Wildest Dreams

Kristen Ashley

Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams

  • Title: Wildest Dreams
  • Author: Kristen Ashley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B005HH1HVM.Seoafin Finnie Wilde was taught by her parents that every breath was a treasure and to seek every adventure she could find And she learns this lesson the hard way when they perish in a plane crash But she never forgets and when she discovers there is a parallel universe where every person has a tLibrarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B005HH1HVM.Seoafin Finnie Wilde was taught by her parents that every breath was a treasure and to seek every adventure she could find And she learns this lesson the hard way when they perish in a plane crash But she never forgets and when she discovers there is a parallel universe where every person has a twin, she finds a witch who can send her there so she can have the adventure of a lifetime.But upon arrival in the Winter Wonderland of Lunwyn, she realizes she s been played by her twin and finds herself walking down the aisle to be wed to The Drakkar.Thrown into inauspicious circumstances, with years of practice, Finnie bests the challenges and digs into her adventure But as Frey Drakkar discovers the woman who is his new wife is not Princess Sjofn, a woman he dislikes but instead, his Finnie, a free spirit with a thirst for venture just like him, without her knowledge he orders his new bride bound to his frozen world, everlasting.But at the same time Frey plunges Finnie into a web of political intrigue that includes assassination plots, poison, magic, mystery and dragons.

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This is pretty much how I felt the entire time I was reading Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley:And another image just to emphasize how I felt:Holy crapola! I was expecting greatness but KA surpassed my expectations. Yup, she did! I swear I felt like I was on this huge acid trip while reading this book AND I LOVED EVERY STINKIN MINUTE OF IT!KA + FANTASY = A FREAKIN GREAT BOOKTo sum up Wildest Dreams, we have a typical KA alpha male who is a warrior who rules the elves and dragons. Yes, ELVES (not [...]

Reviewed by: Rabid Reads4.5 starsBR with my peeps at: Buddies Books and BaublesSpecifically: Robin (Bridge Four), Stephanie, and Chrissy. ALSO, it's all my fault. *preens*SO. If we're friends, you probably already know this (if we're not, you soon will): I LOVE Kristen Ashley.LOVE her.About three years ago I stumbled across one of her books on , one-clicked it, read it, and then . . . read every, single one of her other 40(ish) books, back-to-back. It took about a month, but I did it. Yes. I di [...]

I know you're judging me lol!What the hell is wrong with this woman??? I really don't know lol!DNF @ 25% No RatingOnce again, I don't like a book that everyone else loves. I feel so inadequate. It's really a matter of personal preference. To be quite honest I'm full of shit, I don't like certain characteristics in the books I read.In this book there were two:1. Information overload, I don't want to know what colour the dot on the carpet is. I don't want to know what the heroine made for supper a [...]

This is actually a decent book if you don't mind causal homophobia and accidental sexism. Personally, I fucking hated it.Leaving aside the derivative, unoriginal title and world (Fantasyland are you fucking kidding me?), and the TSTL MC lets talk about the big elephant in the room.Drakkar The male love interest. He is a bossy, controlling asshole who constantly pins the MC down and won't let her move, interrupts her and makes major life decisions on her behalf. To the girls that think this is ho [...]

4.5 Ho Boy stars “She waits for me at windows and buys me dragons. There are reasons we walk this earth, I’m coming to realize mine.”Wow. I mean, wow. I did not expect this book to be as wonderful as it is. I love Kristen Ashley. I know that 99% of the time I can read one of her books and love it. Admitting that, I can now say I was extremely skeptical that KA, queen of contemporary romance, could pull off a fantasy book.So I need to go and eat myself some humble pie. Because this shit was [...]

Every once in awhile, I crave a story with an over-the-top Alpha and a sassy heroine. I know that I can always count on Kristen Ashley to deliver when I'm in a "caveman" sort of mood. Her heroes are always uber-masculine and about as far from metrosexual as you can get. Though what they lack in sensitivity, they make up for in pure, primal sex appeal.True to form, 'Wildest Dreams' did not disappoint on any of those fronts. In fact, travelling to this alternate universe felt much like travelling [...]

5 Wee One stars!I’m not a huge fantasy reader. I don’t mind reading it every now and then, but it is not my genre of choice. Wildest Dreams makes me want to change that! I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one, but I loved this book! Oh Frey he was just amazing!!! And Finnie was pretty great too! Are you ready to be transported to another world? A world where most everyone has a ‘twin’? Finnie is spending a lot of money to have a witch transport her to this world for a year. She wil [...]

Well, I drooled my way through all of Kristen Ashley's non-pnr/non-fantasy books and then, in dire need of a KA fix because no matter how fast the woman writes, it isn't fast enough, I decided to bite the bullet and give this series a try.I am so glad I did.If you have any doubts, if you find your ass planted firmly on the fence of indecision, stop. Just hop your ass down off that fence and read them. They're different than the non-pnr/non-fantasy books, that's true, but so, so good none-the-les [...]

DNF @ Chapter 10I skimmed, I skipped, I jumped. Imagine my surprise when after the skims-skips-jumps, I saw "Chapter 10". What? That's it? Ho boy!I freaking lost it.Awesome, it wasn't.Really, it was really not cool. Freaking un-awesome/un-cool/un-whatever.Chapter 10 of 32? And then, I said, "Bibi, you must not do a DNF"And I said, "Bibi, what will people think? And what about Finnie's clothes? The ice-blue gown with the bell sleeves? Then, the cloak- picked for its warmness(?)- and all the plati [...]

I just don't think Kristen Ashley and I are going to get along. I nearly rage quit this book three times. I will try not to use all caps in this review, but I make no promises.Spoilers abound. I'm not tagging them, so read further at your own risk. The first time I nearly quit this book was when Frey, our hero, straight out told his wife he was willing to cheat on her with his former lover. Oh! And when after saying this, she didn't respond to him being all handsy, he got upset about her DARING [...]

I. Am. Addicted. And I don't want to be cured XD I don't think I'll be able to stop myself untill I read every single one of KA's books :) This one was a delight! I loved the way it got straight to the point even in the first chapter, she goes to the alternate universe and finds herself in a biiiig mess XD and it just keeps getting bigger :) Loved Frey (beautiful name <3 ), the story was never boring, always something going on, and that something was always great XD A big recomendation even f [...]

Elves and dragons and hot guys, OH MY!! Well we all know that KA is the one of the queens of contemporary romance books, but it turns out she’s just the queen of romance books in general cuz her fantasy book was pretty freaking awesome too!It wasfun, adventurous and romantic . Filled with palaces, balls, adventures, sea voyages… thrones to be won, assassination attempts, betrayals, political plots, battles, kidnappings, executions, oh, and did I mention romance?Much swoony romance! There is [...]

The audio was Awesome and BrilliantI knew the story was brilliant already but the audio just enhanced the experience. Onwards's time to visit The Golden Dynasty.The kindle version is on sale right now for under a dollar and you can add the audio for $1.99. BARGAIN!! - amzn/24V1bPW

Wow, I didn’t know what I was getting into when I saw the audible deal of 2 books with 1 credit. Wildest Dreams and book 2 were an option so I quickly grabbed both books. For me, Kristen Ashley, books are so long that I prefer to listen to them and this book was no exception. WILDEST DREAMS is GOT meets Parent Trap!Actually, I could also throw in Outlander with the whole parallel universe thing happening. While I’m at it I could even say it had the feel of the Disney movie, Frozen, with all [...]

HAHHAHA IT'S SO FUNNY TO HAVE A FEMALE PROTAGONIST WHO SPEAKS AND ACTS LIKE A TEN YEAR OLD HAHAHAHNO.The writing is weird. The characters are weird. The length of this book is weird as well, as it could've been 200 pages shorter. The whole atmosphere is weird as fuck. But above all, the female protagonist, Finnie, is dumb as hell. I have no words that would describe how I've felt while I read her silly conversations. Every little thing she does is described to the smallest details. Who the fuck [...]

”This adventure was totally worth a million dollars. Totally.”Kristen Ashley delivered the story of modern day Finnie who pays one million dollars to go to another world (where we all have a twin) to spend time with her deceased parents, whom she misses greatly. ”Although the twin will look like the other, sound like the other, they are not the other but two separate beings.”Her "twin" agrees to the switch and she is in fact a princess and once the transformation takes place it seems the [...]


On sale $0.99 as of 6/11/16 Here Romantasy (Romance + Fantasy) at it's best.Buddy reading with a few of my Buddies Books and Baubles friends. I blameThank Jessica and along for the ride are also Stephanie and ChrissyI have to pace myself with KA books because I really have a difficult time doing anything else once I start one. She takes things that should upset me and make me roll my eyes and instead I'm flipping pages wanting to find out what happens next and then when I'm done I go back and re [...]

Amazing !!!! Magical !!!! I absolutely loved every minute of this book !!! Did Frey just displace my number one KA alpha Hawk !???ummmm yesss !!!!! I loved him !!! I want to be his wee one❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️My Frey ~ My Finnie ~ his Little OneOnto the next book ❤️❤️❤️❤️ mind blowing review to come ❤️❤️❤️❤️

READ MY REVIEW ON THE BLOGI went into Wildest Dream with low expectations. Kristen Ashley and Fantasy? A parallel universe which is inhabited by doppelgangers of most people in our world? I just didn't see it. Now imagine my surprise when this turned out to be a delightful, well-plotted and developed story with magic, dragons, elves and two wonderful main characters I fell in love with in the blink of an eye.Rich, young, beautiful heiress loves adventure just as much as her late parents who died [...]

2.5 stars. Brain candy for alpha guy romance novel lovers, with a glossy veneer of fantasy. I have to admit that I read the Kindle sample and totally got sucked in, enough that I actually paid $4 for this book. But this one is best left to romance readers who like sexytimes with take-charge guys and don't mind much if they make a few serious douche moves.Seoafin Wilde, who goes by Finnie, has deeply missed her parents since they died in a plane crash when she was a teen. When a witch finds Finni [...]

I absolutely loved the book !! Even before picking this book up I just knew other KA paranormal was definatly going to be a another ahmazing adventure ! “It was beyond anything I could have wished it to be. You are, my wee Finnie, beyond my wildest dreams.”I loved the freshness of the characterse twists in the plotn even the rare simplicity and innocence tht KA's new female leadFinnieholds. Yes there were a few slow parts.n yes they were DEFINATLY parts were I really Was not ok with what was [...]

Finnie’s adventurous heart and deep love for her deceased parents bring her to Valentine’s doorstep. Valentine is a powerful, modern day witch from New Orleans who communes with people from parallel worlds. For a million dollars she offers Finnie the chance to travel to another dimension and switch places with her twin Sjofn. Finnie’s only thought is to reunite with her parents twins who are alive and well in this new world. She is so desperate to see them again, even if they won’t reall [...]

Title: Wildest DreamsSeries: Fantasyland #1Author: Kristen AshleyRelease Date:August 15th, 20122Rating: 4.5 starsCliffhanger: No HEA:(view spoiler)[ Yes (hide spoiler)]Wildest Dreams is like a book that was perfectly written for me. From perfectly well thought magical world to the intense, sensual love story with delicious alpha male, Kristen Ashley made me fall in love with her writing. It’s like my wildest book dream came true. Kristen Ashley delivered exceptionally sexy, romantic fantasy bo [...]

Actual Rating: 4.5 stars "You, everything about you is beyond my wildest dreams.”Such a beautifully fantastical story. Loved it.I can't wait to keep reading this series!The Winter Wonderland of LunwynMy DrakkarMy Finnie (totally)The Dragons!This was great.

Ho boy I enjoyed this read! Kristen Ashley is such a gifted author. Her books are full action; suspense, romance, and her characters leap from the pages of the book and come to life. After reading all of her modern pieces of work (all of the books that are based on our world), I was a bit tentative to dig into her works on the fantasy world. What a shocking surprise Wildest Dream turned out to be! So if you are on the fence, don’t wait download this entire series today! Finnie is a wealthy, si [...]

4.5 Dragon StarsEVERYONE has been telling me to read this series. I’ll admit, I judged on the cover and storyline. It seems PRETTY out there, but Kristen Ashley usually wins with me so I went in.I did the audio version of this book. I usually don’t like long audio books, this one was 18 hours, but I couldn’t “read” this book and I also needed an easy book to listen to while I work. I’m really glad I went with the audio version. I could pick it up whenever I needed to and I never felt [...]

*****5+++Beyond My Wildest Dreams Stars*****I was in total book heaven while reading this beautiful fairytale. The amazing setting, the romance, the magical characters, all of this and more had me completely enchanted from beginning to end. My God, is there anything Kristen Ashley can't write? The woman is pure genius in my eyes, I love her talent to transport me through her words into a land of sexy, masculine heroes and smart and sassy heroines. I simply can't get enough and will not stop , un [...]

4.5 Fantastical Stars❝You never have a choice but to live in the now. And this, my wee Finnie, this is where we will live. We will always live in our now.❞If you follow me on social media, my blog or even , then you know I have professed (many times) to not like PNR/fantasty. It has never been anything that caught my eye, interested me nor held my attention. I found I was always unable to suspend belief and let the story take over.I have now read 38 Kristen Ashley books. It is clear by those [...]

Love Frey DrakkarFinnie, well she's not so bad herself!Together they go on the adventure of a lifetime as the Dragon and the Ice Princess in a land of wonder and beautyTogether they mesh two worlds into one and find to find ever after love that will survive the ends of all mankind!!!!!What I wouldn't give to take a stroll in Fantasyland! great startIm hooked, but then again its KA, so I knew I would be.

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