Myself, My Enemy

Jean Plaidy

Myself, My Enemy

Myself, My Enemy

  • Title: Myself, My Enemy
  • Author: Jean Plaidy
  • ISBN: 9780449206485
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Despite the dangers of practicing her faith in the staunchly Protestant England, pretty Queen Henrietta Maria refuses to cast aside her Catholicism, so she finds little favour among the people She is impetuous and loving, fond of fashionable clothes and gossip, and Charles, a family man of principle and integrity, is entirely devoted to her.But their happy if controversiaDespite the dangers of practicing her faith in the staunchly Protestant England, pretty Queen Henrietta Maria refuses to cast aside her Catholicism, so she finds little favour among the people She is impetuous and loving, fond of fashionable clothes and gossip, and Charles, a family man of principle and integrity, is entirely devoted to her.But their happy if controversial marriage is soon under threat when Henrietta is renounced as a puppet of Rome and charged with leading Protestant England back to Rome.Soon her enemies swarm and the spies in her household prove too much Only her loyalty and love for Charles can hope to keep him from the road to regicide.

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2.5/5 stars. This novel is written from the point of view of Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I of England. The back of the book described Henrietta as "adorable", but to me she was anything but that. She was obnoxious, irritating, narrow-minded and shallow (at least as portrayed in this novel). She was RIGHT, and anyone who disagreed with her was WRONG, and she never outgrew that way of thinking. I nudged the book from 2 to 2.5 stars because some parts towards the end were actually interesting [...]

Henrietta Maria, a French princess who married Charles I. Told in the first person, this is her story.I read piles of Jean Plaidy books in my mid teens onwards, she was the first historical writer that i really enjoyed. This one was an easy, entertaining read but a bit slow and repetitive in places. Henrietta was hard to warm to, selfish and opinionated. A very difficult woman but undoubtably brave at times. The author sticks to the facts about the royals and this was clearly well researched, th [...]

Jean Plaidy managed to turn an exciting period in English history into tedium and boredom. It did not help that the story is told from the perspective of a woman who is not terribly likable. Henrietta Maria is the daughter of Henry IV of France and Marie de Medici, and the wife of Charles I of England. She is stubborn, willful, impetuous, foolish and rather stupid. And she is determined to turn England into a Catholic country, which hastens the downfall of Charles I. When the Queen retreats to F [...]

In my honest opinion according to the character that Jean Plaidy created, Henrietta Maria should have stayed in France. She was the most spoiled, willful, whiny Queen it has ever been my misfortune to read about. Of course, she wasn't a very good person historically, but I wish Ms. Plaidy had given me a reason to like her.From the beginning, Henrietta does everything to sabotage her marriage to Charles I by ignoring her English attendants in favor of her French ones and disrespecting the Church [...]

It was a struggle to get through this book and I kept the myth alive that it would get better. Unfortunately it did not.There were contradictions throughout the story which were annoying as was the repetition and flat characters. Henrietta is a Catholic queen in Protestant England married to Charles I; Plaidy has her mention her faith about a million times. I get it, you are Catholic and want to convert your husband (and everyone else). That is fine, but I didn't need to be reminded endlessly. S [...]

This isn't the best book I've ever read but it's a his fic classic. I wish I had read all the classics first, to get a better base in the genre before I started reading his fic all willy nilly. Now I've been reading his fic for years and still haven't read the novels that started it all! I don't find the main character, Henrietta Maria, to be particularly likeable but she wasn't a particularly likeable person in real life, so I was ok with it. I empathized much more with her than I thought I wou [...]

Read this in a whirlwind, a well written account of a rigid, unbending Catholic queen in a Protestant land. Reckless, impetuous,"spoiled" Henrietta Maria is ever contentious and eager to convert King Charles I and by extension, his country. However the irrepressible rush of history is against her most dear wishes. This clash can have no good outcome, and ultimately takes the King's life.Henrietta Maria is, against the odds, sympathetically portrayed, but her rigidity as regards the True Faith in [...]

I decided to try and switch things up a bit and read more about another royal family I’m interested in – the Stuarts. A book like this always makes me wish I could have known the characters during their actual life times; to have conversations with them and try to understand what is going on in their heads. I spent much of this book being both fascinated and frustrated by Henrietta at the same time. I cannot remember the last time I wished I could just take a main characters face in both my [...]

I had to knock off a star off my rating because the lead character was one of the most irritating heroines I have come across in a long time. She was so inconsiderate of anyone else, so rude and trouble-making that frankly it was a chore reading this book which was a great shame as I love this time period and am very interested in it.One of the few things that actually was positive was her relationship with Charles who while he seemed weak and way too eager to please her was quite sweet. In her [...]

Actual rating : 3.5/5“Loyal In Love” originally published as “Myself ,My Enemy” is Jean Plaidy first book in her last series “Queens of England”. It tells the story of Henrietta Maria of France, the wife of Charles I. The book covers her turbulent life highlighting her loving but ill-fated marriage to Charles, the Civil War and her life during the exile. “Loyal In Love” is the most complex Plaidy book I had read, showing a great mix of history and story telling, bringing to life [...]

Tough read maybe because it was the first novel which came out in this series chronologically I felt like the author worked against her character in a sense ? Or maybe it was to represent the duality of the character why she was build up to be so controversial. Either way, do not think the storytelling helped int his particular novel.

Interesting look at the pre-post English civil war

Overlong and very repetitive, this book suffered from being written in the first person by a protagonist who had few redeeming characteristics. I read it to learn more about Charles I and the Reformation and was instead forced to endure endless whining and justifications for what amounted to spoiled and petulant behavior. We are told many times that Charles and Henriette had a love match, but other than being a loyal wife she had little to recommend her. She was undiplomatic, even cruel, to her [...]

Although I’m quite familiar with the history of Charles I, his wife Queen Henriette Marie was little known to me before reading this fiction-based-on-fact account of her life.She’s connected to numerous famous royal personages from the French Bourbon monarchy and the English/Scottish house of Stuart, with her father being one of – if not *the* – greatest of France’s kings, namely Henry IV, making her sister to Louis XIII and nephew to Louis XIV, while Henriette was of course wife of En [...]

Before reading this book, what I knew of Henrietta Maria, besides being the wife of Charles I of England, was that she was also the woman who gave her name to the Colony of "Maryland". This is her story. She was the daughter of King Henri IV of France, widely acknowledged to be one of France's most popular and enlightened rulers who was killed by a madman when Henrietta Maria was a baby. She grew up under the sway of a domineering, distant mother set on marrying her children to influential royal [...]

So I love reading Jean Plaidy books and am always eager to read her historical fictions. However, for this book, I was disappointed. OK, maybe Henrietta Maria was such an obnoxious and single minded person in real life that it would be hard for any author to portray them in a positive life. or maybe the author did such a wonderful job of portraying Henrietta Maria that we truly believe that this is really who she was.Henrietta Maria is such a spoiled and obnoxious princess that should never have [...]

I loved this book!While Henriette sometimes annoyed me beyond belief she was a funny character, she is stubborn in her religion (if not fanatical), she refuses to let go of her French roots and is slow to love her husband.I think that, as always, Plaidy writes about an English Queen in a different light. She explores Henriette's faults, her weaknesses, her relationship with her husband and children.The story is written beautifully and worth reading.

This book was difficult as I wanted to slap the heroine (Queen Henrietta Maria)! Arrogant, controlling, whining and without a clue to the real world outside her palace. Her casual attitude towards her children, her desire to "rule through her husband the king", and her political machinations seemed a bit far-fetched. Will try some of the other books by this author to see if this one was just a "glitch".

Plaidy often does a good job of bringing to life women from historyHenrietta Maria is the french catholic wife of Charles I - the English king who loses his head and crown. I've always read more about the profligate ways of Charles II and found this an intersting (although I have no idea how historically accurate, but Plaidy is pretty well researched) view into how he ended up a king without a country before the restoration.

I think the life of Henrietta Maria was fascinating, the book, not so much. I tired of the repetitiveness especially where describing the characters. Don't tell me over and overow me. A lot of feelings reiterated way to often as well. I am not sure what Henrietta Maria was really like, but this book makes her out to be immature and self centered her entire life. While that is possibly true, I question that there was no maturity in her later decisions based on life experiences.

I read this one a while back and I get the feeling that Plaidy was talked into doing this by her publisher as its the only reason why she would be writing a novel based on the point of view she clearly does not respect or like. Plaidy's characterization of both Charles and HM owes a lot to C V Wedgwood's interpretation and not a little to the film Cromwell as well. Fairly perfunctory and written for the money. This one is for Plaidy fans only.

I read the book with mixed feelings. It was thoroughly researched and the author (also known as Victoria Holt) did an excellent job of narrating the story from the point of the view of the protagonist,the former Queen consort of England. Not a very likable character though - and pigheaded to the extreme whenever it came to matters of religion, furthering the downfall of her husband, Charles I.I'm glad that I read the book, but have read much better ones though.

This book is about the daughter of Henry IV of France. She is married off to Charles I of England. Henrietta Maria becomes the cause for civil war in England. The story follows her life from her marriage to Charles to puritan rule in England all the way to the restoration of the crown to her son Charles II.

This book was good. I enjoy learning about English history and these books allow that. I was happy to finally see a king Charles I who actually treated his wife with some respect and seemed to truly love his family. Reading about a Queen's life during these times though floors me. I would never make it!

The original title of this book is Myself the Enemy. This would be much more appropriate. Queen Henrietta Maria was portrayed as highly self-centered and the cause of many of her own problems. I liked how her marriage was portrayed however. Plaidy's books always lend quite an interesting view toward history, with tons of details.

This would have been better if I had a stronger knowledge of English history. As it was, I found it rather difficult to keep up with the plot. There were names I recognized, such as Oliver Cromwell, but it was truly a struggle to get through this book. I found I didn't much care for the main character, Queen Henrietta Marie of France.

When I was a kid I must have read a thousand books by Jean Plaidy, so when I found a stash at the library I decided to read some again. This novel about Henriette-Marie was highly enjoyable, though it is somewhat humbling to realize how much of my knowledge of history has come from these books.

Enjoyed it as I do all of Jean Plaidy's books, but have never found Henrietta-Maria to be a very sympathetic character! Knowing how the Civil War ended for Charles I kind of ruined the story a bit, but since there doesn't seem to be a lot of fictioon about this couple, it was pretty interesting.

My return to reading biographys (sort of) as it is a novel based on history. This book has renewed my interest in learning more about english history albiet thru a novel. I am now reaching further back and reading about Richard III.

It took me a long time to read because I got distracted by 3 other bookslol. This was actually quite good despite the slow start. I thought it was going to be romancey but it actually wasn't so much. I want to read more in the series.

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