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Jacques Lacan

Jacques Lacan

  • Title: Jacques Lacan
  • Author: Sean Homer
  • ISBN: 9780415256179
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback

Jacques Lacan is one of the most challenging and controversial of contemporary thinkers, as well as the most influential psychoanalyst since Freud Lacanian theory has reached far beyond the consulting room to engage with such diverse disciplines as literature, film, gender and social theory This book covers the full extent of Lacan s career and provides an accessible guiJacques Lacan is one of the most challenging and controversial of contemporary thinkers, as well as the most influential psychoanalyst since Freud Lacanian theory has reached far beyond the consulting room to engage with such diverse disciplines as literature, film, gender and social theory This book covers the full extent of Lacan s career and provides an accessible guide to Lacanian concepts and his writing on the imaginary and the symbolic the Oedipus Complex and the meaning of the phallus the subject and the unconscious the real sexual difference.Locating Lacan s work in the context of contemporary French thought and the history of psychoanalysis, Sean Homer s Jacques Lacan is the ideal introduction to this influential theorist.

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خواندنِ لکان در عین دشواری، آدم را به جهان کاملاً متفاوتی می‌برد. هر چند لکان خوانش دوباره‌ای از روانکاوی فروید ارائه داده اما آن‌چنان مسائل تازه‌ای را مطرح می‌کند که خواننده شگفت‌زده می‌‌شود. لکان در این کتاب روان را به شکل جذاب‌تر و به شدت پیچیده‌تری تعریف می‌کند و اص [...]

ژاک لاکان، فیلسوف و روانکاو فرانسوی، با بهره گیری از آرای متفکران پیش از خود نظریه ای جالب توجه در مورد شکل گیری مفهوم "من" در کودکان مطرح می کند. لاکان می گوید: کودک در نخستین ماه های نوزادی، تصوری یکپارچه از خود ندارد، او گرسنگی را حس می کند، حرکت دست خود را حس می کند، رنگ پوست [...]

Pros: If you know nothing at all about Lacan or psychoanalysis, here you will find some (not nearly all) of Lacan's terminology, simplified to the point of banality. As the most basic of introductions, it will do. But after reading this you will not be able to understand Lacan or use his theory, only learn some essentials so you don't get lost when you read his work or works inspired by him.Cons: The complexity of Lacan's writing is completely lost. This is a banal version of Jacques Lacan and n [...]

کتاب این تیپی ترجمه شده نخونین!! اصلشو بخونین چیز بیشتری خواهید فهمید مطمئنا.ستاره‌ای هم که دادم به کتاب ترجمه شده است طبعا.

Jacques Lacan (Routledge Critical Thinkers), Sean Homer

A quite decent and succinct introduction into Lacan, requiring almost no prior knowledge of psychoanalysis in general. But it would be ideal if you read one or two other introductory books on Lacan, which may be these two:- The Lacanian Subject: Between Language and Jouissance, by Bruce Fink (highly recommended)- Introduction to the Reading of Lacan: The Unconscious Structured Like a Language, by Joël DorTogether, the three would admit you properly into the obscure Lacanian realm.

Not *bad* exactly - I got a better understanding of Lacan's ideas, but quite a few bits were confusing (for example, what exactly the Other is - of course this could be partially down to me being a bit thick). The "After Lacan" section tried to cover a lot of people and given that most of the ideas were pretty complicated, the attempt at a half-page summary of each was pretty poor. It's sort of understandable given that Lacan's ideas are pretty complicated and I admit I didn't like what I unders [...]

A very accessible and comprehensive study guide to Lacan. The most wonderful thing about this study guide is that Homer actually places the key terms and theories into a theoretical and historical context. In the back of the book he has not only added some suggestions for further reading, but has also added a section called 'After Lacan', which contains short summaries of the development that some aspects of his theories have undergone since Lacan wrote them. I would highly recommend this book!

In addition to mapping out how key ideas evolved in the course of Lacan's work, this book provides ample philosophical and theoretical context (structuralism, Heidegger, Freud etc) for understanding the origins and development of Lacan's thought. I found the section on how the Oedipus complex is related to desire and the formation of subjectivity to be especially illuminating.

By locating many of Lacan's important concepts within his influences and explaining them in such a way, Homer delivers a comprehensive, clear understanding of Lacan. A good guide to accompany Lacan's own text. It functions very well as a guide to clarify or demystify much of what would be considerably inscrutable to the beginner reader of critical theory.

Sean Homer makes Lacan more decipherable. He traces Lacan's education and career, discusses the ideas of Lacan's predecessors and critics, and firmly situates psychoanalysis in modern day thought. This book should be the template for every introductory reader out there.

to understand some fundamental lacanian theories this book is the most accessible one written about lacan I've ever read.Including and describing not only Lacanian concepts but also contextual concepts regarding them such as experimental psychology , ethology , anthropology and philosophy ,etc ,it really helps me(lacanian concepts were really imcomprehensible to me,although for nearly two months I've been interested in him and reading the books written about his theories ) understand some diffcu [...]

This is a perfectly respectable first foray into Lacan's abstruse ideas. It's lively, comprehensible and reasonably thorough (although don't expect to come away really understanding Lacan from any introductory text - it's a good start, nothing more). Also, the author is clearly into Zizek.

Most of the times this book reads like a rephrasing of several of Fink's monographs. However, it is a very good summarising overview of Lacanian thought that organises his obscure philosophy in clear and well argued sections. Of course, there are oversimplifications that bring the author to borderline mistakes, but, overall, it reaches the lay reader target of the monograph and reads very smoothly.

If like me you started with Lacan unprepared or even through Žižek and didn't get half of all that, this book you'll find mindblowingly easy to digest, even at the most dense chapter on The Real, though until which the reader must be carefull to memorize many of the terms of Lacanian teaching. The book is structured in an excellent way, heavily referenced and not for a moment boring to read. Awesome most of the time, rather.

Does its best to navigate around some of the more deliberately unfathomable aspects of Lacan's ideas but understanding Lacan is a war of attrition so probably needs to be read alongside a selection of the plethora of other introductory guides (Zizek gets recommended a lot).

I thought I hated Lacan until I read this book.

Absolutely excellent introduction. Some parts could've used more exposition, but for someone as difficult as Lacan, this is consistently clear.

Well, I for one feel significantly better organised - if not any more well adjusted.

i can't even with this. i had to close it so many times and just try to understand why i was being asked to read it. i thought freud was bad. this is just insane.

worth reading.

By far the best introduction for someone who is dealing with Lacan for the first time. And there's tons to chose from. I challenge anyone to argue otherwise

very helpful! well written.

As a new student to Lacan, this book has helped my understanding by introducing Lacan's ideas in reference to his influences.

An excellent intro to Lacanian theory!

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