exploring far away and vast lands, the snail concludes that he feels very small indeed. The snail symbolizes young children who are curious about their world, and how they can feel insignificant in the world. However, the smallest creature can make a difference, as in the story the sma [...]

This book is great! It shows you that anyone can become friends with each other. In this book, a snail and a whale become friends and travel together. When trouble arises, the snail becomes the hero. This book is great for young children showing them that if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish anything even how small you are.The illustrations are beautiful and there are many lessons which can tie in with the books themes; travel, friendship, rhyming etc.A lovely story which is esp [...]

The Snail and the Whale is a wonderful adventure about a snail who wanted to see the world so he caught a lift on a whale's tail and together they went off on an exciting journey until the whale got dis-orientated and ended up beached on the shore.There is a beautiful underlying message that even the smallest of people can make a difference and emphasises an 'anything is possible' attitude when a little determination is applied. Through vivid illustration and evocative rhyming this picture book [...]

Had to add one of my favorite children's book reads :) Not sure who gave this to us but somehow it ended up on our bookshelf after a summer of travel. This book literally makes me cry -- it teaches a really valuable lesson about how a small, insignificant snail can make a huge difference.Written in rhyming poetry, the alliteration is amazing and the tale is beautifully illustrated. Catches your attention from the opening paragraph (that I have memorized by heart):"This is the tale of a tiny snai [...]

grades K-4transitional/fluentshared reading/read aloudanimal talefriendshipalliteration,onomatopoeia,assonance,rhyme,rhythm,repetition,verbs,adjectives,emotional intensity, colorful illustrationsfantastic book for reviewing literary elements or word solvingit's loaded humorous & funsnail wants to travel the world and hitches a ride on a humpback whalethe whale gets beached and the snail gets the community to help rescue him.

Tag along with the tiny snail on an adventure around the world with her friend the humpback whale! Experience the world from the ocean bottom to island volcanoes and learn that even the very small can help in very big ways. This amazing story has everything you look for in a great children’s book: 1) Beautiful illustrations, 2) Lovable characters, 3) A valuable lesson.

A delightful verbal romp—I loved traveling with the whale and the snail. It's a splendid read-aloud--"These are the waves that arched and crashed,That foamed and frolicked and sprayedAnd SPLASHEDThe tiny snailOn the tail of the whale."The rhythms propel you through the story, and the illustrations are vibrant and amusing—perfect for the tone of the story.

This is the delightful tale told in verse of a little sea snail that wants to see the world and the humpback whale that provides for him a ride on his tail. After seeing many amazing sights the climax comes as the humpback swims a little too close to shore and finds himself beached. I won't give away the ending, but this is definitely a heart warming, whimsical summer bed time read.

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