The Toughest Cowboy: or How the Wild West Was Tamed

John Frank Zachary Pullen

The Toughest Cowboy: or How the Wild West Was Tamed

The Toughest Cowboy: or How the Wild West Was Tamed

  • Title: The Toughest Cowboy: or How the Wild West Was Tamed
  • Author: John Frank Zachary Pullen
  • ISBN: 9780689834615
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover

How do you tame the roughest, toughest pack of cowboys to ever ride the open range

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This tall tale is appropriate for third graders and up and is a book that teaches about cowboys. Grizz Brickbottom is one of the toughest cowboys. He flosses his teeth with barbed wire and drinks Tabasco sauce. One night when sitting around the campfire with his friends, Grizz realizes that he needs a dog because he is tired of his dirty friends that never take baths. Grizz explains that the men are all set in their own ways, but a dog you can teach tricks to and could teach to herd cattle. The [...]

It's not always easy to find books that will entertain boys but this one will give them something different from the tractor books. Kids maybe 8 years and up will probably appreciate the humor. Zachary Pullen's illustrations are hilarious.Insider information: The model for Foofy was a real live poodle whose real name was Sonny. The models for the cowboys; Grizz Brickbottom, Lariat, Chuck Wagon, and Bald Mountain are all real, totally recognizable residents of Ulster County, NY. If you live in Ul [...]

4 stars. I bought this for my cousin for Christmas, and I decided to read it to see if it was appropriate and had a good lesson. I went in with no expectations but was happily surprised by the end.The first page seemed full of stereotypes. The main character, Grizz Brickbottom, likes to drink Tabasco sauce, herd cattle, and sit by the campfire at night. But it's for a point - it's to show that Grizz and his buddies (Lariat, Bald Mountain, and Chuck Wagon [I know, I know how it sounds]) seem like [...]

I absolutely love this book ! Today was a Friday with extra kids in my room due to a sub shortage. The class loved the book! The girls kept calling it precious and they all groaned when the cowboys picked their nose! Such a fun book that it had me giggling while I was trying to read it aloud! I totally recommend this rip roaring fun loving cowboy tall tale!

Cute and funny. My toddler loved this one and laughed out loud. I love any book that gets him giggling.

cattle, cowboys, buddies, wild, west, rope, ride, and saloon

This book talks about a group of cowboys out on the open range with their cattle. One night Chuck Wagon began to play a song about a girl and this made Grizz want something more in his life. He decides they need to get a dog to be part of their group. Grizz goes out and gets a poodle to bring back to the group. When he arrives with the poodle, named Foofy he gives each of the men a job in order to take care of he doe. Chuck Wagon was in charge of making her food and singing her to sleep, Bald Mo [...]

Grizz Brickbottom was known as the toughest cowboy. One evening when the camp cook was strumming a ballad, Grizz decided he needed something more in his life--a dog. He wanted a dog to keep him company, help herd the cows, and chase off or warn of mountain lions. Grizz goes to town and returns to the cowboy camp with a dog--a poodle with ribbons on her ears. She didn't like the cows. She was afraid of the sounds of the night. The cowboys were beside themselves until they found she would chase an [...]

This story book is pretty comical. There are a lot of words on each page, so I think it would be best for third grade or higher because younger kids might want to give up on the long pages. There are a lot of metaphors as well that a younger child might not be able to understand. This would be good for an English class if you were teaching about similes and metaphors. This is also a good book to read aloud with character voices. If you read it aloud to a younger audience they might appreciate th [...]

This illustrated book for kids is just right for boys. The humor is perfect and the illustrations are so realistic. The twists are revealed at the turn of the page making it a great story to read aloud with a dramatic pause before you turn the page.Griz Brickbottom and his crew are all tough cowboys, flossing their teeth with barbed wire and drinking Tabasco sauce. One day Griz decides he wants something different in his life -- a dog. And the fun begins.

I read to my 4-yr old every night, so I try to find books that are different. I chose this one because of the great illustrations. The story was a delightful surprise! It's written very well, and I couldn't help but slip into my southern twang as I read it out loud. It's a MUST for anyone with boys!

Grabbed this from the library last week and it was such a fun book to read to the boys. I must admit the best part was being able to read it in the best cowboy voice I could muster up but the story is cute as well and the boys thought it was funny!

This fun and creative book describes the 'truth' on how we got some of our famous wild west sayings like "Doggone it" and how saloon became salon. This is creatively written with absolutely FANTASTIC illustrations and the kind of absurd humor that kids love.

Cute. At first I was wondering how this book got such high ratings, but as I got into the story, it became clear. Kids will find this book humorous including the cute twists at the end. Loved the illustrations that partnered with it.

This is one of my favorite picture books of all time. I grew up on a ranch in Wyoming and this brought back a lot of fun memories, and some of my relatives have a bit of these cowboy characteristics in them. It is a very fun story to read aloud to children young and old.

The toughest cowboy was an interesting spin on tough guys by having them fall in love and dote on a prissy pink poodle that helps them create many things including the "griz b" which we now call a frisbee.

The toughest cowboy in all the wild west decides he needs a dog. So he goes to town and comes back with Foofy! A very cute little toy poodle. Turns out though, that little Foofy was just what the toughest cowboy and his pardners needed.Really good illustrations.

I was looking for a cowboy book for story time and I came across this. It is a hoot! I love the illustrations and the story line.

Tamed by a poodle! Great illustrations.

So cute! Sadly my students didn't think it was as clever as I did, but I loved it.

Lexile level 900 fiction

My boys (7 & 9) really thought this story was funny.

Amazing illustrations and a funny little story about cowboys and how they really aren't so tough.

Super cool illustrations and a very amusing story about some really tough cowboys whose lives are forever changed when Grizz (the toughest cowboy) sets his mind on getting a dog.

This is a fun book for kids of all ages. Loved the story, and the art. It is to be a gift for my dad. Good stuff!

My fourth graders got some laughs out of this silly story about a group of tough cowboys who adopt a poodle. Nose-picking, puns and great illustrations made this a hit for them.

Too gross for my taste. Not a big fan of nose picking and teeth cleaning humor.

This book was so comical and written with such a unique style that added to the hilarity. The story was inventive and made for a fun tale with an old-fashioned feel.

I love to read this book out loud with the best cowboy accent I kin muster.

This was interesting and kinda funny. It was also a bit crude and thus we won't be reading it again. Plus the boys didn't really like it the first time so why read it again?

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